This is Part 2 of RoadGambler’s Real Craps Game in Atlantic City.

Let’s talk about one of the oldest superstitions mysteries at the craps table: the craps virgin.

A craps virgin is a player who has never played the game and has also never shot the dice.

If someone shoots the dice, at the behest of another player using another player’s line bet and money, it can be said that the shooter still has never played craps; however, they’re not really a craps virgin anymore.

Also, if someone plays craps for a short session but decides to not shoot, they don’t qualify as a craps virgin anymore.

In the old days, when the players were all grizzled old craps veterans who smelled worse than the pavement on Fremont, the craps virgin referred specifically to a female. Nowadays, we are more enlightened, so the concept of a ‘craps virgin’ has a gender-neutral qualifier.

The rules on being a craps virgin are strict. Why is it so important that the rules of craps virginity be followed? Because it is a scientific fact that the craps virgin will win on their very first bet, and anyone who bets against the craps virgin will lose. Of course, once that craps virginity is broken by that first hand, the player is no longer a craps virgin, and subsequent rolls are subject to attack by the forces of chaos. There’s no way to know what will happen after that first win.

So if you see someone claim to be a craps virgin, and they 7 out right away, roll your eyes, take a swig of your drink, and stare them down with a fiery gaze of doubt.

She was quite embarrassed. It took about five seconds of convincing, a few drinks, some moral support from some colleagues who were nice enough to come along, her watching me play, and finally, a RoadGambler staking. I allowed her to keep the money, so technically, she was playing with her own money after I gave it to her…remember the craps virgin rule dictated by the dice gods.

She tried to follow the RoadGambler method, and you can tell that she sort of followed it. She did technically have two numbers, or in lieu of a second come bet, she did have a place bet on the 6 and 8. I mean, she sort of followed the method. Sort of…

I always blame the teacher.

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0 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Atlantic City Real Craps Game, Part 2: the Craps Virgin

  • Two things: the craps virgin mystery is real. I was in Vegas at the end of May with 2 virgin crap players both females. They each rolled for 30-35 minutes, made 2 points & killed the inside numbers. Their second time shooting wasn’t so great not pso but close to it.
    The second thing is, coincidence that like a virgin is playing at or around the 20 minute mark?

    • Yes, the craps virgin mystery is real. We all know it and have seen it.

      Not a coincidence. And yes, it’s a real craps virgin.

  • Its all about the virgin. Anytime you are lucky enough to play at a table with a craps virgin I recommend you bet big and all in. This is the one time you will win win big. I am a true believer in the craps virgin. thanks for the videos keep em coming.

    • You’re welcome, JR. More videos will be coming!

      On a side note…

      Just in case, just in case…

      I know that we have lots of readers who are new to craps and are here to learn…

      All this talk about the craps virgin is…uh…well, think really hard about it. Think…

  • It is real , I was in Vegas last week and they rolled the ATS. Good thing I have 111 on each.
    RG, What do you think of California craps that is base solely on Cards only and no Dice.?

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