I am posting the original audio version of the Lake Tahoe Real Craps Game for those who enjoy the louder and more raucous sounds of a casino environment.

Some of our viewers prefer the original sounds, which resemble more of a party atmosphere.

Also, it was brought to my attention that there are a fair number of viewers who watch these games while playing craps online or will run these videos on their TV while playing craps on their home rigs. Those viewers may appreciate the original sounds, compared to the more subdued ASMR version, which if played at the proper volume will actually put you to sleep.

This is the same video as the video we posted on Thursday, titled ‘1 Hour Long Real Craps Gameat Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe, Real ASMR Casino Sounds.

Here is the ASMR version: https://youtu.be/8EmCtTFN1-I



We also ask for your support by playing with our affiliates at Roadgambler.com. Even a small amount of play would immensely help us. These videos and our Roadgambler.com content require significant time and expense.

Without your support, this video and our other craps videos would not be possible.

We do not think that a Patreon page is the best source of funding for our website. We think that the nature of our site is more compatible with the entertainment aspect of our content. By playing with our affiliates, we think that you will gain entertainment value that is also enhanced by our videos and RoadGambler.com content.

Thank you for your support and patience. We are growing and facing the challenges, both logistically and financially, of all the work involved with making RoadGambler content. We are thoroughly enjoying this journey, and we are very proud as we see our analytics grow week after week.

My staff and I could not be here without you, as you are an integral part of the RoadGambler community.

We appreciate you immensely!


RG and staff.

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0 thoughts on “Original Audio Version of Hard Rock, Lake Tahoe Real Craps Game

  • I like what your doing. You are where I dream to be. I never play the come unless it’s a hot table, you have an interesting strategy that I’m trying to figure out. I have been studying craps for twenty plus years, I like cold tables and warm which is usually the norm except for choppy. For my play I can win on any table except choppy consistently. Watching helps me play when I’m not at a casino, I thank and appreciate you very much!!!

    • You’re welcomed, Ronald.

      Make yourself at home, here. Please feel free to look around.

      More content and videos will be coming!

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