My wife and I love the Hard Rock brand of casinos. The staff are usually friendly, the hotel is clean, the ambiance is upbeat and energetic, and the crowd is usually young and hip. So when we saw that Hard Rock Lake Tahoe was near the hotel that we were staying at, we decided to visit Hard Rock at least once.

We were staying at Harrah’s, which is located about less than a block from Hard Rock. The pic below is the view of Hard Rock from where you would exit the parking lot of the Harrah’s. It’s less than a five-minute walk.

Walk down from Harrah’s and cross the street, to Hard Rock…

The memorabilia display, as guests enter, just to let you know it’s…Hard Rock.

Once inside, there is the usual loud music that characterizes the Hard Rock experience. Hard Rock was the only casino where, despite the freezing cold temperature outside and the occasional gust of cold air blowing in when someone would open the door, you will still find girls with belly shirts and short skirts. My wife and I both dig it.

Everyone is hip at Hard Rock, even the box lady with the shoulder-baring sweater…

Hard Rock has typical casino games, with roulette, craps, and most blackjack tables at $15 minimums.

Pai Gow Poker is one of my favorite games for days when I want to take it slow. The minimum was $15.

I plopped down and played Pai Gow for about 30 minutes, winning 6 hands in a row at one point, with no pushes. Then the tide turned and I lost 5 in a row, with some pushes in between hands. It got brutal at the end, so I started pulling my bets back.

The guy next to me, as if he was able to foresee the future, started cutting his bets back before the losing streak started. It was good discipline on his part.


About an hour later, my wife, who had been playing the penny slot machines and was being hit on mercilessly by every guy on the dance floor, came back about an hour later and said she was hungry.

My wife, despite being bundled up with the thickest coat one could buy at the North Face store, was shivering on the walk to Hard Rock (on the same walk with the diversion to MontBleu). Here’s where I disclose that she was wearing leggings and a belly shirt, herself.

Like I said, we like the Hard Rock crowd.

No takers in the Hard Rock high limit room.

We decided on a restaurant called the Oyster Bar, located on the Hard Rock casino floor.

Despite the late hour and the snowstorm going on outside, the line for the Oyster bar was long. Turned out that the food was delicious. We ordered something that resembled a clam bake, and they cooked it right in front of us. It was so good.

I asked my wife to take a few pictures before she sat down to play, and these are the pics she took. Courtesy of Mrs. RoadGambler.

I then gave Mrs. RoadGambler some three bills to play the slots, while I played craps. She came back about an hour later, having only spent $80, betting the penny slot machines. If you think the RoadGambler is patient, you should check out Mrs. RoadGambler.

Before we left, we went and danced for a little bit. I’m not much of a dancer. I just let the wife lead the way.

As we were about to leave, we saw this…a $1 Big 6 wheel!

The Big 6 wheel is supposed to be the worst bet in the casino, but where else can you play for $1 on a relatively slow game? Heck, if you have real discipline, you can even order a cocktail for your $1 bet.

As the last bet, we put down $1 on the $1 bet. The $20 bill was the winning slot. Consider it a $1 donation.

The wife and I agreed that Hard Rock is our favorite casino in Lake Tahoe. It has a fun atmosphere to it, and everyone is upbeat and the staff are very friendly. The one restaurant we ate at was very good, so it left us with a good impression.

Oh, and the restroom was very clean, my wife wanted to point that out.

I shot a craps video, which by now you’ve probably seen. I hope you enjoyed it.

That concludes our visit at the Hard Rock Lake Tahoe. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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