The Horseshoe Casino and Resort in Bossier City, Louisiana is one of my favorite casinos outside of Las Vegas.

Bossier City, Lousianna is located near Shreveport, Lousianna, a pair of connected cities in the northwest corner of Lousianna. Nowadays, most visitors to Bossier City and Shreveport just refer to the entire area as ‘Shreveport/Bossier City’.

There are several casinos in the Shreveport/Bossier City area, with the Horseshoe being the nicest and cleanest casino, and not coincidentally, the busiest.

Originally, the Horseshoe was owned by Jack Binion, son of legendary casino owner Benny Binion. The Horseshoe, when it was owned by JB, had some crazy good games, such as the only blackjack game in the US where the players had the advantage over the house.

JB’s comp policies were also extremely loose. I remember betting $5 a hand at blackjack and getting comps to their fine steakhouse.

Later, JB would sell the Horseshoe to Harrahs, which is now Caesars Entertainment (CET). When Harrahs bought the Horseshoe, they immediately pulled the player advantage blackjack game and the loose comp policies.

Today, the Horseshoe is still owned by CET, and while some of the old ways that JB did business is gone, CET retains some of JB’s philosophies. Out of all the CET properties, the Horseshoe is still probably the best gambling deal. At certain times, players will find $5 minimum limits on games, 100x odds on craps, better pay tables compared to Las Vegas, and looser comp policies than most other CET properties. They’re retaining a little bit of JB’s policies. Just a little.

Every time I go to the Horseshoe, it seems like 90% of the gamblers and hotel guests are from Texas. One of the benefits of driving in from Texas is that Texas has these giant convenience stores named Buc-ee’s Convenience Stores, which are just massive. The average Buc-ees has 60 gas pumps, if that gives you an idea of how big it is. My favorite part of Buc-ees is the beef jerky they sell. The beef jerky makes the drive almost worth it.

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