The casino buffet is a quintessential part of every casino and gambling experience. In the old days of Las Vegas, the buffet was an afterthought, designed, created and offered mainly as a way to feed the mass of gamblers. Casinos also did not look to make money on their buffets. It was a loss leader.

This philosophy changed, as casino buffets became more extravagant, and correspondingly, more expensive. The casino buffet was no longer just an afterthought, but rather part of the centerpiece of the total casino experience.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of this shift in buffet philosophy was the spike in the price of a casino buffet. A buffet was no longer a loss leader, but rather an important part of a casinos’ food and beverage revenue that would be reported on a casinos quarterly revenue report to shareholders (we all know how shareholders hate to lose money on anything).

In my travels, I will report on as many buffets as my stomach will handle. I will show you pics of what the casino buffets are offering, and then let you decide if the buffet is worth the price and gastrointestinal distress.

My personal opinion is that the quality of most casinos buffets have not kept pace with the increase in casino buffet prices. If you went anywhere outside of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any casino destination, you would be hard pressed to find any buffet charging more than $25 per person. In most casinos, $25 is normal for even the worst buffets.

Heck, the brand new Golden Corral buffets charge $11.99 a person and rival many of the best Las Vegas buffets. I know lots of people who mock the Golden Corral buffet, but I have a suspicion that if I blind folded someone, walked them into a Golden Corral buffet and told them it was a casino buffet, their perception would immediately change.

That’s why before I begin my first casino buffet review, I am going to do an in-depth review of a recently opened Golden Corral buffet. This provides a good starting point and to which we can compare the casino buffets. We will call this review ‘the baseline buffet’, and compare all future casino reviews to this baseline.

We shall see if a $25 or $50 casino buffet is really twice or three times as good as a $12 Golden Corral buffet.

Let the games begin!

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