To be very honest, I’m not sure where this blog will take me. Due to my most awesome GM and associates overseeing my main business, I am now able to travel anywhere I want. Of course, I’m not retired. I work relentlessly. You might say that I’m a workaholic.

Despite not knowing the path for this blog, I do know my goals for this blog. It’s a mission, you might say.

I’ll bring you back pictures, videos, reviews, and tell you about my experiences. I’ll try my darnedest to not just tell you about my experiences, but to also put you in my shoes.

In that spirit, I’m going to go everywhere…

From casinos in the bayou…


…to casinos on the east coast…


…to casinos in big cities like Chicago, where they have pretend shortages of the most American of all sauces…


Gene and Judes, nice and tangy

I’m not always going to be playing high stakes. I reserve those sessions for 100x craps odds. At a casino with less than 100x, my buy-ins are a lot smaller. I always play minimum line bets, and maximum odds, no matter if it’s 3,4,5x or 10x, or 100x. Heck, I even played 1000x once, and I’ve effectively played 400x in New Mexico. No bet is too big or too small.

I’ll be playing low no stress penny stakes…


…to big bet games.

I’m also a slot player, although I bet the minimum. I think it’s more exciting to win $1000 while betting 50 cents a spin rather than hammering the button at $5 a spin. I’ll make more of those videos for your entertainment.


I do prefer the table games, especially the ones with a view.

No place or casino will be too far away, too nice, too cheap, too clean, or too dirty for me. If it takes a bet, I’ll be heading there at some point.

Doesn’t matter how old and dirty…


…or how nice and shiny on the outside…


…or how pretentious the inside. I’m there.


I’m going to be eating lots of casino food. This isn’t a food blog, but if something interesting comes up, I’ll tell you and show you.

I’ll eat it all…from fancy steak dinners…


…to the most delicious sushi…


…to a beef jerky lunch. It’s all good.

Oh, btw, if you want the best fried chicken in Las Vegas, this place is no joke…


You’re welcome


If later on, I can help offset the cost of this blog through advertising and YouTube ads, that would be great. If I can receive help in those forms, this blog and the YouTube videos will be going indefinitely. In that spirit, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and my Instagram page.

And please remember to comment. Hey, I’m not above panhandling for comments.

We are going to grow, and I hope you grow with me.

I’m about to hit the road for my next gambling road trip. It’ll be a surprise, but you’ll know about it this weekend.

Let me know in the comments below what casinos near you are interesting, or if you have any thoughts or special requests. I have many miles to travel.


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0 thoughts on “Where This Blog is Going and the Goals

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    Do you like crapless craps? Some people do. I don’t tend to get very lucky on it. I also like to have a don’t available when I have a random thrower.

    • Personally, I’m apathetic to crapless craps. I’ve been known to play it, but I don’t go out of my way to find it. My problem with crapless craps isn’t that the house edge is 3x higher than traditional craps; it’s that crapless craps played correctly is supposed to be a jackpot type game with a high change of ruination.

      The reason why it’s a jackpot game is because of the outside bets. For example, if you take odds on a point of 2 or 12, the payoff is 6-1. Most likely you’re going to lose 6 times and win only 1 time. Of course, it’s balanced out by the 6-1 payout, but it’s not uncommon to go an entire session and never hit a winning point of 2 or 12, and that can mess with your psyche.

    • I like it. It’s great for beginners because it removes most of the social pressures of craps. No one yelling about hands over the rail, people throwing in late bets after the dice are out, or bowmen admonishing you for throwing the dice too high or not hitting the back wall. It’s a very enjoyable game, even if you’re an advanced player for the times you want to get away from the tables and chill, but still play craps.

  • Really enjoy the videos. Great quality and not a lot of movement on the camera. Starting playing craps about six months ago and live the game. Bet very conservative as I understand the game more.

  • Bone Thrower gave you a shout out and I LOVE your videos! I hope you break down what you use to get such great images. I’d like to record my sessions for review.

    Good luck on your ramblings and look forward to more of your videos.

  • Great videos! Really appreciate the “text” comments that you insert into the videos to let us know what is happening, and especially regarding your own betting strategies. I love the game of craps and try to coordinate my vacations around locations where I may be able to play craps around the world. I heard about you from the Bone Thrower…I will definitely be following you. Thank you! I have a sense your blog and postings will be a success…good luck!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Sally.

      Craps is just an awesome game. So easy to enjoy, once people get past the intimidation factor.

      I hope to bring you more videos and articles. I love what I’m doing.

      Welcome to the site!

  • Hey Roadgambler I love your Youtube channel. Come to Colorado and play sometime. Ameristar is a beautiful casino in Blackhawk Colorado.

  • Max:
    With a son going to school in upstate new York I have become a regular at Turning Store in Verona. Over the years I have watched this go from a high stakes bingo hall to a world class resort. I have always found the staff and crews to be very friendly and accommodating, restaurants reasonably priced. If you haven’t been there I recommend it.
    Keep the great videos and blogs coming!

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