Part 2 of the Caesars Palace real craps game is available for viewing.

Here is some more background on this video.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, originally, my friend did not want this video aired. I won’t go into his reasons, but they’re understandable reasons. After some cajoling, I was able to convince him to allow me to air the video. One air of contention is that at first, he explicitly granted permission to air the footage, which then prompted me to tell my FaceBook craps group of a very cool upcoming video that had a large ATS hit. This Facebook group loves the ATS bet and they were all riled up and excited about the upcoming video. Based on the announcement I made to the group, my friend relented and agreed to allow the video to be posted.

Also, I pointed out, to my friend, that it’s the largest ATS hit on video of a real craps game, so we couldn’t just let the video go to waste.

However, the next day, he calls me up and says he would like to see the video before we air it, and asked to be taken out of the video entirely. Fair enough.

At first, we attempted to edit the video to zoom in only on the ATS portion of the layout, but that didn’t look very good. It was an unwatchable video.

So we went with our original format but made sure to censor the people in the video.

I showed him the video, and after reliving the thrill of the ATS hit, he happily agreed, on the technicality that we only show the ATS portion of the video. SMH. Fair enough. So we chopped off the rest of the video, leaving the ATS hit.

Also, as a disclaimer, I was not there when the table hit the Tall portion of the ATS bet. Originally, my friend claimed that he had $100/$100/$100 across on the ATS, and I took his word for it. I had not reviewed the video. However, when it came time for me to watch the video, nowhere did I see $100 on the ‘Small’ and $100 on the ‘All’ from the same person. I saw some sizable hits, but not the amount mentioned. Just be aware of that when you watch the payouts.

I am not going to give the guy a hard time about it because I don’t want him to withdraw his permission…again.

He’s a cool guy, and in his defense, he does have legitimate reasons.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video of this ATS hit.

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0 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Las Vegas Real Craps Game, Part 2

      • Thank you for the info, big fan of yours and love the game of craps. Might of missed the answer. You can expect the IRS to be notified of your chip winning that exceed 2000 dollars in Los Vegas. I was under the impression craps winning would not be reported to the Government unless you exceeded 10,000 and that would be for money laundering purposes

          • Sorry I meant to say “If you’re not playing with a players card”. Basically if they ask for your ID is to make sure you’re not trying to hit the cashier multiple times to cash out over $10,000 in a day. However CTR won’t be sent to the IRS unless you’re very close to the $10,000 or over it. This is more relaxed in other areas of the country, and it some other countries (I believe Singapore) you can cash out RACKS without the govt knowing lol

  • Thanks for sharing! I loved every minute of the video!

    Embarrassingly, I am a fan of all the carnival long shot sucker bets! I feel like I am missing out if I don’t Bet it!

    Keep up the videos and blog posts! Highly entertaining!


  • Max,

    What is the black stack, what looks like to be behind the line, for the shooter. I’m guessing the red stack is dealer with shoes, second is shooter w/odds, but I’ve never seen a third “line” bet like this.

    Will your friends at least allow you to write a post of how the rest of the roll played out w/o the video companion?

    Effing awesome video!!


    • Jeff,

      I didn’t push my friend too much. I just have to respect his privacy. People have their reasons. If I push him, I’m worried he’ll ask me to take it down, so I let sleeping dogs lie, as they say.

      The black stack is a place bet. When the player is over the max odds allowed, the player can have the option of making additional bets on the point by making place bets. Instead of handing the place bet to the dealer, the player can self serve by straddling the pass line with his chips.

    • RoadGambler says:

      We were asked to censor that video.

      We are working on censoring the video and will have it back up in a few days.

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