The Pleasure Pit is the branded table games party pit area at Planet Hollywood.

The Pleasure Pit…no attempt at subtlety in naming.

I will shamefully admit that I like the party pit at Planet Hollywood. The vibe of the place is fun and everyone is in a good mood without being too obnoxious or pretentious.

The dancers are fun to look at, and they aren’t too provocatively dressed. Sure, there’s lots of skin to look at, but I see more thongs and skin at the beach nowadays.


The Games and Dealers in the Pleasure Pit

The games at the Pleasure Pit are typical Las Vegas trip odds, meaning blackjack is all 6-5.

If you’re wonder why the games are usually worse in most casino party pits, it’s because they can. The answer is really that simple.

I asked one of the dealers if her base pay was higher than minimum wage, which is the standard for casinos in Las Vegas. She said that dealers make minimum wage, but the tips are very good. If a newbie dealer fits the mold of what the casino is looking for, they’ll take a newbie dealer and train. That job opportunity isn’t t possible unless the dealer has the look of a ‘dealertainer’.

When I pressed her on what the average dealer makes at Planet Hollywood, she said that on a good night, she can pull in around $300 in tips, sometimes more, but they pool their tips.

Compare that to a break-in casino, like the East Side Cannery. I know a dealer at the East Side Cannery, and on many days, his pay is minimum wage plus an empty toke box. It’s a stepping stone to hopefully some of the better paying dealing jobs that don’t require skin.

So, if you aren’t blessed by the genetic lottery or spend hours a week in the gym, you’ll have to start somewhere like downtown Las Vegas or at one of the break in casinos, like SLS or, heaven forbid, Casino Royale.

Just to be fair to the ladies, the ‘dealertainers’ are not all female eye candy. There are male ‘dealertainers’, too…

It’s the 21st century, after all.

Go-Go Dancing at Planet Hollywood

I have a friend who is a dancer around the Las Vegas party pit dancing circuit. She currently dances at Planet Hollywood and some of the other Caesars properties.

She started dancing around early 2017 when she auditioned for a company that supplies go-go dancers to the casino. Most of the casinos do not employ the dancers directly.

She and two other girl friends needed part time jobs because they’re college students and couldn’t work full time.

When she first started go-go dancing, she started at Flamingo. The pay was $27 an hour, and she worked weekends only. Not bad for part-time work.

During the school year, she worked 4 hour shifts. During summer, she worked 8 hour shifts, sometimes also during the weekday. The shifts were 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. That’s pretty good, if you think about it. Imagine a job where 50% of your day is break time.

While she was dancing at Flamingo, her supervisor told her that she could dance at Planet Hollywood, where the tips were much better. Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen anyone tip any of the dancers at either Flamingo or Linq.

Because the tips at Planet Hollywood are really good, the dancers at PH are in much better physical shape and more model-like. Sort of like this…

This is not her, but my friend does the same thing and wears the outfit that’s the current theme. This was supposed to be a western theme. See the cut up jean jacket around her shoulder? This is not your standard cowgirl.

I asked my friend if she had ever dated any of the guests at any of the places she danced at, the answer was yes. Two times in two years was her quote.

She gave me some advice advice if you want to hit on the the girls. First, they get hit on mercilessly.  The dancers are somewhat attenuated to most attempts. The only real chance you have – and it’s a slim chance at that – is to give her your business card or something with your name and phone number on it. There’s no pressure on her. Granted, your card will probably be in the trash soon after.

You have to realize that when the girls are dancing, all the faces blend in, she’s probably tired and her feet are hurtin. But, if you’re a decent looking guy, or your business card says enough about you, then you might have a chance. One of the guys was young and had the letters ‘M.D.’ after his name, if that gives you a clue. She wouldn’t tell me about the other guy.

I’m just telling you what was told to me.

I’m going to ruin the illusion because I think it’s very interesting and somewhat funny. The go-go dancers you see on stage are mostly an illusion of make up and light.

If you were to meet my friend who go-go dances at Planet Hollywood, she looks like the most plain vanilla girl you will ever meet. She’s something of a nerd with straight As in her pre-med classes. We have a lot in common, but organic chem is not one of them.

She works out 6 days a week. She absolutely kicks my ass when it comes to cardio and she’s one of the few girls I know who can do an actual dead hang pull up all the way to the top. Needless to say, she’s in phenomenal shape.

But since she’s so fit and has a relatively low body fat percentage, she’s not exactly well endowed on top. The solution is a very good push up bra, which changes her posture.

The face? We’re talking pancaked layers of make up. I’ve seen her with her work related war paint, and she looks like a completely different person.

I begged and pleaded in the name of science to let me take a pic of her with the go-go war paint and without, but she refused. You would swear it was two different girls. It’s really interesting. Maybe one day she’ll change her mind after she gets into med school.

Bubble Craps!

Before I go…

Right next to the party pit is a bubble craps table. The music, free flowing comped drinks from fast cocktail waitresses, and overall energy make the Planet Hollywood bubble craps game the most bubble craps game I’ve ever played.

That’s another one of my friends with her back to the camera. She will only play any craps – bubble or traditional – at Planet Hollywood. One day, she’ll graduate to the big table.

This bubble craps game reinforces my belief that if some of the old time grizzled craps veterans were to chill out a bit, there would be more women who play the game. It’s much more fun with women involved, fellas!

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0 thoughts on “The Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    If she got As in organic chem, I’d hold on to her like grim death.

    My flight lands in LAS Sunday for a whirlwind 4 day blowout. I don’t know what you look like, but I know what your watch does!

        • RoadGambler says:

          Depends on what you define as a hard surface. I think Cromwell has a hard surface. Not like rock hard, but it’s hard. Most of the casinos have surfaces somewhere in the middle.

  • Kevin Hopkinson says:

    Its very true, your last paragraph it’s fun when women play and know how to play craps.
    The last trip to Vegas (may) went and played at the flamingo and a drop dead beautiful ten out of ten woman came up to the table at the Margaritaville. Starting winning numbers left and right. Her excitement was nice to see and her hugging me was a cherry on top haha. Another great article GR and keep those videos coming please.

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