This is footage of a real craps game at the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

The game at the Fremont is a bit stingy, at 2x max odds.

I wanted to show the Fremont because many players on vicarious forums and craps FaceBook groups have commented on the roll counter. You will see the roll counter on the table. The prizes for the highest roll count of the day are trinket prizes. No cash, from what I was told by the pit boss.

If you’ve never been to downtown Las Vegas, stay tuned.  Coming this week, I will have an article on downtown Las Vegas, complete with pics.

In the meantime, enjoy this game!

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Fremont Hotel and Casino, Downtown Las Vegas

  • wow RG that was bad the only way to make money on that table was the dark side or the way you played just watch the game .

  • Good learners table (cheap low odds) that was a rough session hope part 2 the tides change. At what number of throws does the shooter get something

  • RG love your videos and the way you keep us informed on what is going on at the table. I did most of my learning of craps at Fremont Street Casinos. Being a low roller I always liked that you can find a $5 table for my conservative play. I also wondered about the guy with $100 on the pass line and no true odds bet.

  • Much better video than the last one. I like when we can see the end of the table. Last one I only got to see your arm.
    Love the guy who bet $75 on the come with no odds.

  • It was a $100 PL bet with no odds ….Very bad play both because free odds pay BETTER than even $ and the table was ice cold !

  • Maybe play $32.00 on the Don’t pass (DP) and place $22.00 inside with a $5.00 field. Make a couple of points then collect on the 7 out. If a shooter gets hot then take down the DP and press the inside. Hey RG, I got the same exact money clip. LOL

  • Did anybody see at 4:13 the guy right of the stick return to the table and casually take the towel that was over his chips, waive it at the dealer and hit the dice? Of course, result is a 7-out. I mean if the table wasn’t cold enough, you’ve got to throw the dice over a towel?

  • Michael Narowitz says:

    I once played last year at the Fremont. I got 33 rolls in before big red showed up. I got a Fremont Hat. Yes it is a trinket but it is a memory . I will be there again soon and am looking forward to it. Please keep these videos coming.

  • Ron Drummond says:

    Max, you amaze me with your bet size you have gone from a $10 bet with 100x odds to placing the six and eight for $6 each. Love the discipline and managing your buy in bankroll. Money management is so important most people are not happy walking away with a 20-50% session win in their bankroll always going for that big win. Its a lot easier to rack up a lot of small wins that equal the big score just not as braggadocios. Also why do you throw right handed and lefty? Keep up the videos and thank you.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Ron.

      To me, it’s about the enjoyment of the gamble, coupled with the discipline to not blow your bankroll. That’s the key to success. As much craps as I play, if I didn’t have discipline, I would bust my bankroll.

      I throw righty and lefty because I’m ambidextrous. I’m mainly left hand dominant, but I’ll switch it up now and then. If it’s big money, I usually stick to my left hand.

      Also, from now on, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam.

  • I think this is the first time I have watched a video which could only describe the table as not cold… but “deep freeze” table. Never seen so many PSOs . Kinda made my heart sink. Still i was happy to see RG make some points where everyone else was failing. Well impressed mate!!

    Keep it going!! And keep it real ( this video was evidence of that) 🙂

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