Last weekend, I went to the SLS casino on the north side of the Las Vegas strip.

I stopped by there just to see what it was like. I had only heard bad things about the SLS, but since they’re about to be sold and rebranded, I wanted to experience the SLS first hand, before they changed it.

First, I drove in and parked on the 5th floor of what appeared to be a singular parking garage.

No signage that this is one of two parking garages.

After walking into the casino, I approached a craps table that had metallic trimmings. IMO, the table was one of the cooler looking craps tables that I’ve seen.

The casino, as I walk in from the Las Vegas Blvd side of SLS.

The casino has only one craps table, which is located near the entrance.

The only craps table in SLS, near the entrance at the LV Blvd entrance.

The craps game is $10 minimum, with 3x,4x,5x odds. You would think that with the lack of players, they would have a better craps game, either with better odds or lower limits to attract players.

$10 craps table, 3x,4x,5x max odds.

The craps dealers were very personable and quite good.  After about five minutes of shooting dice, I walked around the casino and snapped some pics for It was an empty casino, with very few players. As I walked by bored looking staff, no one greeted me or smiled at me. They just stood around.

The overall casino has a dungeon feel to it; like the designers went for some sort of industrial type theme.

The casino has the dungeon feel to it. Notice the empty tables.

And…what the heck is up with that ceiling?

Did they run out of money for the ceiling? Or was this intentional?

Anyways, after about 15 minutes in the SLS, I had enough and walked out. Upon walking out, I went to the 5th floor of the parking garage and couldn’t find my car. After walking around for 10 minutes looking for my car, I went to the valet who told me that there are two garages! The garages aren’t marked as separate garages.

I’ll go back to the SLS when it rebrands.

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0 thoughts on “SLS: A Sad Casino with Good Craps Dealers

    • The Casino Royale land for sure is worth more than the casino. There are persistent rumors of Casino Royale being sold. The new rumors I believe because of the way CR is operating.

  • You nailed it on the swing and a miss with the industrial type feel. Sls was a few years to early imo with resorts world stalling it left them by themselves in purgatory (management didnt do themselves any favors either). But it will be interesting with the rebrand and resorts world if the north end can make a rebound.

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