This is the next entry in the Real Craps series of RoadGambler videos. This time, I am in Atlantic City playing craps at the ultra-luxe Borgata Hotel Casino.

The Borgata is a very nice casino with a clean atmosphere, fast and efficient drink service, great food, and friendly dealers and players.

Borgata is an ultra high-end casino, and the players come with big money. In this video, you will see some significant action by the players. I do not bet large because I am not a fan of 3x, 4x, 5x craps games. Borgata broke Atlantic City tradition by becoming the only Atlantic City craps game that didn’t offer at least 5x odds. The players don’t seem to mind because when it comes time for Atlantic City casinos to report revenue, the Borgata blows away the other casinos by a wide mile.

The real attraction in this video is the action of the other players.

Also, I take somewhat of a contrarian approach in this game. Watch it, and you’ll know what I mean.

I hope you enjoy this video.

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0 thoughts on “Borgata Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, 30 Minutes of Real Craps Action

  • Ha RG great video as always was at Borgata just three weeks ago, was a great place to play the dealer in the am were great and very friendly. Had a awesome stay their was lucky to have all my stay and meals comped sometimes you just need to ask a little moor to get it. I was on a trip from New Hampshire hit five casinos in one day in three states what a great time went home a winner thanks for all the hard work keep them coming.

    • RoadGambler says:

      That sounded like a fun time. I agree without on asking. Keep asking for the comps and squeeze them for as much free stuff as possible.

      Super nice casino. I just wish they had the traditional 5x on craps.

      Glad you enjoyed the video.

  • I got my cocktail and watch another great video. I love The Borgata. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you down.

  • Averell Golub says:

    You cannot see it completely but towards the left behind the lines the felt says “Home of the worlds longest crap roll 4 hours and 18 minutes “. The Whale would have lost much less $ if he bet PL with one come bet…..Some players just cannot bet the Dark Side, they should find a different table.

  • Interesting session and I enjoyed seeing you switch to the dark side. I am just a beginner, but I find it incredible how players will stubbornly keep tossing their money on the Pass Line, no matter how often they Point and 7 Out, without trying to go with flow on the Don’t Pass

    I am basically a blackjack player, but won $269 at my first ever Craps session by switching over to the don’t pass and laying the odds, while my far more experienced co-worker lost over $1,000

    For what it’s worth, I find the videos a little more interesting when you display your Buy Ins and Bets, which are hard to see with the camera angle. Running totals are also nice, but probably add a lot to the editing time

    I am still hopping you might be able to re-post some of the older videos, like the 100x Odds at Bally’s AC and the Caesar’s session where your friend hit the ATS

    Thanks for all of the work you put into these videos, they are the best by far on the web


  • Derrik Anderson says:

    Thanks a million for all your video work. I love watching all of them. Its cool you played the dark side. I have done whole sessions in Tunica playing the don’t. You get weird looks at times but can pull in some bank. D

  • I was just st the casino and hit the ats and the tall again in the smal roll. I don’t get to play very often but I’ve never seen that happen before. I was wondering how often that happens. (And by the way I had no money on it myself)

  • In laws live 40 min outside AC. I agree to visit them if my wife grants me a day at the casino. Love Borgata. I mostly play poker but will venture to craps table for 30 min to an hr. Very professional staff. Remember to tip the dealers and waitresses win or lose. Your gambling results are not their fault.

    • RoadGambler says:

      I agree. I think it’s important to tip also. The rules are never their fault. The dealers provide for good entertainment and are hard workers.

      FYI, from now now, when you post, your comments will appear immediately.

      Welcome, Henry.

      • Me again. Got to play some at the Borgata this past weekend. Had some good rollers at my table and I did decent rolling myself. Finished up about $250. I’m far from a high roller so if I finish up at all, I’m happy.

        Great dealers this visit. They were appreciative of the tips and honestly rooted for shooters to hit their points.

        • I like the Borgata for how nice and friendly the dealers are. I’m just disappointed that they’re not at least 5x.

          It’s an AC tradition that craps is at least 5x, but I guess most of the players don’t seem to mind. By far, the biggest high rollers on the craps tables are always at Borgata.

          I’m glad you had a good time and ended up. Congrats!

  • Tim Fitzsimmons says:


    I noticed $10 minimum at a “lux high-end casino?” Is this common? What day of week and time? I would have guessed $15 min and most tables at $25 with some $50-100?

    • RoadGambler says:

      Yes, even at a joint like Wynn Las Vegas, you’ll find $10 tables. I’ve had people not believe it until they saw my video.

      Although, the ‘lux high end’ casinos are trying to phase out the the $10 minimum. Those casinos are trying to make the $10 minimum what the $5 minimum was 10 years years ago.

  • I play Darksiders and appreciate seeing you play it. Was going to ask about bets but eventually saw $10 usually laying $60.

    Overall, was it a winning session? Will always lose a number here and there, but seemed like you won enough to come out ahead.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Ben,

      It was an overall losing session, if I recall correctly. If I hadn’t made those points at the end, I would have been up.

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