Arrow is pointing to the ‘midnight’ bet. Actually, very few people call it ‘midnight’ anymore. Usually, it’s just referred to as ’12’, but that’s boring.

I find everything about casino craps to just be cool. It’s a combination of factors that just makes it…cool.

Craps is a game steeped in tradition and habits. Players love to make certain bets for many different reasons. One of the lesser known reasons that players make bets is because there’s a cool factor to making the bet.

For example, step up to a craps table and throw in a green chip and say, ‘midnight’. That’s just…cool. The dealers will know what you’re talking about, the stick will catch your chip when you throw it to him (be sure to throw it to him, or else you lose cool points), and the dealer will say, ‘twelve, bet’, then the stick will place your green in front of him, and more than a few players will wonder, ‘what the heck is midnight?’

It’s as if you set in motion a little symphony of activity, and it all happened so smoothly.

It’ll be even cooler if midnight hits.

The efficiency of movement around the craps table is just art. Listen to how the dealers talk to each other to get the hundreds of bets in place. Observe how they pay everyone without rarely ever missing anyone. And they’re doing all this while chatting with the players and carrying on a conversation. A craps table is just the definition of efficiency and human automation, without the robots. As someone who owns a business with employees, I find the way the dealers work together to be a form of coolness. I wish I could train all my employees to work in sync, just like a craps crew. As someone in charge of employees, I find the way dealers work to just be…cool.

You ever want to be highly entertained, go listen to a stickman who is really good at his calls. A good stickman can put you to sleep with clever and soft calls (my wife is really into ASMR, look it up). Gone are the days of the obscene calls, for better or worse, depending on your perspective. Every once in a while, you find a stick who is just fantastic. Tip that stick person well. A good stick person is no different from the cool fella playing on his jazz saxophone at a low pitch. A good stick is engaging in art. That’s just…cool.

Then there is the cocktail waitress, who is the very definition of cool. The cocktail waitress brings a confident flair to the game. She brings coolness because her appearance, her job, and her skills are unconventional. Everything about her is a bit out of the norm, from her ability to carry a tray full of drinks in half an outfit and a pair of high heels, to her ability to weave in and out of a large crowd without spilling any of her drinks.

But despite the perceived hazards, she’s a highly competent performer, skilled in her craft. In my 30+ years of gambling in a casino, only once have I ever seen a cocktail waitress drop a tray full of drinks (and that was when someone ran into her). She brings a sexy order to chaos. She’s a walking dichotomy of unconventional norms.

Then there are the players themselves. Craps players are rebels. Craps players deviate from the social norm. We’re a little bit roguish. Craps players gamble, drink, and throw around money. At a different time, we would have been considered…trouble. But the modern craps player is a sociable creature, who is generous with tips and generally kind to his fellow gambler, save for a few real rogues. It’s this dichotomy that makes the craps player…cool.

Craps in a casino has charm and ambiance that you can’t get at home. It’s the combination of everything that just makes it such an enjoyable game. Casino craps has a je ne sais quoi that you can’t get at home.

Craps is just a cool game, all the way around.

I’ll be at the casino this weekend. I might be the guy playing craps in a three-piece suit.

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