Weekly Contest $1000 UPDATE August 14 - 20: Guess the Total

NEWS FLASH: With the exception of three entries [as of this writing], it is extremely unlikely that the Super Prize will be won. This is supposed to be the RESULTS video, but it’s an UPDATE with a second chance in...


Spontaneous Gambling Road Trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico with ASMR Video

On Friday night, I arrived in San Antonio at my friend Lauren’s house. I like staying at her place because it saves me a hotel room and she’s a good friend and a cool person.  I like hanging around people...


Sherri's Question About Playing on the Short Stack

Here’s a question that hits on some of the topics that are currently relevant. Also, by pure coincidence, in this week’s video, I am playing on a short stack with no available rebuy, just like Sherri here. This gives me...


Caesars Palace Atlantic City Real Craps Game, Part 1

As I recounted here, I was on a business trip with my assistant Sara, when I heard the news that Caesars Entertainment had just been purchased by El Dorado Resorts. It’s safe to say that this footage is the last game...


Weekly Contest August 14 - 20: Guess the Total

This one is straightforward, but potentially huge, so I encourage you to read the rules. This contest is simple: guess the total that is in the bag. Note: any foreign currency will be EXCLUDED from the total. I understand that...


I Got Some New Jersey Attitude at the Craps Table, Right Here For Ya!

Here is some footage to tease you for the upcoming Real Craps game in Atlantic City. I tell first-time visitors to New Jersey that it takes a while to get used to the Jersey attitude. The sense of humor is...


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