Real Craps Game: Paris Hotel Las Vegas, Part 2 of 2, RoadGambler's Roll

This is part 2 of my craps game at Paris Hotel Las Vegas. It’s almost 35 minutes of craps action. In this video, I make bets that I normally would not make. That’s done to entertain the viewer. I would...


Weekly Contest RESULTS Nov 6 - Nov 12: Football Week 10 with Bonus

This Weekly Contest winner is George c. Congrats to George c! Check your email George! In the category of ‘oh so close’, Jeff R almost won the $100 bonus with a perfect score if the San Francisco kicker had made...


Real Craps Game: Paris Hotel Las Vegas, Part 1 of 2

I played this craps game the day after I played the Bally’s craps game… Bally’s Roll Tracking, Part 1 Bally’s Roll Tracking Part 2 After speaking to a friend who does nothing but roll track, I showed him the preliminary...


Weekly Contest Nov 6 - Nov 12: Football Week 10 with Bonus

Usually, I alternate the theme of each Weekly Contest, even if it’s football season; however, the next Monday night game is so juicy and entertaining that I’m compelled to do another football-themed contest. It was only last year (and all...


Weekly Contest RESULTS Oct 30 - Nov 5: Football Week 9

The winner of the last weekly contest was rich, who had a final score of 147 out of a possible 150 points. If you didn’t win, then there’s another chance tomorrow. Congrats, rich. Please check your email.


Real Craps Game: El Cortez, Las Vegas, 'Inside' Betting, Part 2 of 2

The above video is the conclusion of my craps game at El Cortez. In this part of the El Cortez game, I switch my betting strategy to betting the inside numbers. Many viewers and veteran craps players hate come betting...


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