HI, I’m Max Rider, the Road Gambler, and this is my blog. I’ve been gambling since I was 16, when my parents brought me to Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas, and I placed my first blackjack wager from a $40 bankroll. For whatever reason, the dealer and floorperson didn’t check my ID.

I ended up winning $3000 that trip. For a 16 year old kid, that was a lot of money. On a subsequent trip, I ended losing all the money back. That’s when I started looking into gambling for cheap. Ideally, I should have quit, but that wasn’t going to happen. I just enjoyed the gamble way too much.

Fast forward 25 years later, and I’m still gambling. I very much enjoy it as a hobby. I definitely am not a professional gambler. I make my living by owning a business. I’ll keep that part of my life private for now.

I gamble within my means. Every year, I take out a portion of my earnings and dedicate that to my hobby, which is gambling. Some years I win, some years I lose. I’m pretty good at minimizing my losses and maximizing my winnings.

I’m quite successful at my business. I went from betting $3 a hand to having a $100,000 bankroll per year. While $100,000 seems like a lot, remember that it’s all relative.

So far in 2018, my $100,000 bankroll has swollen to $330,000 due to some incredible luck. Here is what I’m up, and if by December I’m still up, yes, my good Uncle will get his cut.

The goal of this blog is so that you can see my travels from casino to casino. Even though I have a comparatively large bankroll, I still gamble and live like a frugal person. I know the words ‘gamble’ and ‘frugal’ don’t seem to pair well together, but as you read my blog, you’ll understand. Also, while my bets bets are bigger than what most people post, there are ways to keep the house edge low, so that you lose less, and win more.

This NOT an advantage players’ blog. This is more for the casual tourist who wants to learn about gambling, and how to do it casually, but smartly, without taking the joy out of their experience.

I’m not here to tell you how to gamble, or tell you that the way you gamble is right or wrong. Some of this information you might disagree with, some you might agree with, but I hope that this blog brings you enjoyment, and somewhat satiates your desire to gamble.

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0 thoughts on “Gambling on the Road All Across the USA

  • bouquet washington says:

    keep me updated I love to get your input on craps, the sets you use and why. I’d like to know the bets you make as well? Thanks, i found you by looking at one of “bonethrower’s”, youtube videos.

  • Hey there Road Gambler! I love the videos on youtube and reading your blogs now and
    I am happy that you did this because I love playing craps as well. I have a few questions and since you have been playing craps for such a long time, I would appreciate any help with my game from you.

    May I ask what is your strategy? Is it pass line and the 6,8? or do you play inside numbers…or across Do you ever play the DP?

    Do you believe in controlled throwing of the dice. Like Sharpshooter and Dominator. Does it work for you?

    Can you give a simple plan on when to press bets? and when to decrease bets?

    Any advice on bankroll management?

    Appreciate any information I can get from you. Love the videos! It would be great if you did a simple vlog, like those poker vlogs. They state their buy in, and do game analysis, and then they state if they made a profit/loss in the session and how much they won /lost.

    • Hi Terrance. Thanks for the kind words.

      I stick to a simple strategy. I look to play bets that have a low house edge. My usual strategy is minimum pass line and maximum odds. I like placing six and eight, but I do’t go crazy on those bets. It’s not unusual to see me playing $25 pass with $2500 odds…and with a $12 place six and eight. Again, I’m not looking to hit a jackpot of 10x my buy in. That’s not my style. I’m happy if I can make 40% of my buy in.

      On the issue of dice influence/control, that’s not an issue I like to discuss. The issue is a no win argument, so I keep my opinions to myself. I do believe that advantage play is possible with craps. I’ll discuss that at a late date. It’s not what you think it is, and you aren’t going to retire APing dice. The classic AP craps play was counting card craps. But alas, that is no more, as far as I know.

      In the future, I’ll write a more detailed outline of my play style, along with the weaknesses and strengths of my play.

      And yes, I play dark side regularly. You’re going to see some brutal dark side action. Stay tuned, my friend.

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