For those who don’t know, Ultimate X is a video poker game that awards multipliers on successive games. If you would like to know more about Ultimate X, here is some information on the game, from the Wizard of Odds website: https://wizardofodds.com/games/video-poker/tables/ultimate-x/


A warning about Ultimate X…do not play it straight up unless you want to lose a giant bankroll. I’ve explained this method to several people, and for some unknown reason, I have had several people tell me that they just started playing it like any other video poker game. I am NOT saying to play it straight up. Ultimate X is an extremely volatile game with a large expected loss per bet because of the reduced payouts typically found on Ultimate X machines, multiplied by the large number of bets per round. You will lose, and you will lose big if you play Ultimate X straight up.


I didn’t invent vulturing Ultimate X. It’s a well-known play that can get you booted from the casino in short order, especially if all you do is vulture the UX games.

Vulturing Ultimate X is when you play an Ultimate X machine that has a multiplier left over from the previous player. It works like this…

Jane the Ultimate X player is playing the game straight up. She runs out of money or decides to quit the game. Any wins she had on the hand that she just played will have a multiplier that will apply to the next hand. After Jane leaves, you then step into the machine and play those multipliers that Jane paid for. You are a vulture of multipliers.

Here is a pic of some multipliers that were left over from a previous player…

Pic of another game with a leftover multiplier…

It’s a highly profitable play. It’s also a play that will get you booted from the casino in short order if all you do is vulture Ultimate X games. However, if you combine the play while you are playing craps, using my method, you will be ok.

I’ve been doing this method for years, and I’ve never received any type of heat or pushback from the casino for vulturing Ultimate X.


While I didn’t invent the concept of vulturing Ultimate X, here is the part I ‘invented’…

One of the advantages of vulturing UX is the games are in a bank. Unlike full pay Deuces Wild machines, which are becoming as difficult to sight as Bigfoot and are scattered all over the place, Ultimate X machines are usually in a bank of machines, clumped together. Also, Ultimate X banks are very easy to find.

Here are pics of how Ultimate X video poker games are clustered together in a bank of machines…

Ultimate X banks are very easy to find, provided the casino offers Ultimate X video poker.

So before I settle in to play a game of craps, I will walk around the casino and find out where the banks of Ultimate X games are located. I will then find a bank that is in view of the craps game, and I then position myself to have a view of the UX bank.

Here is an example of an Ultimate X bank of machines that are within view of a table games pit…

While I’m playing craps (or any table game), if I see a person playing Ultimate X, I will then head over to their machine when they leave. That’s how I vulture the game.

Ultimate X, if vultured, can have an edge as high as 90%+ per hand.


Make sure that you protect your craps chips by putting the larger denomination chips in the middle. Because the moment someone leaves a UX machine, you need to make a subtle but quick beeline to the machine. You should be aware of how many black or larger chips you have in your rack. That’s why I usually keep a neat and tidy rack of chips, especially when I am vulturing Ultimate X machines.

Usually, if you win the craps bet while you’re gone, the dealer will pay you and then turn your bet off. So leaving a craps table with a live bet is possible. Be sure to tip the dealers. They will appreciate even a small tip, and they won’t be so annoyed when you leave the table that has a live bet.

Even better, if you have place bets, take down the place bets. Place bets have a house edge, and you actually gain by removing those bets. You can’t remove the pass line or don’t pass bet, so it’s probably best to keep the odds working while you are away. Again, if you win, the dealer will simply take your winning bets, set them aside and put an off button on them.

The level of annoyance that you present to the dealers is directly proportional to the tips that you give them. The advantage on Ultimate X is high enough if you are able to successfully vulture, that warrants a tip to the dealers for the extra work performed.


I’ve done this for a long time and never been booted out of a casino. The casinos only seem to care if a person goes into a casino with the sole goal of vulturing UX games. Here, I am giving the casino craps action.

Once you get to the machine, and you find a multiplier, you will need to know how to play perfect strategy video poker. Therefore, before you start vulturing, find a good video poker trainer and start learning how to properly play video poker.

If done correctly, and you are persistent, it’s a strong play. You might not get rich, but it’ll potentially more than offset the house edge from the pass line. That combined with the comps, you will be in a +EV situation if there is enough Ultimate X action.

Finally, you will need to learn basic strategy for video poker. Poor video poker play will potentially offset any gains from vulturing Ultimate X.

It’s so strong that Bob Dancer, the famous VP guy, is kind of afraid of using it because he’s afraid he’ll be banned: https://wizardofvegas.com/…/25979-why-i-do-not-vulture-ult…/

You’ve been warned. Now good luck and happy hunting, you vulture, you!

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