RoadGambler Teaches Lauren the Total Craps Noob, Who Gets Away with 'Murder'

After much resistance, I was finally able to convince my friend Lauren to play craps. It’s interesting talking to a craps newbie because I’ve been playing the game for so long, that I forget what it’s like to be a...


Real Craps Game: Boomtown Casino Hotel, Bossier City, LA, Part 1 of 3

The above video is the next video in the RoadGambler Real Craps series. A little bit of a spoiler for the beginning: I buy in during the middle of a really good roll. I know, I know. It’s rude and...


Weekly Contest May 22 - May 28: Bingo!

This Weekly Contest is Bingo! I play Bingo about three times a year. In 20 years of playing Bingo at various Bingo parlors, I have never ever won at bingo. The closest I ever came was being one number away....


Weekly Contest RESULTS May 15 - May 21: Basketball Playoffs

Congrats to our winner Manny Delgado! The final scores for each of the game were… Mil 112 Tor 118 and GS 119 Port 117 Based on those scores, Manny scored 372 points and wins the weekly prize. Congrats, Manny! We...


Dealer Mistakes, Let It Go or Ask for Correction?

Last week, I published the craps game that I played at Resorts Atlantic City. In this video, I am having a good roll until the dealer makes a mistake, shorting me by $2. The sequence starts at 48:27 in the...


Craps Emails Questions Answered: Repeater Bet, Guaranteed Win (for a Price), Pressing

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate the enthusiasm and interaction with The growth has been tremendous and more than we had anticipated. Right now, I am the only content writer for the site, so my time and ability to answer...


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