Ladies and gentlemen, the RoadGambler is all about being fair.

If the dealers mess up, I’m going to call them out on it. When the players mess up, I’m going to call us out on it.

When it’s your fault, don’t blame the dealers. Take responsibility and accept that you messed up.

In multiple videos, I’ve shown you many times why you must pay attention at the table. Sure, I understand that sometimes we are on vacation and it’s fun to turn our brains off. That’s totally cool. But know that by going into sleep mode at the table, there’s a cost: the mistakes will be against you significantly more often they’ll be in your favor. The mistakes will not balance out.

So pay attention.

The above embed of the Peppermill game starts at 26:28 mark.

What happens next was like a perfectly scripted series of events that were written to teach a lesson.

At 26:30, the shooter rolls 12 craps and you can see the dealer take the shooter’s pass line bet at 26:33. The shooter’s bet was clearly on the pass line.

Screen capture of the shooter’s bet that was clearly on the pass line. This was right before the dealer was going to take the losing line bet.

Then at 26:36, you now see that the shooter has another line bet.

At 26:46, the shooter rolls a 7 pass line winner, but the dealer takes the shooter’s line bet at 26:48.

At 26:54, shooter asks if he put his bet in the wrong spot.

Well, yes you did!

The shooter protests and says he didn’t make a Don’t Pass bet. Time to call in the instant replay!

Through the power of instant replay and zoom, I’ve clarified the image to the highest resolution. Here it is:

Decision: yes, the bet was clearly on the Don’t Pass, and shooter rightfully lost the bet.

At 27:12, the shooter throws a tantrum, takes his bets down and passes the dice.

Come on dude, you can’t get mad!

On the flip side, if I were to take the player’s side, it was kind of obvious that the shooter wanted a pass line bet. The shooter had place bets, which are light side bets, and his prior bet was a pass line bet.

However, the dealer has to accept the bet as it lays.

Should the dealer have corrected the player? Maybe, but dealers can’t see everything, and they can’t be responsible for reading player’s minds. Also, if the dealer corrects the player and the player loses, the player may blame the dealer. In the end, it’s not the dealer’s job to read the player’s mind. They’re in a tough spot.

The lesson in the end: be fair to your dealers, accept responsibility for your mistakes, and pay attention!

Now go enjoy the game!*

*Don’t worry, if you can’t. I’ll constantly bring you video and analysis.


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0 thoughts on “Always Pay Attention! And Don’t Blame the Dealers for Your Mistakes!

  • Alan Sherman says:

    I was wondering what happened. I thought they took his pass line and he forgot to replace it and rolled. I didn’t know he put it in the wrong spot. I figured he didn’t tip the dealers at all so since he rolled w/o one they didnt give him the benefit of the doubt not that he had in the DP area. I’m guessing that really wasn’t a mistake unless it was close and he bumped it with this tossing hand.

  • From that angle, even with magnification, it is hard to see exactly WHERE the shooter placed his bet, though it does not seem to be in the Pass Line area. He was probably a little careless when he put down his chip(s)

    However, I have never seen a layout like the Peppermill where there is no color differentiation between the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. Except for the blue Hardways, all of the text is the same color

    In the heat of the game, this could lead to accidental misplacement. IMO the layout could use a redo

  • Forgot to add that unless the shooter was switching between Pass and Don’t, I think the dealer should have given him the benefit of the doubt. Most people do not bet Don’t when shooting

  • Fitzsimmons Tim says:

    Besides paying attention, this also points to a good reason for tipping/engaging the dealers. I don’t know how many times a dealer has clarified with me a change in my normal betting because I have them on the PL or 6&8. Quite often I’ll start my play very conservative with a PL + 6 &8. When I get a few hits I’ll morph towards a Come bet(s) and although the bet is clearly in the Come bet area, the dealer will typically ask, “is that your Come bet?” I appreciate that because in the heat of things I might have said, “place the 5 or 9” but he/she did not hear me. A little engagement, conversation and tipping goes a long way in smoothing out potential conflict.

  • Dealers are very important to me so I can enjoy the game especially the stick person. If I get on a table and the dealers/stick person are rude or give me the “I don’t care” attitude I will just leave the table. That isn’t always easy when your in an area that has only one casino and you traveled to get there. There is always more to do in a casino for me to enjoy.

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