It’s early in the morning as I write this. I’m feeling like a hypocrite right now.

A few hours ago, I was playing craps with a casual acquaintance. Unbeknownst to me, the acquaintance brought his friends along. We were at one end of the table, while his buddies were at the other end.

I bought in for a reasonable amount and was down. The friends were loud and chatting it up. The rest of the table was in a bad mood because it was running cold. So I told the acquaintance, ‘can you tell your buddies to shut up and play please. G-ddam just shut up and play!’

The acquaintance said, ‘yea my buddy is peacock, he’s a bit loud at times.’

The acquaintance got his buddies to shut up.

The table goes on a mild run, not too hot, but enough where my acquaintance buddy cashes out after getting back some of his money.

The loud friends are still on the other end and then the table goes on a tear.  I’m now up big and I cash out. End of story…

…not really.

So I meet the acquaintance and his buddies, one of whom was Mr. Peacock, at at 3 Card Poker game. I’m up big now, and the guys are asking me what happened. It’s simple: I caught a massive tear.

We’re all having a good time, chatting up up, talking about life. Mr. Peacock is a pretty funny guy and all around good dude. He talks a lot. I’m on my third Belvedere Martini, so I’m talking a lot, too. We’re all really loud.

There is this other guy – call him Other Guy – at the 3 Card Poker table. Other guy is not part of our group and he’s down big.

Now he lashes out at us and tells us to stop talking and play. He says we are ruining the pace of the game and that he was doing okay before we all arrived.

In my drunken stupor, I tell him, ‘look, we’re at a casino to have fun, chill out.’

The guy argues with me, but as he’s talking, I just realized that about an hour ago, I had shushed someone else for the exact same thing. We don’t exactly shut up, but we all cool it off by a few decibels.

I’m sure that I’m a hypocrite in this case. I’m not sure if I’m the asshole, although I may very well be.

What do you guys and gals think? Was I in the wrong?

Is it ever ok to shush someone in a casino?

Don’t hold back.


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0 thoughts on “Is it Ever Right To Shush Someone at a Casino Game?

  • I’d say hypocrite. Probably not a**hole since you didn’t yell at buddies to quiet down but asked someone you knew to ask them to quiet down.

    However gambling is supposed to be fun, so you probably shouldn’t shush others that are just having a good time. Especially at craps, a community game.

    If ppl are slow it might be ok to ask them to be courteous and speed up a little.

  • I think we all get into situations like you described from time to time. Gambling can be emotional and sometimes does not bring out our best. The important thing is that you saw what you did and in the future that may influence the way you react. Thanks for sharing.

  • I completely understand why you and the Other Guy would be in a poor mood when being down a lot at the tables. I agree with your initial feeling of hypocrisy, because the only difference between your actions vs. Peacock & Other Guy vs. your group is that you had a mutual friend pass on the request to calm it down.

    Any person that is competitive or gambles knows how it feels to be down by a lot. Glad you understood quickly that your actions were probably not cool.

    Is it okay to shush another person at the casino? If they’re objectively being disruptive then I absolutely think asking them to calm down or asking the floor to speak to the individual is warranted. I understand casinos have alcohol all around, so judging the table dynamic might be hard if you’re drinking/with friends that are on the louder side.

  • Been there, done that. Well, something similar. I was actually on a slight tear myself when a raucous group saddled up to the other end of the table. They wanted everyone to join in their fun and asked my name when it was my turn to shoot. They then proceeded to chant my name. It was annoying, so I asked them to stop as it was negatively impacting my ‘mojo’. You know what happened next – PSO, of course. My tear was over. I am not suspicious, but you can bet that I will not shush anyone having fun in the future.
    It’s a whole other story when someone is a mean drunk and/or just plain belligerent. If the crew doesn’t do anything, then I ask the boss to do something.

  • I had to shush a player to my left who was berating the dealers, talking shit and blaming them for losing…he brought a lot of negative karma….I don’t care what his bankroll was…STFU….hopefully it wasn’t the Road gambler….dude had a Pepsi Rolex on his left wrist….lol

  • Yes, this is one time that I would have to say you were being a hypocrite. One of those situations where you can dish it out but can’t take it when someone does the same your way. I like playing the tables where people are having a good time but not when it becomes obnoxious. I have had several times when I wanted to say something to others but I usually just have to hold back and let it go. I can only remember one time at the craps table when I actually asked someone to cool it and this person was extremely rude to the dealers.

    You said don’t hold back so I think you were the guys at the other end of the craps table to the guy playing 3 card poker. If you dish it, you got to be able to take it.

    Hopefully, everyone ended up winning a little bit and that always helps the bad feelings.

    Lessons learned.

  • I say you were just being human

    I wanted to tell about a new craps table I saw this past week. It was at Harrah’s in Cherokee. We were told it was the first one anywhere. Suits were all over for the unveiling.
    It’s a full-sized table with electronic screens for each player. I think The surface is lexan with a see through mesh cover Each player still throws. Everything is lit up. It has one dealer that keys in whatever is thrown. I had some pics but can’t seem to be able to pull them up

    The table was full the whole time which had all the suits smiling but it was also the only five dollar table there.

    Personally I hated it but they might be coming your way

  • I don’t know. Alcohol makes people oblivious. And I’m not crazy about using intermediaries to carry messages. But it’s fine to ask someone to keep it down at a craps table. After all, you’re shooting and trying to make THEM money, right? As well as yourself. And to move their chips away from yr. landing zone too. Do they want you seven out? And you’ll do the same for them. I’ve done it. Doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot. On the other hand if the loud person is funny, truly hilarious, I enjoy the show. I stop playing, but..a free comic interlude ain’t bad on a cold table. I think this was all enhanced by the cold table and alcohol.

  • Jeff dunstan says:

    I think you were just feeling crabby because you were down. ive done it. ive been there. Other players know instinctively that when people are losing they tend to be a bit touchy about things so if i see someone down and they are a bit cranky towards me i give them a break and let it go. Dont feel like a hypocrite because you werent really nagging the guy you were just doing what 99 percent of craps players do. they complain. dont sweat it bro your intentions are good and your heart is in the right place. The one thing i think we all want when we are losing is just a bit of sympathy because our hearts in a way are getting stepped on. we feel its not fair but in the end were back at the tables having fun and hopefully winning. keep up the great videos but dont let cranky players bother you just give them some sympathy and all will be good. later.

  • Yeah, I don’t really think you should tell someone to “keep it down” in a casino. If you don’t feel comfortable at a game, for whatever reason, then find a different table. It’s a casino! You have a lot of different characters in a casino.

  • It will be over the next day. If you think you hurt your friends feeling, tell them “hey I`m sorry:.
    Did you play at the Cromwell last Sunday the 6th ? I had a feeling I saw you there,although I have never seen you before. You were at the West end of the first table.
    May luck be with you.

    Old Bill

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