I routinely take pics for the RoadGambler blog. I will post them here, for your entertainment and amusement. I love going to Las Vegas, and looking at pics makes me look forward to the next trip.

I hope these pics remind you of Las Vegas and make you want to go back.

One of the waitresses at Twin Peaks Las Vegas, located right at the entrance to the strip. The girls will gladly pose for pics if you ask nicely.
I took this right as I was about to walk out onto the strip. I can’t believe the Wheel of Fortune slots are still popular. I remember seeing them when I was a little kid. That’s a brand with staying power.
Inside of Caesars Palace.
View of the strip from Las Vegas Blvd.
Walking on Las Vegas Blvd, aka ‘the Strip’
Las Vegas Blvd has these mobile billboards that go up and down the strip, tempting you to call.
Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile cluster of shops.
Strip billboards are ultra flashy.
View of the Aria facade, looking up. Huge property, but the actual casino seems small and hidden.
Aria facade with the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino as a backdrop.
View of traffic on Las Vegas Blvd from one of the pedestrian walkways.
View from the same spot on the pedestrian walkway, facing the opposite direction.
Entrance to the Planet Hollywood casino.
The BBQ ribs at Ellis Island Casino. Quite delicious.
The casino floor at the Cromwell hotel and casino, located on Las Vegas Blvd. The Cromwell is one of my favorite casinos. Coated right in the middle of the strip. I stuck my head in, took this pic, and got the eye from a security guy.
View of the Bellagio, one of my favorite high-end casinos. Even though it’s relatively old, it’s still one of the best and still very luxurious.





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