As I am writing this, it’s approaching 1 a.m. and I just left the casino. I was at a slot machine and was playing the longest bonus round I have ever played. The round went to 45 free spins.

As the round is going, around the 20th spin mark, the bonus round isn’t very hot. I’ve won only about $50.

Around the 25th spin mark, I turn around to look and make eye contact with a lady who congratulates me on the bonus round.

Bonus spin#27. and I’ve only won $54. This bonus round is taking a long time for such a small win.

I could tell that she was going to ask me for money. I’m going to avoid generalizations, but let’s just say that sometimes, it’s easy to tell.

Unbeknownst to me, she was watching me at the craps table because she also congratulated me on my craps win. I’m pretty observant at the tables, and I didn’t remember seeing her at the table.

I had been at the slot machine for about 20 minutes, which means that she had been watching me for at least that amount of time. That had me worried that maybe she and an accomplice were casing me for a robbery.

So then, while the bonus round is ongoing, she tries to high five me, and I politely decline. So she then asked me for $20 to take the bus home.

I usually just say no to any panhandlers in a casino, but in this case, I was curious because I wanted to see if she was with an accomplice who was feeding her information. So I asked her where she was at the craps table and told her that I didn’t remember seeing her. I didn’t quite understand her answer. I’m going to paraphrase her answer as close as I can, ‘good you won honey you know I’m good luck’.

She then put her hands on my shoulder and repeated, ‘good luck’. I flatly and firmly asked her not to touch me, to which she became belligerent and demanded $20. So I get firm and told her, ‘don’t f*ckin touch me’. Adding an extra word to the request makes it…spicy.

Right when the belligerent exchange started, I start hitting a bunch of free spins and go from $50 to almost $200.

Hmmm, coincidence?

We both took a pause from the belligerence to say, ‘whoa…’

As another 3 free spins hit, she said, ‘see I told you I was lucky’. Again, she asked me for money for a bus ride home. I tell her no, and she becomes even more belligerent, telling me, something like, ‘I’ve been giving you good luck ever since you were over there and you’re not…you’re not helping me’.

At this point, I’m not watching her eyes or her face. I’m watching her hands (hint: if someone becomes belligerent and might do you harm, watch their hands because it’s the hands that will kill or harm you). Her hands are wailing all over the place because she claims to have wasted her time on me, but they don’t go into her pockets or seem to be reaching for anything that might be a weapon. She became very loud and agitated. Usually, the ‘I’m your lucky charm’ claim is a scam, but based on her reaction, she may have genuinely believed that she was responsible for my luck.

So I’m caught in a dilemma. I’m watching her to make sure I don’t get shanked. While I’m also trying to watch the bonus round, and being mindful of my pockets. I also don’t want someone to jack the payout ticket. All this while I’m trying to enjoy the bonus round because I keep hitting additional free spins.

She then threw a plastic cup at me, which I was able to easily dodge (because I was watching her). Right then, security appeared and separated her from the area.

As she’s being led away by security, she congratulates me on the win.

End result of the bonus round, as she was being let away: $330.

Interesting things happen in a casino. In the end, it was a good night with a minor speed bump.


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0 thoughts on “RoadGambler Assaulted by Panhandler at Slot Machine

  • Wow! Another good story. Glad nothing happened to you.

    I once kindly handed my leftover prime rib to a panhandler on the LV Strip pedestrian bridge and he angrily said, I don’t want your leftovers. My wife tugged me along and said keep walking. Needless to say, I no longer give them my leftovers.

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    Wonder if you had a service button on your machine. I used it once for a malfunctioning bubble craps machine and it took about 90 seconds for someone to appear. You would think a casino would be a pretty safe place, with all the security and cameras around.

    • You have a good point. I’m pretty sure most slots have a service button. I wasn’t thinking about that. I already had multiple things going through my head. I was also more focused on watching her, which is how I was able to dodge the cup.

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