I’m currently in Shreveport, Louisiana. I’ve been up since 5 p.m. last night. Right now, it’s 10:43 on Saturday as I write this in my hotel room at the Horseshoe.

I had dinner at the Asian noodle house in the Horseshoe around 6 p.m. After a quick dinner, I headed over to El Dorado to meet a friend and play some crapless craps and also some Pai Gow Poker. My buddy is a huge fan of Pai Gow poker. I love it, too.

If you’re ever in Shreveport and want to play Pai Gow Poker, El Dorado has the only Pai Gow table in town. I’m like 95% sure of this because I haven’t seen it anywhere else in town. If anyone has seen another Pai Gow table in Shreveport, please let me know. The Pai Gow game at El Dorado is hidden way in the back. When you walk into floor with the table games, past security, make a right turn and walk all the way to the end. If you’re facing the crapless craps table, the Pai Gow table is behind you, on the other side. Here’s a pic that may help…

The first time I ever played Pai Gow Poker at El Dorado was about 2 years ago, and I remember that I had a hell of a hard time finding it. Maybe it was the martinis I had back then.

I’ve been playing since 7 p.m., going back from craps, crapless craps, some weird carnival game that I’m too tired to remember right now, and Pai Gow poker.

At the end of the night morning, we planted ourselves at the Pai Gow table and and just enjoyed the heck out the night day morning. That time just flew by…’martini please’…we didn’t realize how much time had passed until I looked over and saw the table next to us closing.


I don’t remember how many martinis I had last night. I’m gonna guess 7 or 8. My buddy and I took a taxi back to Horseshoe. I love a good drink with my gambling. Gotta have my Belvedere Martinis. Kettle One is good, if they don’t have Belvedere.

[Oh, please don’t drink and drive. It’s so easy to just take an Uber or Lyft]

This is the longest stretch of play since…I don’t remember when. This feeling I have right now is how I used to feel all the time back in my younger days. It’s a feeling of being half asleep and half awake.

Have you ever stayed up for so long that your mind gets this weird numb feeling?

I’m kind of hungry right now, but not really hungry because I’ve been drinking all night. Other than the three olives that came with every martini, I haven’t eaten anything since last night’s dinner. Twenty-one olives in 16 hours is enough just to ward off the hunger. There’s actually a lot of calories in an olive.

Right now, my body can’t decide if I want to eat or sleep, but a part of me is telling me go downstairs and play some more because it’s so fun. Have you ever felt this way?

I’m feeling completely tired, and as I’m writing this, I think I’ll fall asleep at the keyboard, so I lay down. But right as I lay down, I’m thinking about that good roll on the craps table, so I have this early morning insomnia. It’s 11:45 a.m. right now as I type this.

I’m not on drugs. Nope. I’m too scared to do drugs. I’m just naturally awake, probably amped up from the gambling I did last night.

So I’m gonna draw the blinds, make it pitch black in here, probably fall asleep now, wake up in about 3 hours, and head down to the tables. Or maybe I’ll crash for the next 12 hours. I’m not in my 20s anymore.

Good morning and good night, ladies and gentlemen.

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0 thoughts on “Good Morning and Good Night, It’s 10:43 A.M. on Saturday

  • How much were you up on the night…

    The reason I know you were up….if you were down significantly, you would be sleeping like a baby…

    • This is very good reasoning and very correct.

      I had a good night. I’m not sure exactly how much. About $1000, if I were to guess. I’m still in bed as I type this. What was supposed to be a 3 hour nap turned into an 11 hour knockout session to make up for all the sleep I didn’t get last week.

      It’s 9:45 pm now as I write this. I’ll probably get some food and then hit the tables. Just got a text from buddy who is downstairs playing Ultimate Texas Hold Em. But first, a 30 minute nap.

  • Crapless is a good time,.. we have it in Cleveland and also Toledo Hollywood. Sometimes I can catch it at $5. Min in mornings at Toledo. I’m a vodka lover myself I have picked up a bottle of that belvedere since you mentioned it before good call I enjoyed it. Buckeye vodka, and Tito’s is are go to mainly. Do you enjoy gin martinis? Hendricks is my favorite so far.

    • I’m not really a fan of gin martinis, although, I’ll have to give them another chance.

      Main reason I prefer vodka is because I like my martinis bruised, and allegedly, you’re not supposed to bruise gin. I like the aeration from shaking the martini.

      Next time, I’ll take your advice and try a Hendrick’s gin martini, stirred, not shaken.

  • I went to Horseshoe and Margaritaville last weekend for my first time ever gambling. I’m a college student at LA Tech, and as soon as I was comfortable with my knowledge of craps. Straight to the tables I went. Bought in for $100 each night playing $5 tables and came out ahead both nights. What. A. Thrill.
    I know. I know. I won’t win every time, but batting 1.000 feels pretty good. Could’ve won more but didn’t walk away soon enough. Anyways, love the blog!
    P.S. If I remember correctly (which many drinks were consumed that weekend), Margaritaville plays 100x odds.

    • Jacob, congrats on your win.

      Yes, both Margartiville and Horseshoe have 100x.

      I like the tables at Margaritaville, too. $5 + 100x is pretty sweet.

  • You may have touched on this in the past, but with the gambling bender you did here and the 50k buy in from earlier, you don’t seem to use players club cards. Maybe you can do a feature on that pros and cons in the future.

    I do use them but I don’t have time to play as much so I do my gambling in the options market.

  • I’m a fan of the Horeshoe in Shreveport too, was just there last Thursday night! Make a run to Superior’s Grill. Well worth the 10 min drive….

    • Hi Barrett Clark and welcome.

      I love the ‘shoe. When Jack Binion owned the ‘shoe, it was the best casino in the United States. I’m not exaggerating.

      It’s still great, though.

      The Horseshoe is now owned by the same group that owns the El Dorado. Hopefully, they don’t change their comp policy. The Horseshoe comp policy is way different than any CET LV casino. ED was a little tight, IMO.

      I will take the recommendation to Superior Grill. I love trying new places.

      BTW, from now on, your posts will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam.

  • RG,

    Will you ever make it to the midwest for anything? I’m in Iowa and we have some solid casinos, either in Des Moines, or Council Bluffs. 100x odds at the horseshoe, etc.

  • RG,

    Favor to ask, a while back you promised a blog post regarding how big a gambler one needs to be to work with a casino host. I’m headed to a casino first weekend on Oct and would love to know if I will be worth a host’s time.


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