Monetary Attenuation, Something to Be Mindful of At the Casino

I was at the supermarket buying spaghetti sauce. As I looked around the aisle for a good sauce, a nice lady recommended that I try Rao’s spaghetti sauce. Holy moly that’s $6.00! Six dollars for a jar of spaghetti sauce!...


The Art of the Soft Hustle

I was at the D in Downtown Las Vegas playing craps a few weekends ago, when I witnessed a soft hustle. Let’s discuss the soft hustle. Before I describe the soft hustle, I have to walk on eggshells and give...


Weekly Contest of April 17 - April 23: Sigma Derby!

The D in downtown Las Vegas has one of the last old fashioned Sigma Derby horse racing machines. If you remember the Sigma Derby machines, I’m about to bring you a little bit of nostalgia. Sure the Sigma machine was...


Simple Tips to Healthy Living on a Gambling Vacation, While Still Eating and Drinking Well

Last weekend, I went to the casino with a couple of friends. I went to sleep around 6 a.m, woke up, had a coffee, did some push-ups, hit the tables, hit the buffet, hit the slots a little, went back...


Walking Up and Down Las Vegas Blvd on a Saturday Night

Many of our readers have never been to Las Vegas. Also, quite a few of our readers have been to Las Vegas, but for whatever reason, have never gone for a walk up and down the strip. If you fall...


The Rarity of the Iron Cross in Real Life and The Myth of Opposite Side Betting

I watch a lot of videos on gambling strategy. I also listen to a lot of gambling-related audio programming. It makes for good research as I’m contemplating what to write about next. If one were to do a search on...


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