A while back, I was in Las Vegas for a short business trip. My business partner decided that we should stop by the Palms Casino Resort. Sure, why not?

My last visit to the Palms was sometime in the mid-2000s when it was owned by the Maloof family. Back then, the casino had an erotic theme to it, with the Playboy club, scantily clad waitresses, celebrity guests who would frequent the nightclubs, among other attempts to be ‘sexy’. Back then, I was still a young entrepreneur, too young and too poor to afford $700 bottle service at any of the Palms nightclubs and ultra lounges, where all the cool people hung out.

The Palms is still one of the casinos in Las Vegas where valet parking is free. As someone who has been going to Vegas for almost 30 years and always took free parking and valet for granted, I still find it strange that I have to comment on free parking. But the times are, what the times are.

Turns out that my friend, let’s call him, ‘Bob’, insisted on the Palms because he wanted to meet one of his friends, who was a bartender at the Palms. That’s fine.

Upon entering the Palms, I immediately saw some very attractive female employees. So I guess the Palms philosophy of marketing hasn’t changed much.

I think part of the job application process might involve a question like, ‘how fast can you run a 5k’? The drink and host staff are exceptionally fit.

The only craps table I saw was at the immediate entrance of the casino. It was the only craps table, and it wasn’t very busy.

On a side note, this is where I step on the soap box and urge my fellow craps players – for the good of the game – to be nicer and more patient with the craps newbies. Craps is becoming a game where the player demographic is getting older. Younger people – to whom casinos like the Palms market to – tend to stay away from craps and the lone and slow craps table at the Palms reinforced my fear that the game of craps is dying among the younger generation. If young people stay away, then casinos will offer fewer and fewer craps tables, and then one day, craps will go the way of Let It Ride.

Seriously, fellas, be nice to the newbies and to the women playing craps. Craps needs new blood.

I asked ‘Bob’ to take some of these pics for me, so I credit Bob with these pics.

I walked around the casino for a bit and looked at their various slot offerings. I put $100 in a machine, got two symbols to the bonus on the very first spin. Maybe it’s my selective memory, but I notice that I often get 2 out of 3 bonus symbols when I first sit down at a machine. About two dozen spins later, I hit the bonus round. Cash out for $115. Hey, 15% up!

When I was about a minute into playing the slots, a drink waitress approached me and asked if I wanted a cocktail.  They’re fast at the Palms, and they don’t use the drink meter at their slot machines. Right now, I think only certain MGM casinos use the drink meter at their machines.

The drink meter is designed to thwart the ‘free’ drink trick, where you put $20 into a slot, pull over a roaming cocktail waitress, like the one in the pic below, and order a drink. After you get your drink, you cash out the $20 bill, never having gambled. The trick is an open secret to getting drinks truly for free, minus the tip to the deserving cocktail waitress.

I next went to the craps table and bought in for $375, which you see in the video posted yesterday.

When possible, I will start showing the amount of the buy-in and the amount of the cash-out, as people have asked about the session results.

This was the last picture taken by Bob, who was then told to ‘stop’. Not too subtle, buddy. Don’t worry gents, we censor all faces.

I asked the floor about the Playboy Club, and his response was, ‘You haven’t been here in a while, have you?’ Turns out that the Playboy Club closed back in 2012. Palms Casino Resort is now owned by Station Casinos, which purchased the Palms in 2016 when the Maloof family was losing money with the casino and was missing loan payments. Yes, it’s possible to lose money owning a casino.

For a Station casino, I expected the craps game to have higher free odds or some sort of attractive type of promo. Nope. The odds are 3x, 4x, 5x, and the table minimum is $10. Buy bets require payment of the commission upfront. That’s like a strip game. Oh well, my friend was supposed to join me at the craps game, but a few moments into the game, he disappeared.

The craps game was interesting, and you can watch the video. The gentleman at the opposite end of the table was rooting for a 7 on quite a few rolls. At first, I thought he was a dark side bettor, but it turns out he was just betting the Any 7 bet, aka the Big Red bet. I’m not sure what happened but later, apparently, he annoyed the guy next to him, and they got into a little exchange of words. At the end of the day, they were cool with each other. I find watching interactions between people at a craps table to be interesting.

The table turned out to be very choppy. The RoadGambler had a bad roll that went: point, roll, 7 out. As the RoadGambler, I will show all my rolls, good and bad. This was an ugly set of rolls.

Despite the choppy table, I was able to come out ahead by about $100. Bought in for $375, cashed out $425, and had about $50 in chips in my hand (notice the extra chips in my hand at the end when I threw in the red chip). Tipped the crew the $4 in white chips that were spare.

I’ll tip my hat to the cocktail waitress who was assigned to the craps table. She was super fast and very friendly. Friendliness seems to be the order of the day at the Palms. I love that quality in a casino.

I then went to play some blackjack, but first tried to find my friend. Turns out that his friend is one of the female bartenders. Ahhh, so that’s why he was so insistent on going to the Palms. I had never known him to be a fan of the Palms Casino. This was around lunchtime, so the three of us had lunch together. Bob’s friend was really cool, and about half his age. It’s Vegas, baby. Who am I to judge?

After lunch, Bob and I went and played some $25 blackjack. I ended up winning about $100, counting the deck and only coming in when the deck was positive.

The Palms does have $10 blackjack, for those who do not want to play $25 minimum blackjack.

$10 Blackjack table

Everyone seemed to be having a good time. It was around noon, but the bar, located near the front entrance, started filling up. Bob’s friend asked if I wanted one of her friends to come by and join us. I said no…those days are behind me.

As I was playing blackjack, the same cocktail waitress from the craps table came by. I ordered another drink, this time a Grey Goose martini, bruised, with three olives in a martini glass, and specified, ‘must be Grey Goose’. Some casinos will have problems with this order, as they serve a different alcohol than what you order. A way to allegedly get the exact alcohol you order is to state that the alcohol ‘must be’ the brand you want.

The cocktail waitress didn’t seem to have a problem with the order. She delivered it exactly as ordered, and I tipped her $5.

The hardest working cocktail waitress in the Palms. Please tip her well.

We played blackjack for a few more decks – it was double deck – and after a while, Bob’s friend joined us; either she got off work early or her shift was over. We called it a day at the Palms and headed off to another casino.

Overall, I like the vibe of the Palms Casino Resort. It isn’t a typical Station Casino that caters to locals. If I were to describe it in one sentence for those who don’t like venturing off the strip, I would say that it’s ‘like a smaller off-strip version of Planet Hollywood’.

Let me know what you think of the Palms in the comments below.


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0 thoughts on “Short Visit to Palms Casino Resort

  • I’ve always liked the vibe at palms. Had some decent luck there as well. Enjoyed a beverage or two at ghost bar which was on the roof , going to make a trip here while in town come late May

  • Max, I had not thought about the younger folks not playing. I have been worried that maybe they would change the game because of the control guys out there. As to the younger group I’m doing my part I have a group of 6-10 kids(24-32yrs old) coming over to the house Friday night to play craps on my table. I will deal and try to teach them how to reduce the house edge and have a blast playing. I did this a couple of weeks ago with 5 younger players and they want to come back with friends. This time I might even show them how to throw. Keep it up.

    • Thanks for being an ambassador, Ron.

      Craps is a great social game, and it’s a great tool to teach risk and risk management.

      Spread the word, my friend.


  • I will be going to Vegas next week. I was on the craps table for a very short time. I do not understand how you can throw the dice from the end of the table with much predictability of what number may come up on the dice. Can you explain a little on this.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Tracy.

      Welcome to RaodGambler.com.

      FYI, when you post from now on, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam.

      Answer: lots of playing and practice. I have my own theories on dice, which for now, so as to avoid a storm, I will keep to myself. You should know that if you try to throw the dice the way I do, where one die lands somewhat short, you’ll eventually get some heat; do it three times or more, and the heat will he high. Technically, it’s not illegal, but it’s usually against the rules. Try it for yourself and see what happens. It’s easy to do from immediately to the right or left of the stick.

      I tend to try and avoid throwing the dice the RoadGambler way too often. If you watch all my videos that have already been posted – and the videos that we will make in the future – you’ll see that on some/many occasions, I just chuck the dice and bounce them both off the back walls. On a 3,4,5x game, the heat isn’t worth it. Plus, I have friends who are dealers or casino staff, and I don’t want to make their lives difficult.

      Welcome, Tracy. Feel free to look around, and make yourself at home. We appreciate you.


  • Watching the video of your craps play at the Palms, which I haven’t darkened the door of in at least 12 years myself, reminded me of all of the reasons why I leave my hearing aids in the hotel room when I head to the casino. The guy straight out on the other end of the table had a comment about every toss of the dice, be it good or bad. The guy never shut up and his banter was not only distracting, it was in many cases disrespectful and (from my perspective) confrontational. I do have a way of handling guys like that. It usually starts out with a rant opening, “Let me tell you what, Bud . . . “

    • RoadGambler says:

      Heavy, did you notice that the guy next to him actually confronted him at one point? He annoyed someone in real life, too.

      I still find it all very interesting. I sometimes wonder, if he was away from the craps table, would he be the same?

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