The above video is now ready to air, with the results. As I write this on Monday at 9pm, I do not yet know the results of the spin. My producer, who is guarding the results, will upload the video at around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, and this should go live around 11 a.m. central, 12 noon eastern.

The winning spin is #30.

The winner is Jonathan who entered on July 5th at 7:16 pm. Congrats Jonathan. We will be sending you an email shortly.

The overflow spin is #14.

No winner.

IF you didn’t win, no worries. There’s another chance tomorrow!


I’ve talked about future plans for and how to keep this project funded into the foreseeable future.

I will be honest when I state that eventually, the website must pay for itself. Right now, I fund this project out of my own pocket. As anyone who has made YouTube videos will tell you, it takes time and money to shoot, edit, and produce a video. I use salaried staff to make this happen, as I still have my businesses to run.

I can write an article pretty quickly. I write tons of emails and reports every day for a living, so these articles, which are on a topic I love, give me a break from the usual routine of writing work related documents.

We are not asking for charity. I hope that the work we do and the videos we put out earn your patronage and support.

To support this project, we are currently designing t-shirts and other merchandise. Initially, it’ll be t-shirts. Comfortable t-shirts that look good and that you’ll actually wear. I don’t want you to buy the t-shirts just to support us and then never wear them.

I’m a person who loves comfortable and functional clothing that looks good. I assure that you’ll get a good product.


I’ll also be offering my services as part of a gaming group. Sometime in September (date to be determined via private email) I will be offering a group gambling session with RoadGambler as your guide.

For the price of $200 per person, at a maximum of 6 persons, you will receive the following:

  • RoadGambler will be your tour guide and instructor in Las Vegas for 5 hours. You will find that I am an efficient teacher. I show, explain, and inspire you.
  • During these six hours, we will do the following:
    • first hour
      • Meet and greet. Find out about me, and why I am uniquely qualified to help you in and out of the casino. I am an experienced professional, and you might be pleased with my qualifications. I will have proof. Also, all the writing on are my own writings. You already have an understanding into my mindset and you can judge my qualifications by reading my articles.
      • I have intimate knowledge of the hospitality business. I know what casinos and hotels look for, which is why I am good at the comp game. That’s why when you watch some of my videos and games, I can squeeze comps out of hosts that say ‘no’ at first. I will help you with the comp game.
      • I know what casinos look for. I am not in the casino business, but I have relationships with hosts and various casino personnel and know what they look for.
      • You will find out that I am a licensed professional. I advise people for a living, and I’ve been doing it successfully for almost 20 years.
      • Any relevant question and answers.
      • You will need to sign a nondisclosure regarding my identity. I have business interests that I must protect. You are free to talk about RoadGambler strategies and about your experience in however much detail you want. I encourage lots of details.
    • Next hour
      • We will dedicate the time to strategy.
      • I am a former advantage player. I will discuss with you the realities and possibilities of being an advantage player and how to make money in the casino. I’ll warn you, being an advantage player requires discipline. If you notice my videos and writings, I continually preach discipline.
      • We will talk craps. I take a highly mathematical and realistic approach to craps. Many dice instructors teach things that I highly disagree with. If you are looking to play the hops or hardways, I’ll just be honest and tell you that I’m not the dice teacher that you’re looking for. I have never seen any proof that any advantage player can overcome a 9% house edge.
      • I will help you bring out the best in you.
      • Based on group demand, we can also discuss blackjack card counting and other forms of advantage play, including some controversial methods at craps.
    • Last two hours
      • Live play at the casino. This is where it gets fun.
      • Nothing is complete without real and live play at the casino.
      • We will play at either 20x or 100x. I do not want you to risk your money at a 3x, 4x, 5x game. When you see me play 3x,4x,5x games, I am doing it for the sake of making a video.
        • If your bankroll cannot afford 20x or 100x, then I will help by incorporating. I am willing to incorporate with one or more players at no mark up cost.
          • Incorporating is when players combine bankrolls. Let’s say you want to play 20x, and I advise you that we need a $6,000 bankroll. If you don’t have $6,000, then I will take $5000 and we can combine your $1000 (I’ll send you a text confirming our incorporation…because ‘trust, but verify’).
          • All the group members will then play together, and you will have 1/6 of the RoadGambler bankroll and share proportionately in wins or losses. We can do any ratio with however many players. You will be required to come to the table when the bankroll is live. I want you to see your money in action.
          • Note that I do not claim to win all the time. If you watch my videos, I am very honest about that fact.
          • However, played my way, you have the mathematically best chance of winning and you can even have gambling vacations for free, in the long run.
          • If you are looking to make a living from playing craps, I’m not the guy for you. I’m honest with my approach. With enough finesses and knowledge, it’s possible to turn craps into a practically free form of entertainment, but the hope of making a living off of craps is just a mirage. If you want to make a living off the casino, there are other ways that we can discuss.
    • Finally, we will conclude with dinner on me.
    • Bonus
      • See what it’s like to be an advantage player. I will count cards with you and for you. If you’ve never seen or experienced what it’s like to be backed off a blackjack game for card counting, I can make it happen. Experience some casino heat.

The $200 price is subject to increase based on demand. So get in early to lock in the price.

Please send a PM if you are interested. Only 6 spots available.

Send PM here or via contact tab.

If you cannot make a September date, please email me with a date that you would be interested in attending.

We thank you for your support.


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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS July 3 – 9: Simply Roulette and Future Plans for Funding

  • Sherri Bush says:

    I would totally jump on this, but alas I cannot be in Vegas in September. I’ll keep watch for future such trips and hope you will be able to do them in other areas of the country. Super jealous of those that will be able to join you. Would love to see footage of the activities on the trip as well, especially the craps play.
    Smart content about avoiding traffic citations too.
    Definitely want some merchandise and will keep a lookout for the T-shirts.
    You keep posting videos and I’ll keep watching and learning!

    • RoadGambler says:

      I appreciate the generosity.

      I’ll get this all organized. Right now, we are gauging interest. There appears to be a good level of interest and support, and I appreciate everyone’s generosity.

      Like I said, we don’t want charity. We want to give you value for your support.

  • Can’t make it to Vegas but I’ll buy a shirt and hat. Make them nice not tacky. Hope you had a good time in Biloxi and hopefully we will get to see some video of it. Have you thought about offering gaming supplies as in branded dice,cards or chips?

  • Okay send me a shirt I prefer polos that I can wear golfing but I’ll take a tee and wear it by the pool. Size medium. Getting ready to watch the new video. How was Biloxi?

    • RoadGambler says:

      It was great!

      I’ll give the little trip report soon.

      Tried to do something interesting by doing a martingale. Result wasn’t very interesting.

  • Hello RG, Congrats to Jonathan on the win and like Sherri I am too jealous of those lucky enough to be in Vegas in Sept. to visit and play with the man of mystery.(RG) If the time and situation were right I would certainly be one to get in on a meet, greet, info and play with RG and others that love to play craps. My wife has alzheimer’s so I haven’t been to far out of the house let alone in a casino in the past 5 years. Watching RG’s videos and reading his thoughts on how to play and other topics helps me keep in the game and my mind on other things. I will certainly support your channel in any way I can. I don’t understand or feel the same as RG does on all subjects but I do respect them. Take Care in your travels!!!!

    • RoadGambler says:

      I’m glad I can entertain.

      Disagreement and debate is only human and makes life more interesting.

      Thanks for the kind words, Charlie.

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