Last night I spent 2 hours playing Mississippi Stud. For those who don’t know the rules of Mississippi Stud, the short explanation is that the player puts up an ante, the dealer deals the player two cards, then the dealer puts down three community cards face down. The player then looks at his two cards and can decide to continue or not. If the player doesn’t continue, then the player surrenders his ante. If the player decides to continue, the players may put down an additional bet that is 1x, 2x, or 3x his ante.

The option to surrender or raise continues as each community card is revealed. The final pay is decided by a pay table.

Any pair of 6s-10s push. Any hand higher than a pair of Jacks is paid according to a pay table. Anything less than a pair of 6s results in a loss of all bets on the table.

The game is effectively a dressed up version of five card stud, and if you’ve ever dealt yourself five cards, stud style, you know that the vast majority of hands have no pair, at all, much less a pair higher than Jacks (I’m not talking about dealing yourself five cards, draw style; but rather five cards and no other draw).

Anyway, as I said earlier, last night I spent two hours playing the game. In the span of two hours, I won four hands and pushed maybe a dozen hands. I probably lost around 40 hands. From my experience with Mississippi Stud, that’s actually not all that uncommon.

So for two hours straight, it was little gut punches when good starting hole cards would push, or high suited cards became nothing. Tons of frustration and boredom for the better part of two hours.

Then, all of a sudden, euphoria…

At the very end, around 4 in the morning, I caught lucky I caught a lucky full house, and despite losing 40 hands and only winning four hands, ended up with a net win for the two hours. A whole whopping $40 dollars. $20 after tips.

I’ll go back for some more of this punishment. Lots of boredom, punctuated with a moment of sheer pandemonium and excitement.

That’s Mississippi Stud for ya.

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