A few days ago, my wife and I were driving from New Mexico to Florida on a series of business trips. As I was napping in the passenger seat, peacefully enjoying the white noise of the road, my wife jostled me and excitedly asked, ‘Hey, didn’t you say you’ve always wanted to go to Biloxi? We have some spare time.’

So I asked some friends to recommend a casino in Biloxi, and the majority of people recommended the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino as the nicest casino in the area.

The Beau Rivage it is!

The RoadGambler takes the road to Biloxi, Mississippi
Beau Rivage from the highway

The parking at Beau Rivage is free (strange that I have to clarify that piece of info). 

After I parked, I then walked from the parking garage to the casino, which is approximately the length of two city blocks, maybe more. It’s not a short walk. If you’ve ever been to the mega casinos in Las Vegas that have integrated shopping experiences, the Beau Rivage is exactly the same. Witness…

This is what you will see as you step off the elevator. Resembles a Las Vegas casino with integrated shops.
Keep walking toward the casino…
There’s the turn. The casino must be right around the corner…
Nope. No casino in sight yet, but really cool Christmas decorations still up after New Years.

Christmas was already over, but the lights and Christmas trees were still up. I must admit that I love the feel and cheer of the Christmas season.

Is it the casino yet? This place is huge.
Finally! The casino area!

The casino area is huge and rivals a Las Vegas casino floor in size, glitz, energy, and availability of gambling options. Also, the rules and table limits at the Beau Rivage are very gambler friendly, from what I saw.

As you enter the casino area, this is what you will see if you look left…
This is what you will see if you look right. The gaming floor is huge with lots of selection, with every popular slot and table game you can imagine.
Various tables with low limits and higher limits. This is a $25 blackjack table.
High limit room.

I played Pai Gow poker for about 15 minutes and lost $80. My wife and I were on a deadline, so we didn’t have a lot of time to spend gambling. Never has 15 minutes passed so quickly.

I sat down at this Pai Gow poker table; won the first hand and then lost three in a row with one push.

Roulette table had heavy action with lots of bets. Beau Rivage was just electric.

The dealer is about to scoop losing chips. Nice hit on the win.

The craps pit was rocking. I counted at least six tables open, all of which were nearly full.

I then went to the craps table and bought in…you’ll see exactly what happened in a few days.

Wife said that we were expected in Florida for business, and unless I wanted a speeding ticket for driving 95 MPH, I only had about 20 minutes to play. One thing about the RoadGambler is that he doesn’t show up late for business meetings.

So, based on that self-imposed deadline, I played craps for 20 minutes. The craps game was $10 minimum with 10x odds. Other tables had $25 minimums, and someone said there was a $100 table, but I didn’t see that table. The featured bonus bet was the ATS, paying 30-150-30. If you’re not aware of the ATS bet, read this:


Craps game! Step right up!

In the span of 20 minutes, I was able to order two drinks, neither alcoholic since I was going to be driving later. Drink service was fast and the cocktail waitress was very friendly. Cocktail waitress was extremely friendly with a sweet southern accent. 

If there’s one thing we learned from our short time in Biloxi, it’s that the people of Mississippi are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

After my 20-minute allowance on the craps table passed, I text my wife and tell her that I’m done. She calls me and directs me to her location in the casino. Oh oh. She’s a millennial, and millennials usually don’t call unless something unusual or urgent has happened. I asked why she didn’t come to me so we can leave quickly. She cops to being ‘stuck’ at a slot machine. Holy moly.

Lo and behold, I find her at a slot machine waiting for a hand pay. My wife almost never gambles unless she’s with me, so this was not expected. Her definition of ‘stuck’ was that she left her ID in the car, and needed me to run the two city block equivalent to the car and get her ID. Since I’m the really fit one in the relationship, I sprint out to the car and retrieve her ID. While she’s getting her hand pay, I cash out my chips.

Just to make sure security didn’t mistake us for a couple of robbery suspects fleeing a heist, I tell the slot attendant that we are late for a meeting and are going to be quickly jogging to our car.

We then both sprinted back to the elevator, got back in the car and on the road.

We were a little behind schedule, but nothing that a really fast drive on the main interstate couldn’t fix. 

Overall, a really good stopover in an awesome casino, with great people. I’ll be going back for a longer trip.

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  • Thank you for your feedback, I work at the Beau Rivage for 19 yrs. and is always a pleasure to hear that people love this place like I do. Is a privilege to have customers from out of town and get this Southern welcome.

  • I really like the Beau Rivage, my wife and I were there Jan 6th – 8th. Had a great trip. As you said the staff is top notch and the casino is one of the best in the south. I hope to make it back at the end of March.

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