Weekly Contest July 17 - 23: California Card Roulette at San Manuel Casino

TL;DR BUT YOU WANT TO PLAY Make three sets of bets as such: 12 black third 36 green second 18 red first 0, 00, and green is available for any of the above bets, including third sections, just like they...


Weekly Contest RESULTS July 10 - 16: Baseball!

Who saw that Dodgers score coming? 16 runs! Holy Moly. As you would expect, that run total messed up a lot of people. I’ll confess that I’m a Dodgers fan. Another WS we go! Maybe we’ll win this one. I’m...


Be Good at Whatever You Do

I was headed to Las Vegas with my buddy AJ and his son Dillon. I had known AJ since college, and I remember Dillon since he was a little kid. I can’t believe how time flies. When Dillon was about...


WHAT IF??? Planet HollyWood Real Craps Game Revisited

The above video is the combination of Part 1 and 2 of the Real Craps Game at Planet Hollywood, with added analysis. This video addresses, with graphics, an issue that was commonly discussed and speculated: would the result have been...


Weekly Contest July10 - July 16: Baseball!

It’s the national past time. When I was a young kid, I was a huge Dodgers fan. I remember hanging out with a friend at his house where everyone was a Dodger fan, too. I lived in L.A. at the...


Weekly Contest RESULTS July 3 - 9: Simply Roulette and Future Plans for Funding

  The above video is now ready to air, with the results. As I write this on Monday at 9pm, I do not yet know the results of the spin. My producer, who is guarding the results, will upload the...


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