This is footage of a real craps game at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace is a high-end casino located in the center of the Las Vegas strip.

Rooms are nice, with center strip or mountain views. Here are some views of the strip from my room at Caesars Palace, back when I stayed there in early December:

Daytime view of Bellagio Hotel and Casino from my room in Caesars Palace.
The Bellagio waterfront from Caesars Palace Las Vegas.
Nighttime view of the Bellagio waterfront from my room at Caesars Palace.
Nighttime view of Las Vegas Blvd, with the Paris ‘Eiffel Tower’.

At Caesars Palace, the gambling is on the more expensive side. Table minimums at most popular games start at $25, although it’s possible to find $15 game on slow days. I have never seen a $10 blackjack or craps game at Caesars Palace. Also, slots seem to be extremely tight. I played approximately $200 on the slots, and my buy-in went from $200 to $0 in the span of about 10 minutes, without anything other than small hits that were less than the cost of the spin.

I tend to stay at Caesars Palace, then go to other casinos for gambling. Make no mistake about it: you are paying a premium to gamble at Caesars Palace.

For this video, I went to Las Vegas on a business trip and did not play for very long. For those who read yesterday’s spoiler, the part mentioned in the spoiler is in part 2, which will be out in one week. We are attempting to release a new video every Thursday.

We decided that going forward, we will be releasing footage in shorter formats. The longer formats create an unrealistic work schedule for my RoadGambler staff, and from the lower view counts and analytics info on YouTube, it appears that viewers are burned out by the longer videos. While I like watching longer videos myself, it appears that the average viewer prefers their craps footage in smaller doses.

Thanks for watching and for tuning in.

If you have any questions, please be sure to leave a comment below.



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0 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Real Craps Game

  • Hey R.G., Great video as usual, I watch the whole thing no matter how long. Man that table was like a trampoline and short too. The 1st shooter had the right idea with a (3-4 on top) and a flat approach but the landing technique was horrible , unbalanced and he kept the 3-4 even after point. He could have used your light touch for sure, squared up to the back wall and changed the set. Second shooter used a stacked grip but I could not see beyond that.

    A good point here is to play with a quick hit mentally several times rather than waiting for the very , very rare long roll score. If the seven is coming soon, take 2 hits and off or pull your bets.

    A goal of increase when winning and minimize bet when losing. In fact, if your not prepared to increase when winning.. really examine why your playing in the first place. At a $25 table, you should have bought in with $2,000 to be serious. . If your not, stick to the $5 tables. Your thinking is to start with $25 PASS and (inside 5,6,8,9) for $220 . With only 1 hit on anything take it down to $110. A second hit just take it down entirely and only leave your PASS bet.

    If you apply that to what you saw in this video roll you’d be winning. More importantly if you watched the player to R.G.’s left he lost (as most do) money on a somewhat “choppy” table. Now are you there to lose..? In fact if the table is losing, stop and go to a winner table that is already winning … don’t wait for it to turn. At a minimum take a break and come back.

    Can you win at a “losing” table..? Heck ya you can. If the table is losing and you have plenty of time… wait for it and dont bet. Similar to card counting, a good table will have a few visual references. Happy people, loud people and if you look in the little box’s where the point numbers you’ll see many chips stacked. Wait till you see or hear those cue’s or (what I do) play the Don’t Pass. In fact I Don’t Pass a player till he proves himself.

    When I roll, I’m rolling for the ATS (as above) I cover that small bet by placing the (5689) and leave the minimum till I hit or 7 out.

    Example: At $25 table, buy in for $2,000. Remember you want to win big when winning and minimize the loss. If I’m rolling, $25 PASS (just because I have to) and $10 ATS for $30 and $440 inside with the marker ON risking $465 that 1st roll. Your there to win right..? Learn how to not roll a 7 for at least that one roll. Take 1 hit at $140 and reduce to $110 inside now risking $165 total. Now you have a $25 PASS , $30 ATS and a point established. (I cover pass crap checks too but I wont get into that) . Then roll your heart out as long as you can with each hit pressing 2 Times then regress back to min. All the while shooting for the ATS.

    If you seven you likely have collected a few hits from the the $110 (5689) and still have the $140 from the first roll. If your squeaky tight (After many many years I play with casino money) you can even come down entirely and with no odds shoot for the ATS.

    Now if you find yourself rolling a lot of 7’s on the come out you could put the $440 after a point (like everyone else) but remember… your killing your ATS bets with the 7’s, wasting good inside numbers hit’s and you now have to your pass number (2) times in order to get paid.

    Just sayin 🙂

    • Road Gambler .. Great videos mate . thank you for all your team and your efforts for bringing them to us. I agree with the format change and also encourage if possible bigger frame rate for slow motion review.

      I totally agree with the way you play 7UWIN. I am a bit more extreme on the 1st Come out with $1.200 inside (300 spread evenly 5,6,8,9) ATS at 25 each and 25 pass line bet. Note that there are equal probabilities of no 7 on the come out as on any other throw.( i think i said that correctly)

      You are right if I hit a 7 on the first roll i am down 1300 but if i hit an inside number i take all bets down and replace with 110 inside rolling only for the ATS.

      The psychology aspect is fantastic as whatever happens you have already won at least on 6/8 (350- 205 = 145) and max on 5/9 (420 – 215= 205).

      I tend to follow the rule of Zeke Feinberg who said if you place bet inside take the bets down after 2 hits cause you are better off ( profit wise) than the person who has 5 hits and then 7s out. (simple math)

      Thank you for confirming that at least one more person is using this method (thumbs up)

  • Another great blog post and video!

    I don’t mind long videos as long as it’s entertaining or intriguing enough to make me watch to the end. I am patiently waiting for part2 and the big finish!

    I love time limits on craps and have experienced numerous successful rolls when you simply have to leave but the hot roll makes it impossible to leave. I’ve been late for dinner, missed the Great Gift Wrap Up, a little late for my wedding at Paris, etc. still haven’t missed my flight yet but would love to experience that at least once in my lifetime. Hit & Run can be an awesome winning craps strategy, not much in comps, but a winner nonetheless.

    Keep up the great journalism in your highly entertaining blog! Loving it!

  • I dont like playing at ceasar because the table is very bouncy
    No matter what dice set the dice will bounce. I found every time I play at table I have to take 2-3 hit and pull back.
    The only ceasar hotel that i win the most is at the cromwell or flamingo. The table is hard and u can throw it soft.

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