Here is it! The only real footage of a real craps game with 100x odds.

100x play isn’t all that uncommon. I’ve seen quite few players play 100x. It’s just not something you see every day.

If you’ve never seen someone play 100x, we can fix that right now.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here. I can provide more detailed answers to your questions on my website, than I usually do on Youtube.


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0 thoughts on “Bally’s Atlantic City Craps Game, 100x!

  • Great video. I have heard, but have not yet confirmed, that they did away with 100x odds as of the first of the year.

  • Fun table! Does Ballys rate you on the odds play at all? I chat up the boss after my play sometimes, check on my rating… sometimes they rate the action, sometimes not. Sometimes, just a friendly chat with them, especially after a good string of tips to the dealer, gets the rated play bumped up.

  • Why no Come bet after the point of 6 was established at the 5:30 mark on the video. Two 8’s in a row rolled. Would have made you an extra $1210.

    • Thanks. And I’m about to do a review of the Caesars buffet that I went to, right after that game. Let’s just say, it’s good, but it’s not the Bacchanal buffet.

    • It’s like you knew “big red” was coming, when took your odds down. Does Caesars have 100 times odds, as well? I have not been to AC in years (with all the casinos in Md sprouting up) but I might need to back up there with those positive gaming conditions.

  • Hello All, R.G.,

    Truly enjoy the videos, thank you R.G. They reveal many things one can learn from. I won’t ask why you play the way you do, have fun and WIN. Your “perfect timing” was superb…! Would like to hear your opinion on when to stop. At the end, the guy to your right said something and came down.. then you came “When I hit I’m done” down and checked your PASS bet for purple.

    Observation is your a lefty , Rolex, you hold the chips a lot, neat organized, sorting chips before throwing and seem to be throwing an “in-line throw” with dice forward and rear , not normal side by side . You don’t have to reveal… just an observation but my point is it looked to me you threw several shorty’s with a little bit of lift as well. Which is awesome and perhaps (lesson learned here folks) why you MUST ALWAYS TIP as you do… very nice indeed which leads me to your likely a Karma guy of which I am as well. I tip well and try and keep well spirited mood, even in a loss. They were whining “ahhh don’t leave”

    Questions: Do you alter your set depending on your come bet number..or pass line number..? Do you stay with one set..? I know your playing at the end so we can see but.. do you prefer a stick side throw or the end..?

    • Hi 7UWIN,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I change my set depending on the point. I have no favorite set. I also prefer playing SR1 or SL1, but for purposes of these videos, I move around.

  • Outstanding action, man. WOW do you have stones…. Thank you so much for posting these and please keep them coming! Love them all!

  • RG, this video does not seem to be working, either here or on YouTube (this is one of your older ones)

    Can you upload it again?

    Thanks, and your craps videos are helping me to acclimate at the craps table for an occasional break from blackjack

    • RoadGambler says:

      Luigi, I was asked to modify and censor that video.

      I will put it back up as soon as the modifications are completed.

      Sorry about the delay.

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