Dave in Seattle, a viewer of the above video, asked this question:

‘How can someone to your left place a bet on the pass line after the point?’

This question has been asked by enough people that I am going to answer Dave’s question here.

For the record, Dave in Seattle is referencing the bet that the player makes at the 20 second mark of the video.

Player makes a wager by placing a chip that is half on the pass line and half out of the pass line.


The bettor is making a self service place bet. This is not a pass line bet.

If this bet wins, the point of 4 will pay the self service place bet $9 for the $5 bet.


Most people are aware of place bets. They are multi-roll bets that a certain number will roll before the 7 rolls. The pay off varies depending on the number. If the player wagers that a 6 or 8 rolls before a 7, the pay off is 7-6. If the player wagers that a 5 or 9 will roll before a 7 rolls, the pay off is 7-5. If the player wagers that a 4 or 10 will roll before a 7 rolls, the pay off is 9-5.

The place bet is usually not a self service bet, meaning that the player must give the money to the dealer, who will then accept the wager and mark the bet by positioning the player’s chip in the corresponding spot on the layout.

The blue arrow is pointing to dealer positioned place bets. These are the typical place bets on various numbers. BTW, the stack go green chips is NOT a place bet. That’s a come bet with odds.

The exception to this rule (that the dealer must position and mark the wager),  is when the player wishes to make a place bet on the current pass line point. In that case, the player may make a place bet wager on the pass line point by positioning his chips half in and half out of the pass line, as demonstrated in the pic below.

The red arrow is pointing at a self serve place bet, which is indicated by placing the wager half in and half out of the pass line.

In the above example, when the player walked up to the table, the pass line point was 4, as indicated by the white puck being on the 4. The player wanted to make a place bet on the 4, so he positioned his chip in the area that is half in and half out of the area marked ‘Pass Line’.

If the player wanted to make a place bet on any other number, he would need to hand his chips to the dealer, so that the dealer can accept and then mark the wager. Remember, that the self serve place bet is only for the point.

The player is not required to self service the place bet. If the player wishes to have the dealer position and mark the place bet, regardless if the place bet is for the point, the player may also hand his chips to the dealer, and the dealer will position the chips for the player.

Dave’s question has a second component: can someone make a pass line bet after the point has rolled? The answer is yes.

If the player wanted to make a pass line bet after the point has rolled, the player only needs to position his chip entirely in the area marked ‘Pass Line’. The casino will happily accept this wager because it heavily favors the casino. Such a pass line bet after the point has rolled will pay $5 for a $5 bet.

Notice that, at this point in the wager, the win-loss conditions are exactly the same for the place bet and the pass line be: both bets win if a 4 rolls, and both bets lose if a 7 rolls. The only difference is the amount paid. A place bet on the 4 pays $9, whereas a pass line bet pays $5.

So by positioning the chip entirely inside of the area marked ‘Pass Line’, the player loses $4 if the 4 rolls.

The only players who make a pass line bet after the point has rolled are usually beginners who are not accustomed to the game. It’s a huge mistake.

Do not make this mistake.

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0 thoughts on “Craps: Self Service Place Bet

    • If I had to chose between the 4 /10 buy bet or the 4/10 place bet, I’d go with the buy bet, but only if you intend on betting at least $20, preferably $25. If you intend on betting less than $20, I’d rather just do come+odds.

    • Buy bet only if you can bet at least $20, preferably $25. Any less, just do come+odds.

      I love lay bets. The math works out better than buy bets. A lot of players hate lay bets because you have to bet more to win less; but the math is undeniable.

      4/10 buy bets under most casino conditions – at $20 buy and commission paid up front – has a house edge of 4.76%. The 4/10 lay bet, under most casino conditions, only has a HE of 2.44%.

      There’s another advantage of the lay bet. Most lay bettors are dark side bettors. DS bettors tend to not spread their bets. I rarely ever see a guy lay the 4 and 10, and then make additional bets on the yo, horn, whirl/world, etc. That’s smart because it limits your exposure to the house edge.

  • One comment on buying the 4 or 10. In most Las Vegas casinos a player only pays the commission on winning bets. This lowers the house edge to 1.67%. Five percent lower than placing the 4 or 10 (6.67%).

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