Here is some footage to tease you for the upcoming Real Craps game in Atlantic City. I tell first-time visitors to New Jersey that it takes a while to get used to the Jersey attitude. The sense of humor is dry and in your face. It’s an acquired taste that can sound offensive to the uninitiated.

As I stated in my article yesterday, I was playing at Bally’s, so I had some Bally’s chips in my hand. I tried using the Bally’s chips at the Caesars table. I knew that I couldn’t use foreign chips in Atlantic City casinos.

‘Foreign’ chips  is the term for a chip from another casino, not from a foreign country. Las Vegas casinos are very accustomed to the use of foreign chips.

Atlantic City casinos do not allow the use of foreign chips, but I thought that Caesars might allow it because Caesars, Bally’s, and Wild Wild West are all Caesars Entertainment casinos that are owned by the same company and located under one roof. Also, Bally’s and Wild Wild West use the same chips between them, so I thought perhaps Caesars would also accept the Bally’s chips.

The floor person said that I couldn’t use the Bally’s chips, but then told me that for a fee, he would send one of his dealers to get cash or change them for me. At first, I thought he was joking. Actually, I was sure that he was joking, at first. It’s just dry New Jersey humor.

Or so I thought.

Later in the video, he mentions that he’s about to go on break and he brings up the same the offer. At this point, I’m not so sure that he’s still joking. Maybe he’s hustling. My take on the Jersey attitude is that it’s an attempt at humor and attitude, but with the backdrop of taking bite out of someone who is gullible.

I’m sure he was joking, but if I was naive enough to agree, he would take taken me up on it. I’m’ pretty sure of it.

I lived in New Jersey for a few years, so I became accustomed to this kind of humor and Jersey speak.  But for someone not used to the Jersey attitude, they can be offended by New Jersey attitude.

I showed this video to a friend, and he thought it was a hustle. You be the judge and let us know in the comments below what you think.

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  • When he mentions the offer “for a fee” once, it might be a joke. But a second time? No way. I have to think the Caesar higher-ups would not approve. Keep up the great work, RG!

    • Thanks, Dice Out.

      Part of the Jersey humor, aka Jersey attitude, is that there’s a real bite to it. If I was gullible to accept, he probably would have really charged me. One level of me understands the ‘humor’ aspect, the other part of me thinks that this guy is insulting me because he thinks I might be gullible enough to fall for it. But that’s part of the Jersey attitude.

      Is that cool? Depends on who you ask. Most of the country would say it’s rude as hell.

      I can imagine in my head, one of my native Jersey drinking buddies saying to me in his Jersey accent, ‘Jesus Christ, did I hurt your feelings? Toughen up or get the fuck out of here.’

      Actually, it’s said like this…GET(slight pause)THE(slight pause)FUCK-outta-H ‘y’ ere (pronounce the word ‘here’ like there is a subtle phonetic ‘y’ after the ‘h’).

      It’s amusing after you understand that it’s not meant to be literally and personally taken.

      If AC were to ever be a national, rather just a regional destination, that type of humor has to disappear. It just doesn’t fly anywhere else.

  • RG,

    I used the roadgambler method today for about 3 hours..Pass line and 1-2 come bets with max odds…finished down 3 units ($165). 5$ min with 10x odds….to no one’s surprise, I was the only one maxing odds and playing the come…everybody else was playing repeaters, hard ways, and place bets across….I guess if you count the $75 free play and $100 comped food….I had a free day drip…too bad it’s a 2 hour drive and it is card craps….

    When the s the RG merch gonna be released…I want to proudly connect with my fellow RG community in the Bay Area….lol ..

    Ps….you ever consider opening up your website to allow members to submit trip reports regarding craps..

    • The ability to make trip reports and add your own entry is going to be a future version of this website. That’s in the works.

      You’re discovering part of the benefits of the RG system of play. While no one likes to lose, if you think about it, over 3 hours of play and being down only 3 units is quite good. The loss would have been wider using the other bets that carry a higher HE.

      Once you add in free play and the comps, yea, it’s practically free entertainment. That’s why I harp on comps and free play constantly.

      You know what I would do next time, if I were you? Ask the host to add in fuel reimbursement since you’re so far away. I mean cash, in addition to the free play, not in lieu of. There’s a strong chance you can get fuel reimbursement because I always receive these vouchers for play in Harrah’s Resort in both Southern and Northern California. They seem desperate for guests.

      You want to get even more aggressive? Ask them to pay for an airfare voucher. Buy a refundable airfare ticket, then send off proof of purchase to the host, along with one of the casino fliers (which will come to your door soon enough if you sign up for their players cards); for added effect, add a promotional voucher or flier from another nearby casino as an unspoken but clear ‘I will leave if you say no’ threat. Ah, don’t you love capitalism and the associated competition?

      After you get the host to pay for airfare, if you don’t want to fly, get the refund on the airfare ticket. The host just wants your butt in the casino. Are you exploiting the casino? Some people might say that what I described in somewhat ethically dubious. Sure, I can see that. The way I see it is that the casino is playing their games to make a profit off of you, you’re just taking counter measures using their own system loopholes for your benefit. If the casino really wanted to close the loophole, they could easily close it, but they don’t…because they benefit off of those players who don’t have discipline at the table.

      If you should find yourself unable to sleep after taking the helpless casino’s money, then tell the host you got the refund on the airfare and that you’re going to gamble with the money. See if he/she cares. Be sure you get a host who will give you their personal or business cell phone that they themselves pick up. If a call to the host goes to an automated system, find/demand a new host who will personally answer your cell phone call.

      These are sophisticated business entities, and they know all the loopholes. They’re willing participants.

      Having said all the above, I think it would be clearly morally problematic if you didn’t show up.

      Oh, one more piece of advice, if the casino will reimburse you for airfare, they will ALWAYS reimburse you for car rental. AWLAYS. How do they expect you to get from the airport to the casino? Actually, they might try to pick you up in one of their limos. Just say that no. If the host is instant on the limo pick up, tell him or her that you want the limo and driver at your disposal for the duration of your trip, and that you will expect the host to pay for the limo diver tip out of his own pocket. That’ll change his mind real quick. I know from experience.

      Remember, when first started this blog, I said I was a former AP. All these tricks were part of my arsenal. Whether you can sleep with yourself after using some of these loopholes/tricks is up to you. They’re not illegal techniques. What I described is an art known as comp hustling, which is very legal.

      Like they say…we report, you decide.

  • RG,
    How much does one have to play to be worth a Hosts time? For example, I don’t live near a casino and try to make a quarterly weekend trip. I play mostly poker which I know is a low rewards game for casinos but do love craps and play for about 1-2 hours a day. Usually a $10 table and have about $50 at risk at a time depending on my strategy du jour. thanks.

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