Simplest and Easiest Casino Games to Play

Many people have never been to a casino and are a bit intimidated by the overall experience, so they want to know which table games will be the most fun while being easy to play. They want to avoid slots...


Real Craps Game: High Stakes Darkside at the D Casino, Part 2

  The above video is Part 2 of the DarkSide at the D casino. Let me know what you think of our Darksider’s play. He’s not the sensitive type, so he can take it, good or bad. I’ve been receiving...


Weekly Contest June 19 - 25: Big Six Wheel

The above video is footage of a Big Six Wheel at Planet Hollywood. It will be playable at approximately 12 noon, eastern on  June 25, 2019. There are eight spins total. Usually, I censor faces, but the dealers at Planet...


Weekly Contest Winner, Update on YouTube, and Future Content

The winner of the last Weekly Contest is Jeff Roberts, who score a near perfect 295 out of 300 points. Congratulations, Jeff. Please check your email so that we can send your prize to you. I really like doing these...


The Gambler's Edge: Coin Flips

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I spent the weekend with family. During the course of the weekend, several friendly disputes came up. One dispute greatly interested me because as a group, we were torn between whether to go see John...


Do You Need a Bigger Bankroll to Play the DarkSide?

Reader Darrell asks in comment: Pass player with max odds and 2 come bets vs don’t pass player with max odds and 2 come bets…. Even though they should be close to even with similar outcomes, it seems i would...


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