This is Part 2 of the Real Craps Game at Horseshoe in Bossier City.

In my article about attenuation, I discuss that sometimes, the effect of overexposure to money can cause a person to lose perspective of the value of money. A reader commented on how it can be difficult to go from large bets to small bets, and still maintain interest in the game. This can be a concern because if the player is unable to maintain discipline over his betting habits, it can lead to severe and sustained losing.

To be successful and to fight the effects of monetary attenuation, you must take the same attitude. When you’re in a casino or gambling online, don’t let the prevalence of money, the million dollar jackpot signs, the huge vault of chips on the dealer side, the rack of purple or black chips on other player’s rail, and the constant talk of money distract you from the reality that you would be outraged if you paid $5 for a bottle of water.

Five dollars is five dollars, and it isn’t any less just because you’re holding a stack of purples with your other hand.

Also, as a long time gambler who practices discipline at the table, I’ve always made it a point to establish a win goal or time limit restriction, and then stick to the objective. It’s part of playing with a disciplined style.

That’s why you see me going from making large bets to…well, I won’t spoil the video. You’ll see what I mean.

Keep the above in mind as you watch the video.

Oh, in case you’re wondering about that nontypical ‘RoadGambler’ $10 bet that happens in the video, I’ve had people complain on Youtube and in comments here about a lack of diversity in my bets. So I threw one in, just to be different for a little bit. I’ll be honest, the lost bet kind of sucked, so I didn’t do another similar bet. Next time, I’ll just suck it up. A little cost, here and there, to entertain the viewers is worth it.

Overall though, I play to win, and making bets that have high house edges detracts from that goal.

That’s the way I play craps. Feel free to disagree or offer any alternative advice in the comments below.

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0 thoughts on “Horseshoe Bossier City, Hotel Casino, 100x Craps Game, Part 2

  • “While you’re there, can you write me a comp for the buffet really quick….” 🙂

    A nice win and a free lunch….what a great feeling….

    love the discipline…..if you would have kept maxing out your bets, you would have given a lot back……

    • RoadGambler says:

      In Vegas, at many of the strip casinos, they’ve taken away the pit’s ability to write comps. It’s a way of discouraging the players from asking, like I did.

      Why pay for lunch, when the house can pay for? It’s a great feeling.

      Thanks, Darrell!

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