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A couple of days ago, I flew into the Las Vegas area on business. I finished business early, so I had about four hours to do whatever. I was with a friend who had never eaten at In-N-Out burger, so I took him there for this first time. The guy loved it.

On a side note, I have won many free drink bets over this point: it’s spelled In-N-Out. It’s not ‘In & Out’, ‘In and Out’ and definitely not ‘Inn and Out’. Back to the subject matter…

Something I noticed is that at In-N-Out the burgers look exactly like the pictures on the menu, which according to most burger common wisdom is not possible.

Here is a little info piece from McDonalds on why an actual burger will never look like a menu burger pic.


As a business owner myself, I find the McDonald’s information piece to be a little strange and off-putting from a marketing and consumer perspective. There’s nothing wrong with being brutally honest with your customer base; however, it’s another to capitulate on quality and disguise that capitulation as an honest trait.

Here is the pic of the burger, as depicted on the menu board. Good job, In-N-Out. Delicious burgers, too.

The In-N-Out menu in Las Vegas.
Close up shot of the burger.
A clearer shot of an older picture of the menu with the burger centered and backlit.

Well, here is my In-N-Out burger….

The burger we received last time. Notice it looks fluffy and relatively close to the appearance of the burger depicted on the menu board, unlike the flat and smashed looking burgers of most other fast food burger chains.
The same burger I ordered around Christmas time. There’s lots of consistency in their presentation. Probably the result of good training, oversight, and quality control.

It’s very possible, with some training and better product quality control to make a burger look like a picture, and as anyone who has studied food science will tell you, the presentation is an important aspect of the overall eating experience.

I’ve had plenty of burgers in Las Vegas, including some $20+ burgers. Burgers are one of my favorite things to eat in Las Vegas. The burgers at In-N-Out are tough to beat, especially for the price. If you’ve never had an In-N-Out burger, do yourself a favor and try it.

Afterward, we both decided to stop by somewhere and play craps. I proposed the casino nearby, which I think was the Rio or a Station casino. For predictable reasons, my friend is one of those guys who insists on playing at nicer places like Wynn and Caesars. So we made a deal that if we missed our flight, he would pay for our replacement tickets.

Well, off to Caesars Palace we go!

We only had about 3 hours until our flight, so we figured that we could play for an hour, maybe for an hour and a half. Two hours, if we felt dangerous.

Before I go further…

SPOILER…this relates to the next video, so if you don’t want to ruin the surprise, do not read below…



You’ve been warned

I’m at a table recording another game for RoadGambler, when about 20 minutes in, I get a text message from my friend telling me he just hit the ATS bet, and that I should go record his game.

If you’re not familiar with the ATS bet, here is my explanation of that bet: https://roadgambler.com/craps/tall-small-craps-side-bet/

My friend had bought in for $2500 and decided to bet rather heavily on the ATS. His logic was that we didn’t have a lot of time, and he wanted to hit something big.

Holy moly. In short order, he hits the Tall, then about 10 or so minutes later, he hits the Small,  thus completing the Make ‘Em All.

That’s not all. Guy next to him goes nut and starts betting the selective field, which is a field bet where you pick if the field is going to hit hi, lo, or in the middle.

To make it even better, the table is heavy on the ATS, too.

With his permission, he allowed me to record the game, so I have the hit. It’s the largest ATS hit I’ve ever seen, and I have it on video. In my excitement for my friend, I didn’t realize that several people were betting big on the ATS. It’s a huge hit, all the way around.

I kinda can’t believe it. We always hear about these big hit stories at craps, but we’ve never ever seen it before. Now we actually have one on film.

For the record, I didn’t win that much. I was just happy to observe him win. The ATS bet was already going when I ran over to his table.

It’s quite an exciting video. I’ll be releasing the Caesars Palace video starting tomorrow. The ATS hit will be in part 2. My staff is working on it right now to prep its’ release.

For the record, we ended up making our flight on time; however, we wouldn’t have made it without TSA pre-check. The standard line was huge.

It was a good trip, with some real excitement!

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0 thoughts on “Quick Stop In Las Vegas with a Live Craps Game Teaser (Spoiler Warning)

  • Very Cool.
    Your STA friend, What was his dice set and dice throw (forward on axis, backward on axis, inline side spin on sideaxis) and landing area?
    I can throw all types but the bouncy tables are a be-arch. I need help.
    Will leave my name etc.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the question. I receive the ‘set’ question quite often and answer it multiple times a week, often writing the same thing. I am in the middle of prepping a post to answer your very question.

      Give me about a week to write and edit the article.

      This way, for future reference, I will be ale to point to the article.

  • Hi RG, I couldn’t help myself and did not heed the spoiler alert. Why do I do it to myself? LOL. OMG what a hit!!!! Can’t wait to see the vid. Your awesome RG keep up the good work.

  • Very exciting on that ATS can’t wait for the video. Last year I saw a $25 Small – $75 All – $25 Tall hit at the Cromwell. One thing they did was verify each number rolled before paying out that much money. So they were on the phone with the eye in the sky going through each roll to make sure, they verified and then paid the guy out. Did they do this when this one hit?

  • It’s tough for a guy from the land of Whataburger to admit that I have a passion for In-N-Out Burgers. Don’t get me wrong. In recent years In-N-Out has made N-Roads into Texas, and no longer is the last Whataburger on I-40 West in the north side of the highway in Kingman, Arizona. But I digress.

    As a card carrying diabetic, I find it necessary to refuel my body on a fairly regular basis, and that plane ride from Dallas to Vegas, when compounded with a bus ride to the rental car center at the Las Vegas airport, tends to put me at my limit. That means I’m invariably hopping off at Tropicana and hitting the In-N-Out on Dean Martin Drive for my first meal in Vegas pretty much every trip out there. And I’m fairly consistent in what I order. Double double. Grill the onions. Fries. Diet drink. And give me one of those lap mats because I’m going to eat it in the car. Which, of course, means that by the time I get to my hotel I will have grease stains down the front of my shirt and smell like . . . well . . . grilled onions. And THAT shirt has to immediately go to the laundry because (a) I don’t want those stains to set and (b) I don’t want my hotel room to smell like fajitas all weekend. But hey, that’s all part of the joy of ordering a burger with grilled onions. Of course, at Whataburger you can get grilled onions AND jalapeno peppers on your sandwich.

    • RoadGambler says:

      My favorite burger at Whataburger is the Patty melt. Tell them easy on the sauce, add tomatoes, and easy A1 sauce. Tell them ‘no bun oil’ because the burger is greasy enough (they have a button for that option).

      Eat it now, thank me later.

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