If you watch the above video, you will see that it’s a $25 minimum table, and most players are betting $25. However, I’m betting $10 along with a few players. A few of the readers asked how I am able to bet $10 when the table is a $25 minimum table (Wynn is one of the most expensive casinos on the Las Vegas strip).

The answer: I was grandfathered into the lower limit.

Casinos are a profit-driven business, and when customer traffic increases, they’ll raise their minimums. Grandfathering is when the casino allows existing players at the table to play at the lower limits.

Grandfathering can apply to any table game, such as craps, blackjack, and Three Card Poker. Grandfathering is not an issue at slot machines or electronic games like bubble craps.

If the casino allows grandfathering, you can continue to play at the lower limit until you permanently leave the table (bathroom breaks don’t count, and depending on the floor person, they may continue to hold your spot through a short meal break).

Not all casinos allow grandfathering. Las Vegas casinos seem to grandfather all their players as a matter of tradition. I’ve yet to run into a Las Vegas casino that doesn’t grandfather. Atlantic City casinos vary, but most do not grandfather. Shreveport, Louisiana does not grandfather, at all.

When a casino does not grandfather, they’ll tell their existing players that the next player, hand, shooter, or shoe will be at the higher limit.

You can also ask to be grandfathered if you approach a table that was recently raised. The worst they will do is say no. When I walked up to the Wynn table, in the above video, I was about 10 minutes late, but the floor grandfathered me. That was a cold table, and I saved significant money by betting at the lower limits. Sometimes, losing the least amount of money possible is almost as good as winning. A bet saved is a bet won.

Grandfathering is one tool to help you win.

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0 thoughts on “What is Grandfathering?

    • Lake Charles does not seem to grandfather, unless 1. you make a stink to the floor and 2. you are at the Isle of Capri. I’ve seen them be flexible at the Isle of Capri, depending on the floor person. But you’re right. Most of the time, it’s ‘next shooter is…’

      • Daniel Saludo says:

        Ahh that’s good to know, I’m heading to Lake Charles this evening so I might ask if the minimum goes up. Thanks a bunch RoadGambler!

  • My home town is Hernando Ms so I played my first craps game in Tunica Ms. been hooked ever since. I live near Lafayette Louisiana now and play occasionally at Coushatta, Golden Nugget and the casinos in Biloxi. Most of the time there is no $5 tables or they are so packed you cant get on them. Im very conservative in my gambling. It looks like you enjoy traveling, my hats off to you, I wish i could travel more often to different casinos. Have fun. Good luck.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I just came back from Biloxi, Mississippi. Great craps action there.

      Good luck to you, too, my friend.

    • Easy to say, but tough to do. And sometimes, changing sides really hurts. I’ve seen tables turn at the drop of a dime. But that’s the fun of craps!

  • The D in downtown Vegas does NOT grandfather. Found this out the hard way, and it was on a relatively empty table as well. It was like a specific time they bumped it.

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