Come with the RoadGambler as we walk through the casino late at night. This is a video walkthrough of the Linq Hotel Casino Las Vegas.

If you’ve never been to a Las Vegas casino, come along and have a look. When it comes to gambling excitement and just pure glitz and panache, there’s nothing better than a Las Vegas casino.

The Linq is located near the center of the Las Vegas strip. By virtue of its’ location, you’ll find lots of foot traffic and tourists at the Linq.

It’s a casino that is marketed towards the younger crowd. The gamblers are mostly players who are in their 20s and 3os.

Attached to the Linq is O’Shea’s Pub, which is a casino that has loud music and beer pong. Like Linq, Oshea’s is marketed towards the younger crowd and has somewhat of a party vibe.

O’Shea’s has an Irish theme, but other than the green felt and the Irish costumes worn by the dealers, there’s very little that’s Irish about Oshea’s. I’m pretty sure beer pong isn’t Irish in origin. Or maybe it is.

Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy this walkthrough!


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0 thoughts on “Walk the Linq Casino Las Vegas with RoadGambler

  • There last month, and loved the Hash House A Go Go!

    And like other casinos, the Linq remodeled their sportsbook. Seems the newest trend is to cater much more towards the sports bettor. Since recent nationwide legalization it seems that everyone is now a professional sports handicapper. The Bellagio even installed couches!

    Harrah’s was the worst though. We stayed at Harrah’s, and when I planned to spend the day betting horses, they barely had a TV dedicated to the horseplayer. Went elsewhere.

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    Millenials love their devices. I wonder if they make them step back from the table to use them like all the other places at O’Shea’s

  • I like the vibe but sure wish people would dress nicer. There sure are a lot of guests that look like they are dressed to do yard work or go to the gym. I’m not a snob I just like a little class and to show a little respect. That being said I’ll go any place that has a good dice game and I don’t care who is there or what they look like. Thanks for the video and lets have blog on money management. Good luck at the tables my friends.

  • The video is nicely done, but as an example of a typical current day Las Vegas casino it is a sad commentary

    The former Imperial Palace had a beautifully themed décor which gave the casino a distinctive personality. I spent numerous hours playing their nice DD blackjack games, usually followed by tropical drinks with my wife in a small bamboo cocktail lounge tucked nicely away in a quiet corner

    I’ve never gone to the Linq, but it appears to have all of the personality of a glorified Howard Johnson’s with slot machines. The same can be said for all of the new faceless monoliths crowding the Strip

    Give me back Imperial Palace any day. The same goes for the Dunes over the Bellagio, the Sands over the Venetian, Barbary Coast over the Cromwell, the original MGM (where Bally’s is now), the Stardust and Frontier

    People can gamble virtually anywhere these days, so why travel to Las Vegas when there’s little difference between a casino in Biloxi and on the Strip? It is pitiful what the three corporations, which own almost all of the properties in town, are doing to the once unique Fabulous Las Vegas

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