Coushatta Resort and Casino. You’ve arrived.

Last weekend, I went to Coushatta Resort and Casino in Kinder, Louisianna. Coushatta is a Native American casino that has class 3 gaming. For those who aren’t aware of the difference between class 2 and class 3 gaming, class 3 gaming is simply Las Vegas style gambling.

I arrived around 11 am, and even at that early hour, the casino was packed. Parking is free valet or out on the surface parking. I didn’t see a parking garage. I parked way out at the edge of the parking lot. This casino is very popular, and, as you will find out, for a very good reason.

Even with an early arrival, I had to park far away. The casino is in the left of this pic.

Coushatta bills itself as the largest Native American casino in Louisiana. They have every major table game that can be found in any major US casino, along with some hard to find games, such as 3 card blackjack.

When you walk in, there is a security guard who checks everybody’s bags. There is a sign stating no gun on the gambling premises. Yes, this being the south, it’s not uncommon to find people armed.

Upon stepping onto the casino floor, they were blasting the standard radio pop music that’s popular on radio. At first, I found the music to be blaring and ear-splitting, but after about ten minutes, they turned down the volume, and the music became much more bearable. I’m not sure if I became acclimated to the loud music or if they really turned it down. But after a while, I could no longer hear Britney through the speakers, so I’m pretty sure they turned down the music.

I saw a game called 3 card blackjack. I took a copy of the manufacturer’s guide for future reference. It’s called 3 card blackjack because both the dealer and the player are limited to three total cards. After playing about two dozen hands and being up $20, I moved on. Now I can say I played 3 card blackjack. It didn’t really get me all that excited.

At some point, I’ll play it a second time and do a write up on my experience with 3 card blackjack. Sometimes it takes a while for a game to grow on me.

3 Card Blackjack

I next headed to the craps table. Ah, craps. My favorite game in the whole wide world. Coushatta had four craps tables open. Two tables had $5 minimums, and two tables with $10 minimums. All tables had a max bet of $2000. Max odds is 20x the pass line or don’t pass line bet.

Craps $5 minimum table, with 20x odds

I don’t always play for high stakes. Most of the time, I play low stakes, nowadays. In the days before, I would always play high stakes, and if I lost my yearly gambling bankroll, I would stop gambling until the following year. Now with my travel, I portion out a gambling budget so that I don’t lose it all on one trip.

So with that in mind, I bought in for $1000 and made a place bet of $60 each on the 6 and 8. Immediately, the 6 hit, but on the very next roll, 7 out. I put up another $60 6 and 8, and the exact same thing happened. I put up another $60 six and 8, and the exact same thing happened again for the third time. I had enough and went to the $5 table and started betting $5 pass with max odds. Ride max odds!

After about 10 minutes, I was back to even.

For those curious, every table was the long ‘boat’ or ‘aircraft carrier’ 14-foot table. For my friends who like to know about the surface conditions, the tables surfaces are not bouncy, but rather have standard hardness. I only care if a table is bouncy because bouncy tables result in quite a few dice bouncing off the table. I saw dice flying off the table, but that was only because the tables were long and some of the shooters had problems keeping the dice in the playing area.

As you’re gambling, there is a cocktail waitress who walks around serving only shots in a vial. The alcohol at Coushatta is comped. If you know anything about Native American casinos, not all Native American casinos serve alcohol (such as New Mexico), and some that do serve alcohol do not comp the alcohol (such as Winstar, where a beer is $4.50).

So I tried a vial called, ‘buttery nipple’, one called ‘jolly rancher’, and one called ‘candied apple’. The buttery nipple was the best. It tasted like melted butter cashew ice cream with a kick of vodka. I tipped her $5, for which she was very grateful.

The ‘shots’ cocktail waitress

Dealers here are very friendly. I would even say that they’re ultra friendly, probably some of the friendliest dealers I have ever encountered in a casino. They were all very humble and very nice. Any 7 out was met with an empathetic and subdued stick call of, ‘ahhhhh, 7, seven out.’

Their dealers deserve to be tipped well.

Even the boxmen and floor were friendly. I’m never of fan of boxmen and floors who take a bulldog approach to enforcing the rules of the game. It just kills the dealer’s tip when the box acts like a mean and sour-faced bulldog. I get that they have to protect the game, but there should still be a customer service aspect to it all.

When a customer failed to hit the back wall twice in a row, the box said, in a very sweet way to the shooter, ‘come on now, I know you can hit the back wall for me. Let’s do it and win!’ A very positive way to reinforce the rule. Very next roll, the shooter threw the dice off the table.

After about an hour of dice, I went and played blackjack for about an hour. Most tables are $10, and one table was $5, with 3-2 blackjack. I saw a single deck 6-5 table, but as usual, I stayed away from the 6-5 game.

$5 Blackjack table is always busy

The blackjack games aren’t the best as far as rules go, but they aren’t the worst. No surrender, dealer hits soft 17, typical split and double down rules. No highly adverse rules, like only double down on two cards.

If you enjoy slots, Coushatta has tons of video poker and slots. Every slot imaginable. I didn’t have much time to play slots, so I just looked around and took some pics of the slot area.

Video poker, lots of it
Rows upon rows of slots

I spent about 15 minutes playing stadium blackjack. I’m usually not a fan of the stadium games, but the dealer was personable and made the game enjoyable. I just wanted to watch him in action. Most stadium dealers just silently deal the game, but this guy had on a set of headphones and was calling the action and making witty and funny commentary. He’s probably the best stadium dealer I’ve seen.

Stadium Blackjack and Roulette

Overall, I enjoyed Coushatta and highly recommend it for the variety of games, the rather fair rules with good payback, and the ultra friendly staff. Dealers at Coushatta are some of the friendliest and most efficient dealers you will ever meet. Tip them well, please!

After a day of gambling, I packed up and hit the road home. One more casino marked off the list, but I’ll be back to Coushatta at some point.

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0 thoughts on “Coushatta Resort and Casino, Kinder Louisiana

  • Friendliness of the service staff was a nice touch! Is it possible to expound on the geographic nature of other gamblers? Such as, does smoking seem prevalent in certain parts of the country? Or do patrons seem healthier in Minnesota compared to Indiana? I’m hooked on your blog already!

    • Andy, thanks for the kind words.

      I thought about adding factors that you mentioned, but I decided against it because there is the possibility of ‘health shaming’ or ‘fat shaming’. I’m a live and let live kind of guy.

      The smoking issue is interesting because nowadays, it appears that far fewer people smoke in a casino. I remember in the 90s, I would go to a BJ or craps table and there would be a guy smoking at every other table. I remember scenes, burned into my brain, of a guy smoking a fat stogie and the dealer choking as she was dealing. It was just accepted and the dealer just had to ‘deal’ with it. Pun intended. Haha.

      At a slot machine, it was a common sight in the 90s to see people lighting it up and smoking.

      Then smoking became less prevalent in the early 2000s. Nowadays, I rarely ever see smoking at the table, even though it’s allowed.

      Outside of the high limit room, I have not seen a guy smoke a cigar at a table in the last 10 years, and I’ve been to a lot of casinos. In the high limit room, well, that’s another story. I’m sure if you were betting $10,000 a hand and lit up a joint, they would provide certain…accommodations…norms or laws or gaming commission fines be dammed.

      The good thing about the casino smoking culture is that it evolved on its’ own. Casinos didn’t actively ban it, rather, society just ‘pushed’ and adopted it as a norm. The one casino that I can think of that actually did a hard ban on smoking – Revel AC – got lots of heat and negative press over their smoking ban (funny thing is, when I went there recently, now that it’s Ocean Casino, nobody was smoking).

      I think the decline of smoking in a casino is a good thing. I’m not a fan of smoke in the face.

      Coushatta does allow smoking. There was a guy smoking cigarettes at the craps table.

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