After the taste of Crapless Craps in our Stratosphere video, there were lots of questions about Crapless Craps. Many people – even some veteran craps enthusiasts – had never heard of Crapless Craps, much less seen the game.

So in the interest of completeness, I’ve decided to include an episode of Crapless Craps into the RoadGambler video library.

If you’ve never heard of Crapless Craps, here is the game, explained:

While it’s helpful to read about a game, it’s even better to learn by seeing the game in action.

This game was at New York – New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. There is one Crapless Craps table at the New York – New York, and it’s usually pretty full. The floor supervisor was watching over the game and explaining (and disclaiming) to every person who entered the game that ‘this is a Crapless Craps table’ and not a traditional craps game. If you listen to him, he does a good job of explaining the rudimentary aspect of the game.

We hope you enjoy this video.

If there is more demand, we will include more episodes of Crapless Craps in the Real Craps Game series. Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Crapless Craps at New York-New York Casino in Las Vegas

  • Well RG your were on it this is a different game .I would have to say I don’t know if I would play it, may be once just to say I have . Noticed you could not lay any of the numbers so if you get close to the ATS you would not be able to hedge it that sucks because their are many times you get close like that you just need one number to hit to win .thanks for the great work I will be watching . GREAT VIDEO

  • This crapless craps game first hit LV in 1981 @ Bob Stupak’s Vegas World ! He trademarked it but his TM has long since expired …There is a variation of crapless craps that has the same house edge as regular craps ….it also allows DP and Don’t Come but the points of 2/3 and 11/12 are together …true odds on a 2/3 or a 11/12 is 2-1 same as a 4 or 10 ! ( 3 ways to make those as opposed to 6 for Big Red ) If u place the 2/3 or 11/12 same payouts as a 4 and 10 …No casino has signed on to the modified crapless craps as the HE on the PL is 1.41 % instead of over 5 % ! Mayb a casino will go for it !

    • You saw BOTH 7s roll when those two to the right of the stick, chatting and learning, drop money after the dice are out.

      I wish there was moderation at the table:
      a) NO BUY-INs when the puck is “On”
      b) you simply LOSE your bet when it’s after the dice are out. THAT would stop the late bets for sure!

      • RoadGambler says:

        Yea, I totally get it. But the casino would never go for that. That want money in the game now, later, in the middle.

        I tend to be patient with the newbie. Or at least I hope they’re newbies, with the way they’re tossing in money like that.

  • May I just say… “$104 across” (that’s a $10 bet on everything, obviously $12 on the 6/8) Would have paid out nicely during this roll. Even without pressing (I’m not sure I could do that after breaking even), you’d still have done well.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi NavyManDan.


      That’s probably true in that case. But it’s not predictable or reliable in the long run. The balancing factor is that there would be corresponding rolls where, ‘wow, good thing I didn’t bet $104 across or I woulda lost it on the first/second/third,etc roll’.

  • rocketfan86 says:

    Hi RoadGambler. I wanted to say I really enjoy your craps videos. Learning from your website gave me the nerve to try craps again.

    I actually went to Grand Casino Coushatta in Kinder, LA this past week and only played the craps table for the 3rd time ever.

    I ended up only putting down $40 at a $5 minimum table and came out with $225.

    It was also only the 2nd time I’ve ever thrown the dice. Apparently, a player said I had rolled 33 times before I 7’d out. It was a full table and the other players at the table applauded after all was done. Some guy even gave me a $100 tip. I think I was only an 11 away from getting the all and tall bets.

    It was a lot of fun learning how to place bets and watching others play. The dealers were very helpful and friendly to someone like me who is a complete novice.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to future craps videos!

    • RoadGambler says:


      I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself.

      Craps is the most awesome game in the casino, by far, and Coushatta is a great casino.

      Congratulations on your win.


  • Daniel Saludo says:

    The Golden Nugget in Lake Charles has a 10-15$ Crapless Table. It’s been kinda tempting to play on it. Maybe I’ll give it a shot sometime this year. I usually play The Pass Line with 2x odds and place the 6 & 8 for either $24 each or $30 each depending on how I’m feeling, plus the ATS for $15. I’m guessing that if I drop my ATS bet on a Crapless table, I’d have nearly the same results as a normal craps table.

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