As I recounted here, I was on a business trip with my assistant Sara, when I heard the news that Caesars Entertainment had just been purchased by El Dorado Resorts.

It’s safe to say that this footage is the last game that is actually owned by Caesars Entertainment. It’s now preserved for posterity.

To be honest, I do hope El Dorado makes changes. Caesars Atlantic City is the most energetic and nicest of the three CET complexes, but it could be so much better.

I’d like to see Caesars give Borgata a run for its’ money. El Dorado definitely has the resources to put up a good competitive fight. I’m somewhat bitter about Borgata bucking the Atlantic City trend of at least 5x odds on craps (Borgata is the only AC casino with 3x, 4x, 5x odds). Atlantic City, by history, is at least 5x!

This game in Part 1 is not a continuation of this footage. The footage in the article about Jersey Attitude was the night before our business meeting. I couldn’t sleep, so I just decided to come down and have a look. I was tempted, though.

In this game, I went back to the casino with about $600 or so in cash, some of which I had earmarked for expenses, such as paying for Sara’s food or any incidentals. Like anyone nowadays, of course, I have credit cards and use them for business, but I’m old fashioned and I’m always very nervous and uncomfortable if I don’t have cash.

I’ve never been on a date or conducted a business meeting and not had cash. What if they turn down the credit card? Or what if the payment system goes down?  Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I refuse to be with only a credit card and no back-up cash.

Also, I do not ever use an ATM in the casino. Why it’s best to bring your own cash and not use the casino ATM.

The end result is that I only had one buy-in, and if I busted, I was not going to re-buy. One buy-in. That’s uncomfortable, but heck, a lot of gamblers play that way. Nothing wrong with keeping a budget.

Now that I think about it, my host, who supplied a total of two rooms over two nights, wouldn’t have been too happy to know that fact.

If you read the article about Sara playing with my money, she’s in Part 2, which will be available next week.  She’s already dreading it. She says that she’s a bit embarrassed. Beginners…

I hope you enjoy this video. Let me know what you think of the video in the comments below.

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0 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Atlantic City Real Craps Game, Part 1

  • They really like the prop bets in AC. Screw house edge. Nice roll though Max. I thought you would roll all the way into part 2.

    • I am new to craps and I am trying to figure out what is the max bet limit on the prop bets and the ATS. I assume they aren’t the same as the line bet limits. Thanks for any help.

      • Hi DG,

        On the prop bets, the maximum is usually the maximum that is published at the table. Sometimes I will see a sign that clarifies a lower max for prop, but that’s rare. The house edge is so high on the props that they want you to max.

        The ATS is different. At most casinos, the max I see is $100 on the ATS. Smaller casinos are sometimes lower. The lowest I’ve seen on the ATS was $25.

  • Roadgambler, congratulations on your extremely long roll. So close to hitting the All.

    I see that eventually you slowly pressed your six and eights. What is your strategy when you decide to press?

  • Positive Vibes says:

    Nice fucking roll surprise you didn’t play your usual come bets this was the perfect time for it. I can’t wait for part 2 back to back shooters hitting at least 1 of the ATS was nice.

    • I was too short stacked to play two come bets, especially at 5x odds. At $10 and 5x, that’s a real short bankroll at $300.

      I had to maneuver and protect the bankroll.

      It’s all about adjusting to the situation.

  • I guess if you weren’t ” short stacked ” you would have gotten 2 come bets working , but after point of 9 was made why not @ least one come bet ?

  • Great job nice roll thought you would roll the aces. will be waiting for round 2. I had a nice roll on that exact table when I was there a few months ago but I did not play long had a short time frame had to hit and run I’d hit 5 casinos in 24 hours and three states it was a lot of soon good luck at the tables.

  • Great roll RG. It is fun to watch this kind of action and even better when you are the one doing it. My breakdown: Roll took 27 minutes and you rolled 27 times. Great for the steak and eggs bettors like yourself. Threw 5 sixes and 4 times hit on the 4, 8 and 9. Three yos, two 10s, two 5s and once each for midnight, ace-deuce and Big Red. Alas, no snakeyes.

  • Max, how are the El Dorado casinos? My nearest casinos are a couple Harrah’s in N.C. and they are packed on the weekends they also charge for drinks in the casino. They have to be making a killing. But I think they could be even better the expansion and build out has be on the cautious side. I’m still amazed that El Dorado was able to buy Caesars and not the other way around. El Dorado must make better business decisions than Caesars? I still remember when Caesars in Vegas was the Crown Jewell of casinos. Good Luck at the tables my friends!

    • I like the El Dorado resorts because they aren’t afraid of giving the guests a good gamble for a fair price. It’s like the old Jack Binion philosophy. A lot of their casinos have high odds craps games and fair BJ rules.

      I hear rumors that they’re starting to cut back on comps, though. That’s just what I hear. Rumors.

      Their casinos are nice. The only issue I’ve ever had with an El Dorado casino is that the one in Shreveport has a parking structure that smells like pee. It reminds me of Fremont in the 90s.

      I hope El Dorado spends some money improving some of the CET properties. I’m very happy MGM didn’t buy CET. If that had happened, I probably would have stopped going to LV because all the games would now be 3,4,5x.

      Good luck to you next time you are at the tables, my friend!

    • Thank you. I honestly don’t remember. I tend to try to short throw the dice and eliminate numbers more than prep sets. Of course, I always get chewed out by either the stick or box.

      • Interesting. So if the point is 9 or 10, you try to eliminate the 1 or 2 from showing up? Would you dice set to 1/1 or 1/2 and try and flip them over?

        Would you say your 7 to 1 ratio is generally better than average with dice setting?

        Other wise, why dice set if You didn’t think about t worked

        • Darrell,

          I don’t like to talk in detail about the way I throw because if the throw is short and feeble enough, well, it can…I’m not going to say it.

          I’ve said this many times, and I’ll say it again to the consternation of some of my DI buddies…if the dice touch the back wall and bounce off the back wall, it’s all random. There’s a reason why the casino insists on the dice hitting the back wall.

          I generally try against free rolling the 7. For example, if the point is 9, a free roll on the 7 is if a die shows a 1 or 2, like you said. If on a 3-2 payout, you can somehow get a 50/50 proposition or something close, well, that’s + territory and you can get some nice long profitable rolls going just on that.

          • You found the magic formula….if you hit one pass or come bet out of the two points established before a 7 out, you definitely will be in good shape….the problem is loading the bases (4 points established) and then striking out without driving any runs in….lol

  • RG,
    Nice Video.
    In my opinion all prop bets are a pain in the ass. Slows the game to a crawl. But my real pet peeves are:

    1. Tossing bets to the center of the table after the dice are out.
    2. Idiots that put down a bet as I am shooting and the dice hit their hand.
    3. Buying in during a roll.

    I’ll stick to pass line, two come bets and after three level increases in odds, a come bet on every roll of the dice. Minimum odds I’ll play are twenty times and one hundred times if available.

    • I agree. The game slows to a crawl. If guys want to prop bet, that’s their business, but I wish every one would do it quickly.

      Usually it involves a prop bet here and there, and here and there…’we ready?’…then some guy gets a gut feeling and makes another prop bet …followed by another guy who has another gut feeling.

  • Alan Sherman says:

    What a roll…I was cheering the whole time for another hard 4 after seeing all the money flowing to the players. A few of those folks made serious bank off your roll…

  • At around the 12 minute mark, there are markers on the 6,8, & 9. Any idea what they’re for? At first I thought it was a fire bet marker then I realized there is no fire bet offered on this table.

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