Today’s post is a video entry.

This is the short craps game that I played at MontBleu during my ski trip to Lake Tahoe.

If you haven’t seen my MontBleu write up, see it here:

I didn’t play for very long, and about three minutes in, I became bored. Craps should be a fun game. If I wanted to play craps alone, I would play it online in the comfort of my home (which I actually do quite often). It’s not necessarily the lack of other players. I’ve played at plenty of craps games where I was the only player at the table. The problem with the craps game that night at MontBleu is that the dealers were just all somber-faced as if they didn’t want me there. Going through the motions, as they say.

Thursday’s real craps game will be from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Lake Tahoe.

My awesome staff, to whom I’m most grateful, will work feverishly to make sure the Hard Rock game is ready for your viewing pleasure. Because if it’s not ready, no one is going to be eating dinner or breakfast…until it’s ready!

We are attempting to make the Hard Rock real craps game ASMR friendly.

Also, we will be testing the footage without text in order to gauge its’ performance. This will not be a standard feature going forward, as the vast majority of our videos will continue to have text narration. We believe that the ASMR feature will be more consistent without text narration.

Check back in tomorrow for the real craps game at Hard Rock, Lake Tahoe.

For now, enjoy this short video of my craps play at MontBleu.

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0 thoughts on “Short Craps Game at MontBleu Casino

  • Very nice. Thanks for the videos I really enjoy them. Also throwing right handed? If you like off the beaten path try The Palace next time your in Biloxi the dice tables are where the action is.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Ron. I love casinos that are off the beaten path. I’ll be sure to give it a try next time I’m in Biloxi.

  • Good call on leaving the table quickly – Ive learned to do the same over the years, even if I have to wait for another table or session. Craps dealers have a huge impact – along with fellow players – on the entertainment aspect of the game.

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