Many people have asked about the text commentary and made comments on the duration of the text commentary on my growing Youtube channel.

One of the comments that I received is that the text goes up and down too quickly to read. In light of that issue, here is my response.

My philosophy on video comments is that I do not place them up for very long. It’s a balancing act between leaving the text commentary up long enough for the viewer to read it, and taking it down so that the text does not block the action. Most people want to see the action, not read the text.

Also, please understand that craps is a very intriguing game from many perspectives. Every single person at the table is a story, in and of themselves. Sometimes I don’t even see a very interesting story develop.  YouTube viewer Jim C pointed this out at the 11:50 mark:

‘Check this out- grey jacket guy is shooting with no odds and only has a small stack of green chips in front of him. Now watch what happens when his buddy turns around at about 11:50. He slides his hand over to his buddy’s stack and pinches a small stack of reds then quickly drops them down as his own odds right before friend turns back towards the table. He quickly chucks the dice (and sevens-out).’

Did this guy just steal from his friend? I tried to defend the guy who took the chips, but after thinking about it, I can only come to the conclusion that he stole his friends chips. If he really had permission to take his friends chips, he would have done it in front of his friend while his friend was looking. He literally took the chips while his friend had his back turned.

Notice also that the dealers did nothing about it! Nothing. Because no one saw it.

TBH, even I didn’t see it until Jim C pointed it out. This is a great little story that would have been blocked if I had left the text up.

So at this point, my philosophy on text commentary is to leave it up for no more than 2-4 seconds, and then take it down, no matter how complex the text. The viewer can pause the video and read the text at their leisure, or they can check into my weekly analysis of the video, which I will publish on here.

The other issue is that viewers may prefer no text. As of this moment, according to my Youtube analytics, the video with the most views is my experimental video with no text at all. It’s far and away the most popular. However, this may be due to many different factors, other than just the open view textless nature of the video. People may just love the opulence of the Wynn, for all I know. I will do some additional experimenting to decide on the optimal strategy.

If you have any input or insight on this issue, please let me know in the comments below.


Max Rider

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0 thoughts on “Commentary on the Youtube Channel Commentary

  • I am hard of hearing. If you don’t put up the number thrown I generally miss the call out.
    Thanks for such a great and well thought out channel.

    • You’re welcome. I’l keep the content coming.

      Thanks for the input on the text. It gives me direction on where to go and what to do.

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