The next installment of Real Craps series is here!

I’m not going to spoil it and tell you what happens.

However, in this video of a real craps game at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, I issue a challenge and a PRIZE for two lucky winners.

I see many of my enthusiastic subscribers stating what they would do after the fact. Well, that’s easy to say after you’ve seen what happens. It’s not so easy when you’re at the table and don’t know what’s going to happen next.

You’ve seen the comments like, “that table was so cold you would have made a killing if you would have switched to the dark side.” That’s easy to say after you’ve seen the footage. Not so easy if you don’t know what’s coming next.

In that spirit, I’m going to offer a prize for the following contest…

This video is part 1. On Monday, I will release part 2, which is an uncut continuation of this video. Leave your comments below, telling all of us gamblers here what you would do. You can be as specific or as general as you want. I will give extra points to you if you are specific.

Assume you have a $1000 bankroll at this craps game.

For example, say something such as, ‘based on what I see happening, this table is so cold I would start making bets ABC, with XYZ amounts and I would hop the hard ways for $X.’

I will be the final judge and pick two winners whose strategies would have produced the largest win. I have final say, and there is no appeal.

The winners will each receive a pair of red and white Las Vegas casino chips. Genuine chips that can be cashed or collected.

Even if you don’t know what the heck is going to happen next, take a guess and make some bets. You might be so right on the mark that I’ll be compelled to pick you as the winner!

Only comments made here, in this post and on the RoadGambler website, qualify for the prize. YouTube comments do not qualify for the prize, so be sure to leave your comment on the RoadGambler website to qualify.

If you win, we will notify you via email and snail mail your prize.


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game at Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, with Contest

  • another 7 will roll out. you will lose all bets. then you play the darkside and the point hits and you lose again. back to back losses again.

    • I would use John Patrick’s 2 # don’t system. With $1000 I would bet a $25 don’t pass, lay single odds and make a $25 DC bet then remove the odds so that I would have $50 at risk.

      Then I wait for the next shooter.
      Rinse, wash, repeat. If a shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come out, I sit him out and wait for the next shooter.

  • In the throws from your person to the right I would say min come bet max odds one spot and pass line as well! You are throwing next and it would be the same except two come bets with max odds and your pass line with max odds!

  • make place bets after come out roll 50 on#4 and 10 60 on#5 and 9 and 72 on#6and 8 for one roll if that wins take it down to 64 across collect and press until you seven out then you are in for no money playing on your winnings.

  • first bets I’m making are buy bets of the 4/10 $100 each. Add $25 each on hard 4/10, collect if they hit don’t re-up if they dont. Press the buy bets, if either hits press both numbers until they each have $400 then start collecting. After 2 hits @$400 take them both down. I’d put $24 self serve place bet on the point & $24 on the 6. Lastly $100 each 5/9 place bets. Press the 6 all the way to a max of $120 then after 2 hits take it down. Collect the 5/9 as each hits after 4 total hits take them down.
    Once a new round starts $25 on the pass line with a $5 any crap bet too. After point gets established $250 odds. Then $10 come bet with remaining money going towards come odds.
    Looks like table is going to turn from the pso’s might as well bet big & see what happens.

  • 10 line bet, 5 times odds on the back. play either 78 or 81 across
    My pressing strategy is as follows:
    4/10, go to 25, 35, then 50
    5, 9, go to 20, 25, 35, 50
    6,8 go to 24, 30, 42, 60.
    i collect the one time on the 5,6, 8, 9, then press the next roll so i can collect $105 each roll.

    bet the hard way ($5) when that number reaches 25 (4,10) or 30 (6, 8)
    hard ways hit, press 5.

  • Put $650 across the numbers, WORKING, and a $100 Don’t Pass bet. Once a point has been established, take down the bet on that point and put whatever you have left as a lay behind your Don’t bet. If come out roll is Craps or Yo, pull profit or replace as needed.

  • I like everyone sticking their neck out and giving their plays before they see what happens next. That’s how a craps game really works. Exciting stuff.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments.

    Keep the plays coming. Someone’s gotta win.

  • R G if I had a $1000 bank roll i would be spending the night .I try to paste myself for the night,When someone is rolling I get a $10 ATS 3-4-3 and i play a $10 line bet,if roller hits numbers i will get the 6 & 8 some times.When i roll the A T S is for $15 5-5-5 and a $2 crap check,after the point is set i put $54 across or $52 it depends on point and $10 odds on pass line,If i can get my money back i will cut of my place bets and shoot for the ATS.You never know when the A T S or part will hit.

  • Would have bet ATS $5 each, double up on come bets and odds, your 3 bets at a time is good, if come bet hits and table gets hot can go one more come bet for total of 4 bets. Odds are someone should have a decent roll by now! As always, its not about the money, its having fun with the action!

  • Max…
    First let me say that your videos are the gold standard for craps on YouTube…thank you for what you do.

    I normally play 2 unit place bets across but since your bank rolling me with a $1000. I will pump up the bets since I’m guessing the video will probably be 15 minutes long.

    $520 to $540 across with a continuous $20 4 way horn bet. If the point is a 4 or 10 collect and pull down the 4 or10 & horn bet after 4 hits. If the point is an inside number collect and pull the 4 and 10 after three collects. In each situation let the dice play out on the inside numbers.

    This is how I play when the dice are in my hands. When not in my hands it’s $1 prop bets and hard ways or no bets at all. The rollers in your video are not skilled at throwing the dice imo. That’s a red flag to back off the bets or back out completely looking for another table or casino.

    One last comment….I’m sure you’re aware you’re doing yourself a big disservice by playing this game from the end of the table. But then again if you weren’t shooting these videos from the table end their probably would be no videos.

    Thanks again for your sacrifices and keep up the good work.

  • Darrell Quock says:

    After point is the 4 and 10 for $250 each, p!ace the 5 and 9 for $250 each….after 3 hits, tell dealer to take down all bets and enjoy your profits…wait for next shooter and do the same….

  • To be honest, I’m a “boring” craps player. I understand how it works but I don’t like huge house edges for buying all the points and all the exotic bets. I stick with pass/don’t pass and come/DC.

    Here, $250 don’t pass, if 6 or 8, odds for $600, if 5 or 9, odds for $375, if 4 or 10 odds for $250. I don’t like laying odds on rare numbers personally. Love max odds whether rolling or on dark side with 6 or 8. For this table stay dark, max odds on 6 & 8 points.

  • With that bankroll, I would put down $10 on the passline. $100 odds after the point is made. I would then place six and eight for twelve each (or just whichever one was not the point). I would then put out one come bet with max odds. A second come with max odds bet if the first one moved to one of my place numbers, then wait. I take winnings on a place bet once before increasing by one unit. I put another come bet out when one wins.

  • For next 10 come out rolls, bet $5 on Pass Line. Take no other action, except to loudly brag how you beat this game in every casino in Macau. Then, using your best southern accent, let fresh spittle lightly spray as you berate others for not know what the ‘F’ they are doing.

    During which, keep asking for strong bar whiskey drinks but only in a dirty glass. Tell waitress never to use clean ice as your current ice is well pickled. In between drink orders, turn your back to the table and take sips from that half pint of ‘Old Grand Dad’ stashed in your back pocket. No one will notice.

    As your drink buzz takes hold, start winking at the chubby local Mississippi woman on your right-you know, the one with the fanny pack and broken nails. You think you went to high school with her twin sister. Tell her this.

    Text your wife to keep searching for you among the penny slots. That will buy you extra time.

    Tell the boxman he doesn’t know what the ‘F’ he is doing either. Throw your hands in the air and tell him you demand to have your Player’s card upgraded. Demand respect.

    Good luck!

  • I would place a $10 Pass Line and $10 Don’t Pass on the next come out roll. Once the point is established I lay $200 odds on DP for 4 & 10, $150 for 5 & 9, or $120 for 6 & 8 accordingly to win $100 when the shooters 7’s out. If the shooter makes their point I double everything in an attempt to win $200 when they 7 out. If they 7 out on the second roll I will either break even, make $50 or make $80 depending on what the first point was. Obviously I’m exposed to the 12 on the come out roll but I’ll take my chances losing on a bet with a 1:36 probability. If the shooter makes two points in a row I stop, wait for the next shooter and do it all over again.

  • I would have a don’t pass with 3/2/1 odds , $40 no four, $1 yo on the come out roll. then play till have 3 behind with 3 x odds on the 4/10 2x odds on the 5/9 one time odd on the 6/8. sit back and collect the winnings

  • raymond kapala says:

    I would have a min don’t pass with 3/2/1 odds, $40 no four, $1 yo on the come out roll. then play till have 3 behind with 3 x odds on the 4/10 2x odds on the 5/9 one time odd on the 6/8. sit back wait for the seven and start all over again. If I lose the don’t pass I don’t put another one down and wait for a seven on the come out roll and collect all the DC

    • Ha RG thanks for all you hard work the videos are great as always. Keep up the good work they are much appreciated and enjoy them all. Traveling to the different places and getting feed back about them is helpful going to Biloxi soon then back to Las Vegas this summer to get my craps on until then will just have to watch videos and keep practicing .thanks again

  • Bryan McFarland says:

    I would stick to my usually strategy.
    On a $10 table, i would go place bets across at minimum raising a unit each hit until i got to 25 and 30 on the place bets. Pass line minimum with at least 3x odds. Hard 6 and 8 for 10 each.

    On the come out, minimum pass line bet, 5 crap check.

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