Southern California Christmas. Clear skies and palm trees.
Lobby of Hollywood Park Casino, located in Inglewood California. It’s Christmas!
I wonder who won the car. That would be a cool Christmas surprise.
The gaming area of Hollywood Park Casino

I just got back from California, where the casinos are very different. No dice or balls in any of their games. Some casinos are player banked. Review and trip report coming soon.

I’m home with my family today.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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0 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from RoadGambler

  • Roadgambler,

    What is the etiquette of a dealer mispaying you..say it was supposed to be a push, but she thought you you correct her or do youquietly take the payout?

    • This issue is a thorny one. I’m not sure etiquette comes into play here.

      It depends on your perspective. Are we taking morally? Legally?

      Some would say it’s immoral to take the incorrect payout, knowing it’s an incorrect payout. Some would say that its’ caveat emptor and everyone for themselves.

      There are some dealers who would tell you to shut up and take it because to point out the mistake may get them in trouble, especially if they’ve recently been written up. Long time ago, I went on a date with a dealer who told me that’s what she preferred.

      I’ll stay neutral for now on this issue.

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