Calling all Las Vegas aficionados. Test your knowledge and see if you can identify the Las Vegas casino. These are visual perspectives of the casinos that may be new to you.


Which casino is this? You may be able to identify it from its signature curve.

Here’s a hint. The red arrow is pointing at the casino. Look at the signature curve of the top of the building.

Answer: it’s the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas


This is the top of a well known Las Vegas strip attraction. What hotel is this attached to?


It’s the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The pic above is that of the observation area of the Eiffel Tower replica.


In this pic taken from McCarran International Airport, what hotel and casino is the red arrow pointing to?

Clue: the blue arrow in the pic below is pointing to one of the hotel towers of this casino.

Here is another clue, zoomed in a bit more, which might be a bit of a spoiler, if you focus in on the casino’s lettering.


It’s The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


What is the name of the casino that the yellow arrow is pointing to?

Bonus question…what is the name of the lighted circular object in the left part of the pic?


The Palazzo at the Venetian

The answer to the bonus question: the High Roller.


In this picture taken from McCarran International Airport, what casino is the pink arrow pointing to?

Hint: the casino in question is next to this…

The building in the above pic is indicated by the green arrow in the pic below.

Here is another clue, zoomed in, although if you look too close to the lettering on the casino facade, it will give you the answer.

Answer: The Venetian Resort Las Vegas


This next one should be easy, although you may have to strain your eyes in the darkness.

Which casino is this? Pic was taken from the aerial perspective of the top of the casino at night.

Hint: here is a picture of the structure during the daytime…

Hint: here is a nighttime pic of the complete structure. I told you this was easy.

Need a more obvious clue? Here is the complete structure during the daytime. If you don’t know by now, you need to get on a plane to Las Vegas!


Answer: The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower (that’s the official name, as of now).


This one is tough.

What Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is the pink arrow pointing to?

Hint: the green arrow is pointing to Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Here’s another clue. In the picture below, the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower is on the right side of the pic (indicated by the green arrow).




Answer: The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton.

Thanks for playing along. If you have any comments or questions, or even if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below.

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