The cruise was extremely relaxing and a lot of fun, but like all good things, the vacation was coming to an end.

The ship is now racing back to port.

While the wife was asleep, I decided to have a final binge session of craps.

In keeping with the spirit of documenting all my play on the cruise, I present to you Part 1 of the final night of the cruise.

Part 2 will be available this Thursday and will conclude my entire play on the Navigator of the Seas.


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Final Night of the Cruise, Part 1

  • Playing only single odds looks like a grind but at least your bankroll doesnt get hammered when its alot of quick 7 outs. those contract bets through the come seem to save you alot of money in those situations. good video.

  • Looked like good action and the dealers were very efficient also.
    All the players seemed to know what they were doing too (except for the guy near you, constantly asking “what was it?”)
    Somebody gets hot and everyone will win big time.
    Another awesome video!

  • In the beginning of this video, two guys across the table are betting the Don’t.

    I have no problem with players betting the Don’t as long as they are courteous, but unlike Vegas you are on a ship several days with the same players and it is an odd dynamic to bet against most players in that situation.

    Indeed, I don’t recall seeing Darkside players on cruise ships. Is my experience similar to others on cruise ships.

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