I’m not going to say where this happened because I’d like to protect the anonymity of the parties involved.

Last Saturday I was at a casino playing craps at a half-full table. This casino was what you might call a ‘local’s’ casino, where the staff knows the player’s names.

An older fella was playing at the end of the table and apparently having a very bad night, or so I thought.

Another gentleman and I were on his half of the table. I had just bought in and squeezed in between them. Right before they are about to pass the dice to him, another player on the other end of the table decided to buy in. The dice were not yet sent out, but the stick held up the dice so that the new player could buy in for his single $100 bill. That’s a quick buy-in. The dealer takes the single bill and gives the player a stack from the bank. Boom. Five seconds.

The shooter on our end says something under his breath. I’m not sure what he said, but I did hear the word, ‘mother*cker.

First roll is craps 3.

Next roll is craps 2.

Next roll is craps 2.

The shooter nearly loses his mind. I’m thinking, ‘Come on fella, it’s $30 total you lost. It happens.

Next roll is point of 4.

Next roll is 7 out.

The guy goes on a rampage and curses out the guy who bought in. I’m talking full on cursing out, like swear words out loud directed at the guy. And he wasn’t cursing at the air and venting; no, he was cursing at the guy.

While this is happening the dealers and box do absolutely nothing. No admonishment, no requests to calm the language, just pure silence. Dice are passed to the next person and it’s a point seven out – the infamous ‘PSO’ – as its known.

The guy loses it again and starts cursing directly at the shooter!

Dealers and box still say nothing.

The next shooter isn’t so hot either. He tosses four or five numbers before the 7 out happens. The guy curses at that person, ‘f*cking #ssh*le, piece of sh*t blah blah blah insult’.

The dealers and box still say nothing and do not intervene. I am thoroughly confused and perplexed by the staff actions or lack thereof.

The dice are now offered to me, however, I’m just curious because if I pass, the dice will go to our crabby friend.

I’m not an instigator when it comes to social settings. You never know when someone has a weapon and fist fights that start as fist fights don’t always end up as fist fights. I have personal experience with this and, if you ever met me in person, you’ll find that I’m always calm at the table and away from the table.

I tell the gentleman, ‘I’m passing to you, I assume you know better.’

He doesn’t say anything back to me. I rarely root for a point seven out to happen to us, but in my mind, I’m rooting for a point 7 out so I can ask the guy what happened.

He goes on a 20-minute tear.

If there were dice gods, they are cruel dice gods.

After he throws a 7 out, he curses out the dealers, takes his chips and walks away. As he’s walking away, he tosses the dealers a pair of red chips, which I found not consistent with his rather rude and crude behavior.

Out of curiosity, I ask the box why they didn’t say anything.

His answer was the guy had been a regular for years, and that his wife had just passed away and that he also had cancer. The box further explained that usually, he isn’t so loud about it. Another player at the table, who apparently was a regular, agreed and vouched for the box and said, ‘we just let it go, he’s really a good guy, going through bad times.’

Hmmm. Now the situation was more complex. I sorta felt bad for the guy.

About ten minutes later the guy comes back and takes the same spot and starts with the same crude behavior. There was nothing to indicate that he ever berated people under his breath. It was outright, direct, and severe.

Eventually, he curses me out after I seven out. I thought about it and didn’t say anything.

I found the situation a bit complex. On one hand, the fella had been through and was going through a tough time, but at the same time, circumstances usually do not give one the right to be a big d*ck to those around oneself.

I’m pretty sure that I was right to not say anything. The casino is in a tougher spot, though.

If you were at this table, considering the circumstances, what would you do?


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0 thoughts on “The Meanest Player I’ve Seen This Year, WWYD?

  • Being a senior and having had cancer myself, I can understand his life situation. I have to be honest though and before I knew he had these challenges I probably would have motioned or caught the dealer’s eyes with the “come on” arms or look. If they didn’t take action I probably would have left the table for a drink and video poker at the bar. One thing is for sure – one never knows the plight of someone else’s life so it’s bets to try to be courteous. Love your site by the way!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thank you, Tim.

      This situation is tough all the way around.

      Another thought that entered my head after I posted the entry was, what if someone with an explosive temper matched up next to the guy or near him. He could have ended up in a bad spot. I once saw a guy just suddenly smack another guy.

  • Donavan Tran says:

    Even if he is going through tough times, does the table really need to hear that type of behavior without at least the box asking him to cool down? If not, I guess I would play elsewhere and let the box know why I’m leaving.

  • Do to the Fact that this Guy is in a Casino (more private than being in Public) and that he was clearly not himself , it is and should be the responsibility of the Casino to protect all customers . A break from the table to speak to a pit boss about the escalation of bad human ( whether he is sick or not ) behavior, should have been done and that this should have not been tolerated. I have seen many of these stupid instances that ended up very badly . It would be the same as drunk asses fuc$%ing up the game , spilling their drinks all over the felt , cussing , etc…
    I know this on first hand because I speak of myself and what it had done to others and it was a very bad mistake……..
    The guy shouldn’t be in the Casino , he should be reaching out for someone to talk too … I hope he does .. Good luck and God Bless

  • Depends on if I’m one of the targets for no good reason. Although I’m not going to “fire” back, I’m going to let him know that behavior is out of line. If I’m not one of the targets, then it may amount to a “wow” announced to the table in general. I feel for the guy and what he’s going thru, but that doesn’t mean he gets to treat people like that.
    The floor staff is a whole other story for me. Pit boss, floor boss, somebody should have come over, pulled him aside and quietly addressed it no later than after target #2. You expect your dealers to take abuse like that, well that’s your choice (a big mistake in my opinion, but your choice). But allowing one customer to abuse others? So he’s a long time regular who’s behavior may very well be driving away other customers. That’s not a customer I would want. Why any retail operation puts up with customers like that is beyond me, but they all seem to do so.

  • I gave this a lot of thought. The casino should pull the guy in and let him know he is out of line. I often play with my wife and I know she would not have liked that behavior at all and I’m not sure what I would have done if he cussed my wife out in public but it would probably have ended bad for someone. I play for enjoyment and if someone a player or dealer makes it unpleasant I’m not playing and will leave the table or casino. I just got grandma to play for the first time in Biloxi she loved it . She is 82 and can’t wait to go do it again, she is a slot player and if someone would have done that to her she would never play craps again.
    I would not let my best friend act like that or do I think you would. If it was a friend of yours wouldn’t pull them aside and have a little talk?
    Roll On

  • I’m sorry this man is going thru some tough times with his situation, however, he is not entitled to take it out on everyone around him. If he is a regular, then that’s all the more reason for casino personnel to say something to him.

    It sounds like he needs to speak to a counselor or member of the clergy. Definitely has some issues that he needs to work out.

  • I’d just walk. My main object is to win money in a pleasant atmosphere. His behavior violates my reason for being at the table and so the casino has no chance at my money do they? Also, since I am a fairly decent DI, I need to concentrate on what I’m doing. Letting some mishigas into my head is counter productive.

  • Hell no, I’m from Hawaii I wouldnt take that shit. Circumstances or not. We all have a right not to be treated that way cuz we all have a story. And I’m someone else at the table has a story no different than his. So the dealers r saying if someone else did it that would be fine, I DONT THINK SO REGULAR OR NOT, FUCK HIM AND THEM. No one should be belittled in anyway PERIOD. I started following and reading ur articles. Love it very much.. ur site has co firm my belief and strategy on craps. I always flip flop my ways of playing. That has came to end now after watching ur videos. Next APRIL is my plan to visit VEGAS. U c look after my MOM who declining list my DAD in 2003 who taught us about VEGAS. my play is to put our family name on that GOLDEN ARM wall of California hotel.

  • Bryan Hanawahine says:

    Hell no. I’m from Hawaii and I wouldnt take that shit. He has no right regardless of circumstances. U c roadgambler we all have a story. So the casino made an exception cuz they know him and his story. So ur saying if another player did THEN the casino would react. They r being FAIR AND RESPECTFUL TO OTHER PATRONS.
    I follow u and love ur strategy. My DAD taught me about Vegas and the gm, I LOVE IT. I knew about ur strategy but played inconsistency. NO MORE. Next APRIL plan to visit CALIFORNIA HOTEL, u c my vision is to earn that plaque of the GOLDEN ARM. I want this to honor my DAD who passed in 2003 since I’ve promised him to look after my MOTHER who is declining for health conditions. So I firmly believe it’s my time to Earn my way on that wall.
    Love ur site/videos I cant enough. I visited east coast. I have a sister in Maryland. Took me LIVE, AC HARRAHS, BALTIMORE HORSESHOE. enjoyed it BUT for HAWAIIAN ancestry VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY.

    • Mahalo, my friend.

      That’s a good perspective. I agree with everything you said, but when it’s happening right in the heat of the moment, it’s much tougher to handle. But your perspective is very reasonable.

      BTW, from now on, when you comment, your posts will appear immediately.


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