This is footage of a real craps game at Circus Circus. It’s not a high roller craps game (that’s coming next), and it’s not the craziest craps game, but this is the only footage online of an actual craps game at Circus Circus.

I produced this video out of nostalgia. If Resorts World is successful, it might cause the current owner – MGM – to reevaluate the property and the money that they can earn from the north end of the strip. It would be sad if they ever tore down Circus Circus. I genuinely love the casino for the memories and the cheesiness; and based on many of the emails I’ve received, a lot of us remember going to Circus Circus as little kids.

Also, watching this game, you see a lot of the etiquette violations that craps noobies make. Circus Circus is where you’ll find lots of beginner and infrequent craps players, so you have to cut the noobies some slack. If you watch this video, you’ll learn a thing or two.

Enjoy the video.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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