A few months ago, I met a friend at Wynn Las Vegas for some craps and gambling. If you’ve never been to Wynn, I encourage you to at least walk around the casino. It’s quite the sensory experience, especially if you love casinos.

My first impression of Wynn is that everyone is ‘monied’, or at least want-be monied. Everyone is really good looking and well dressed.

The women wear dresses a size or two too tight, ready to go clubbing. The guys are all preened out and looking buff, even if they’re not. The older guys wear the fashionable and trendier version of a dad outfit. The more mature women are full of Botox and all glossy and shiny. It’s a place full of beautiful people, and it can make you feel beautiful too. Or it can make you feel ugly, if you’re insecure.

Club scene about to start the night

The casino color scheme is red. Lots of red. When you first walk in, you notice, red. It’s not an eye glaring red, but rather an ostentatious red that makes you feel important. Like you’re walking on a red carpet from the door to the casino and all the way around to the buffet.

A real red carpet to the buffet


Everything here appears new and clean. Whoever oversees the maintenance of Wynn deserves the highest marks for attention to detail. The floors and carpet look like they’re clean enough to eat from. Dropped your martini olive on the ground? The Wynn floor looks so clean, I might apply the five second rule.

Heck, even the chips at Wynn are clean. I was amazed that none of the chips had the signature dead skin and grim that you find on casino chips at most other properties.

And if you want to see the cleanest bathrooms in Las Vegas, head right into the Wynn bathrooms. Not only are they clean, but they’re luxurious and have the ultimate privacy. When you enter a stall, the stall is completely closed off, all the way to the bottom. You have the ultimate privacy in a Wynn bathroom.

All of this, of course, is to make you feel important, like you too have money. All these ‘monied’ people and want to-be monied people around will make you fell less bad when you drop $1000. After all, it’s only $1000.

Say what you will about the man, but he knew how to build a casino and he knew how to separate people from their money.




For a while, Wynn was known to have the stingiest craps game in Las Vegas, at double odds. Steve Wynn, ever the business man to not overestimate the intelligence of his gamblers, thought that reducing the odds on his craps game wouldn’t have an effect on his craps revenue bottom line.

When I was there, not only was Steve Wynn no longer employed by Wynn casino, but they had also brought their odds more in line with the strip, at 3x,4x,5x, also known as, ‘3,4,5’. This means that max odds on the 4 and 10 are 3x the line bet, while the 5 and 9 have 4x odds, and the 6 and 8 have 5x odds.

According to one of the dealers, the whales are upset about the 2x odds and were taking their action to other casinos, so they went back to 3,4,5x.

Regarding my theory about the Wynn making money seems like it’s no object, if you ever want to see a guy lose $3000 in 15 minutes and not care, check out my video.

I did ok. I’m not a fan of 3,4,5x odds. I prefer the 100x game at the Cromwell.

I was betting mostly place 6 and 8 for small amounts and a $10 pass line bet with max odds allowed.

For those watching the video, my end of the table was betting less than the posted table limited because we were grandfathered in. Las Vegas had a tradition of grandfathering in players at the lower limits, if they raise the minimum stakes while you’re at the table. Most other gambling jurisdictions do not grandfather. If they raise the minimums while you are at the table, they will announce that next shooter is the higher limit.

Craps dealers at Wynn are very friendly and efficient. Actually, all the dealers are friendly and efficient. Even the boxman is friendly. At most casinos, the boxman is watching the game with a dour face; not so at Wynn. The boxman is friendly and engaging.



I’m not a fan of blackjack at Wynn. It’s been infested by the 6-5 game, and I refuse to play 6-5. I did see mostly $15 tables and some 3-2 action. Overall, blackjack isn’t my game. I spent maybe 30 minutes at blackjack and lost $200.

The blackjack dealers are very efficient and very friendly. They’re fast and accurate, too. Able to carry on a friendly conversation while dealing, paying, and taking.



I’m not a hard-core roulette player, but I do enjoy the game for it’s slow pace.

Alas, Wynn has the dreaded triple zero roulette. Witness…

Triple Zero Roulette at Wynn


Triple zero roulette, if you haven’t heard of it, has three zeros, but pays exactly the same as double zero roulette. Like holy moly, as if double zero roulette wasn’t bad enough.

You would think that no one would play this monstrosity of a game, but nope. Witness the full table…

No shortage of action
Tons of action

Crazy thing is that right at the next table, no more than 5 feet way is a double zero roulette with much better odds.

Steve Wynn knew what he could get away with…at the roulette table, at least.

I watched for about 15 minutes and was just amazed at the amount of money flying around on the triple zero table. It’s like people don’t care about money and don’t care about odds.

Hey, it’s America, and we will do with our money as we please.




I love Pai Gow Poker. The minimum limit at Wynn Pai Gow is $25, and I played for about 2 hours. I won about $300 and had three very nice martinis.

At Wynn, if you are heads up, you can alternate banking with the house. It is worthwhile to bank because banker wins ties.

At first, I was at the table with another gentleman betting $500 to $2500 a hand, which was way above my threshold for Pai Gow poker. But after he left, I started banking heads up with the house.

Good thing, because twice, I tied on the lower hand with AK. Banker always wins ties. On both hands, I ended up winning, whereas I would have lost, if I wasn’t the banker.

Pai Gow poker




I bring up the Big Six wheel because usually, it’s such a horrible game that the casinos have to offer it at low limits to induce action. It’s no different, even at Wynn. If you’re looking for a $5 table at Wynn, this is it. The only $5 game at Wynn.

$5 minimum on this wheel



I really like Wynn. Everyone is nice and friendly, from the players to the staff to security. Everyone looks good, and it made me feel like I was good looking, too.

Also, for a strip casino with a lot of posh, it’s relatively not that expensive. The pace of play is slow because of all the chit chat, so your hourly loss will actually be lower than at a comparable casino on the strip.


Lest I forget, Wynn now charges for parking; however, if you simply ask one of the floor persons, they will validate parking for you. That means free parking for four hours. I asked the floor what if the parking went over four hours, and he said bring it back and he would add more time to it.

If you haven’t been to Wynn, I’d say that you should make time to stop by. Have a few drinks while there. Play a few games. Maybe wear some red camouflage and get lost in the red. You’ll enjoy yourself and forget about your worries for however long. And if, you lose $1000, you’ll be reminded, subliminally, that it was ‘only $1000’.

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