The above video is day 2 of my cruise vacation on the Royal Carribean Navigator of the Seas.

It’s a long video that’s over 1 hour and 10 minutes of pure craps action.

Let it play in the background while your home poker or craps game is going. It’ll give your home game the feel and sounds of being in a real casino.

I hope you enjoy this Real Craps game video.

Let me know what you think.


I play a highly conservative game that is focused on the house edge, protecting wins, minimizing losses, getting maximum payouts on wins, and exercising strict discipline.

Some people disagree with my style of play.

I challenge you to follow along and play, as if you were at the table. Bet the hard ways, the center bets, bet across, press, press, and do more pressing! Whatever you like to do!

See if you get a better result than the RoadGambler. Start with my starting bankroll and see if you can end up with a better result. Let me know in the comments how you did, if you were at the table.

This is a lonnnnng video, and I purposely kept it all in one episode so you will have plenty of time and rolls for some friendly competition.

Remember, it’s easy to critique after you’ve watched the game. It’s not so easy when you don’t know what’s coming next.

It’s a direct challenge!

Enjoy the video and let me know in the comments below your thoughts, questions,  concerns, criticisms, or anything at all.


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0 thoughts on “Cruise Week: Second Sea Day, Real Craps Game

  • Love the video. But at 43:57 you posted “Winner 8.” But the passline of 8 was not rolled, it was a six — although that did pay you.

    I know you said the movement of the black lammer by the stick was for “game protection” but I have no idea how game protection is enhanced.

  • The only way someone could win against your play would be to play the dark side with max odds. i saw alot of seven winners on the comeout so maybe it would have been a wash. the only way the place bettors can win is on a hot roll and get to press. i bet the guy on the right still lost in the end even though he had some good action for a few hands. good video

  • I play pretty conservative also. Not very different than you. I would have finished at 495 with a 500 buy-in.
    As far as the speed of play this video wasn’t that bad. I’ve had to endure a lot worse
    Thanks again for all the videos.

  • Did you speed up this video? The dealer to your left in the beginning looked like a robot on crack. I prefer a brisk game. I think I do best with continued momentum, only a couple players, in the mornings, not many prop bets going on. Great video.

  • Thanks RG for the content. I tend to take for granted how good you are at cranking these out. Compared to Day 1, I like Day 2 better because I enjoy seeing the different ways people play. I have to say for a cruise ship, that was a very quiet table on Day 2. Very little reaction to wins and no new players trying to learn the game. That surprised me.

  • Wow….1 hour and 11 minutes! Thank you for providing a great time for me! A long session like this shows a good example of the true variety of results over time….and most of us will play at a table for about an hour, I suppose.

    I played along and won $580 playing the Don’ts. I usually don’t win that much in your videos, especially with you rolling.

  • Thanks for another good video, I love falling asleep watching the dice roll.

    I usually play $66 inside and press twice one unit each and collect until 7 out, maybe I should try the conservative approach and see how I do.

    Thanks for the long video.

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