Some people don’t want a check. Some people just want cash.

Ever wondered how the casino cashes out large amounts if the gambler prefers cash?  The simple and short answer is that, if you want cash, they just give you cash, regardless of how large the cash out. Most US casinos are required by their relevant jurisdictions to have enough cash to cover their chips in circulation.

If you’re curious, like me, and want to know more, read on. Casino procedures interest me.

First, if the amount is usually over $1000-$2000, the cage will ask for some form of ID. Without your ID for tax reasons, they won’t cash out your chips.

If the amount is over $10,000 per day, on the aggregate, they’ll also ask for your social security number.

Then the cashier will call for security clearance. Sometimes, before calling security, they’ll ask you where you got the chips.

Now to the cash out part that involves purely cash, when after you and your chips have been cleared.

If you’ve ever cashed out casino chips, you know they count each bill. Wouldn’t it take quite a while to count out $100,000 or more?

It’s actually quite easy if the amount is in $50,000 or $100,000 increments. They give you a sealed pre-counted brick like this. According to the cage manager, these bricks are counted while under surveillance and are always correct.

A sealed pre-counted $100,000 double brick

So cashing out $100,000 is actually easier and faster than cashing out $10,000.

For $10,000, they give you a strap of cash, called a ‘mustard’ strap (so-called because of the mustard color of the band). But first, since the strap is not sealed, they have to run it through an automatic sorter first. Afterward, in my experience, the cashier doesn’t then bother to count it by hand. They just hand you the strap, typically. The exception is if you ask for a count.

A $10,000 ‘mustard’ strap

The next easiest thing to cash out is either $5000 or $2000 in chips. There are straps of $5000 and $2000, but unlike the $10,000 strap, where the casino cage just gives you the $10,000 strap after the machine count, the casino will manually count out, by hand to you, even after the automatic machine count. My suspicion for this practice is that the cashiers like to count out the smaller straps because there is the increased possibility of a tip, especially if the cash out amount is something like $4004.

A $5,000 ‘brown on white’ strap


$2000 straps of $100 bills. Commonly used by casinos for cash outs.


Less practical are the $2000 straps of $20 bills due to their bulk.

If you don’t want the cage to count out the bills, you can tell them that you trust the machine count. However, I’ve had instances where I’m in a rush, and I tell the cashier that I’ll trust the machine, only to be rebuffed by most cashiers who insist on a hand count of an odd amount. I’ve been told that it’s for the eye in the sky because allegedly, they’ve had customers come back and say a bill was missing.

The amount that takes longest to cash out is something odd like $7500. Because since there is no pre-made strap, and even if the amount is exactly $7000, they won’t just give you a $5000 strap and a $2000 strap. They’ll count out the seventy-five $100 bills.

Three different cash outs, without straps requiring manual counting from the cashier. Yes, the cashier got a tip, all three times.

Note that in the event you have a lucky day at the casino, the casino cashier will have the following straps ready.

$500 worth of $5 bills. Great for tipping and making lots of friends.
Good for making friends at the clubs that sell overpriced and watered down drinks.

Here is a strap that I have never ever been given in a casino. I had to ask for it, and the cashier handed it over, without counting it out.

This is a yellow strap, not to be confused with the ‘mustard’ strap.

All the colors for the straps above are universal, at least in the US. So if you ask for a purple strap, the cashier will know that you’re asking for $2000.

Oh, and just so you know, I don’t carry this cash on me. I turn it into the cage when I leave the property.

…and now you know.



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0 thoughts on “How do Casinos Handle Large Cash ‘Cash Outs’?

    • It’s easy. It’s called front money. The casino gives you a receipt for the cash, and then when you’re ready to play, you can either get cash from the cage or you can get chips directly from the table on the gaming floor. If you get chips from the floor, the procedure is no different from getting chips for a marker. The main difference is that you don’t have to pay back the chips with front money, like you would with a marker, since the money was yours to begin with.

  • Steve Shelton says:

    I, like many I assume, don’t have my “Social Security” card. Lost many decades ago. I’ve always wondered how casino’s handle this situation. Any clue? I mean will they actually refuse to pay you back your buy in and/or winnings? I had this happen at a dog track in Florida about 30 years ago on a $600/1 winner. Refused to pay the winning ticket without a “Social Security” card, not just the number.

    • This question is one of my future entries. I have personal experience in this. I have an attorney vetting my article. I don’t want to give out any legally dubious advice that can get people in trouble. The short answer to your question is that if the casino refuses to pay it out with an actual SS card (that’s happened to me, too), there’s been two ways they’ve handled it.

      One is to cash out the ticket and then hold the funds in trust pending the actual SS card.

      The second is to then have the payee fill out a tax form and then just give you the cash.

  • “I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?”

    • I’m willing to be flexible. It’s still early in this website’s life. I’ll have to see people’s general preferences.

  • One thing that’s interesting is usually only Vegas asks for an ID if you’re over $2,000, but casinos in most other cities like Philly will only ask if you’re over $4k and AC I’ve cashed out $8,000 without an ID, but Vegas seems super strict on this.

  • Hi R.G., eebest8 is right, with all due respect, this format sucks. Hard to navigate, search and each article is too segregated from the next. You need a forum. In regard to the ATS (as you already know) when I play craps I place inside then strictly play for the ATS. For those reading this…

    General Guideline
    PASS $20 | Crap Check $5 | ATS $5 each. Total Wager $40. The point is to not roll a 7 and try for the ATS.

    Possible Outcomes:
    7= You win $20 Lose $5 Craps and $15 ATS so just put it back up the same.
    11= You win $20 Lose $5 Craps Profit $15.
    2,3,12= You lose $20 PASS, Win $35 and your craps says up for a profit of $15
    4,5,6,8,9,10= Point you lose $5 crap .

    7UWIN Method: Note: 30 years player and confident I wont 7. I like a little more stake in the game
    PASS $100 | Crap Check $20 | ATS $11 each and place the (inside) 5,6,8,9 WORKING for $44. Total Wager $197. (my ats always includes a $1 each for the dealers)
    Possible Outcomes:
    7= You win $100 Lose $20 Craps, Lose $44 inside and $33 ATS so just put it back up the same. $3 profit
    11= You win 100 Lose $20 Craps Profit $80.
    2,3,12 = Win $140 , Lose $100 $40 Profit
    5,6,8,9= POINT Win $14 Lose $20 Craps Lose $6

    So in essence…on the first roll you’ll Win $80, $40, $3 or lose $6 but still roll for your point ($100) or any of the other 4 numbers pressing on your way to an ATS. Small $350, Tall $350 and possibly All $ 1,500.

    Now if your a random roller and not a believer or skilled your going to lose anyway. This way is easy and fun… you saw how fun. So makin money and not losing it while having fun is what I’m all about.

    B.T.W. They don’t stop you from playing having fun and playing “sucker” bets but they don’t like the MAX ODDS better. If you watch what happens to R.G… the experienced players pass the dice to R.G because he is an expert and knows what he is doing. That (mostly in my experience) is where the casino gets nervous when a whale (large $5K bettor) can walk up and take the casino for 10’s of thousands. Also (like any job) no one wants it to happen on there shift because there are lots of questions as to if someone is in on it yada yada. That being said… everyone knows the ATS is a sucker bet and it can’t win right..? Wink Wink 😉

    Full disclosure, I’ve matured to Baccarat to pay the bills and play craps for “Fun” small wagers, drinking, smoking and testing my skill. I play in the early morning so I’m not a threat to a whole table (I know this to be true) at 12 midnight where they ran out of green and black and were calling the cage for more and coloring up folks on the spot to have enough chips to pay. They know my name at dozens of places and I gamble everyday for reasonable living.

    Thanks again R.G. Love your site and look forward each and everyday for your videos.

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