Weekly Contest Oct 9 - 14: Football Week 7

The next Monday night game is actually pretty good. Before the NY QB came back, NY was a gutter team. Then Sam Darnold came back and obliterated Dallas’ facade of a good season. Now the Monday night game is pretty...


Weekly Contest RESULTS Oct 9 - 14: Football Week 6 (with High Risk Entries)

Congratulations to Lord Noah! Based on the final game score of Detroit 22 and GB 23, Lord Noah scored an impressive 147 out of a possible 150 points. It was a heck of a game, controversy or not. The way I...


Real Craps Game For Posterity: Hooter's Casino Las Vegas, Part 1

When I heard that Hooter’s Casino in Las Vegas had been sold and was going to be rebranded by the new owners, I knew that I had to make a real craps game video. I was in college at the...


Real Craps Game Strategies: Part 2, Bally's Las Vegas, Roll Tracking with More Action

Ladies and gentlemen, the above video is part 2. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any comments or questions. Sincerely, RoadGambler


Weekly Contest Oct 9 - 14: Football Week 6 (with High Risk Entries)

FOOTBALL WEEK 6 This week is football. I just love football so much that this will probably be the theme for contests until the end of the season, with breaks now and then, depending on if we receive any grumbling....


Results of Last Weekly Contest, Corrected

The above is the corrected video with the proper hands and winners of each hand. Well, looks like I screwed the pooch on this one. The results of the last weekly contest were completely wrong. However, this is exactly why I...


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