If you’ve ever been to downtown Las Vegas, one of the better gambling deals is the El Cortez, located about a five minute walk from all the action on Fremont.

The craps is great. Minimum bet of $5 with 10x odds.

Blackjack is awesome, too. Just don’t expect to count cards for even a little bit. The pit will bring lots of heat if they suspect that you’re counting the cards.

In this video, there are a couple of very intoxicated players who are having a good time playing the field. So if you are annoyed by excessive talk and chat, turn down the volume. They’re just having harmless fun. Besides, it’s part of the character of craps. You never know what type of player you’ll run into at the table.



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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: El Cortez, Las Vegas, 10x odds, Part 1 of 2

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    It’s the Fremont street edition of Cheech and Chong!

    I also have this visual of Alex, alone at his kitchen table, with a glass and a bottle of Crown Royal, mumbling, “I could be dealing on the strip instead of dealing with these two (fill in the blank)”.

  • Interesting video….come bets would have made you some…too bad being called out on the short rolls soured the mood and caused you to alter your bets…

  • RG thanks for the video.

    Why did you stop making come bets? If you kept returning your come bets, you would have made some serious coin.

    Do you stop making come bets when you have recovered your loss and made some profit and are determined not to give it back?

  • The two field players are a hoot. They are kind of like the craps equivalent of Statler and Waldorf; those are the two old guy curmudgeons on “The Muppet Show”.

  • Love it. The two field bettors are doing what they are supposed to do in Vegas having fun. I need to watch this one again. Were you getting heat from the box and is that why you stopped making come bets? Just got back from Biloxi and saw enough crazy stuff at the dice tables to have stories to last a year.
    On a side note while playing at a local casino that I had not been to before I asked for a dinner comp for my wife and me from the box and they gave it to us without batting a eye(and we were up pretty good).Thanks for reminding me to ask.

  • I like when one guy said something like “You are the reason they give out free liquor.” I found them to be totally annoying and did lower the sound. It’s money on the table, not play chips.
    What is fun about being around two drunk jerks talking loudly where money is involved? At least they were at the pre-puke stage. Man, you threw for a long time with almost zero money on the table. Have you ever gone come to place? In other words you win your come bet and simply
    turn it into a place bet. You had a 5, I believe with basically $5 and $50 odds on it. You got paid $80. You could turn around and place the same number for say $30 or less and it’s paid for.

  • Will be at that table December 1-6. That is where I usually stay as I have some good relationships with the management. They have always treated me very well. In fact they were willing to donate rooms and a food credit for 4 people for a fundraiser I was part of.
    I by no means a high roller either but you are so right that all one has to do is ask politely and one would be surprised and what you can get.

    Yes that casino is more of a “training” type place. The box man is really a great guy, he does run a tight table, but he has always been very good to me. He has always taken care of any concerns or issues I have had. He is big in the sports betting so feel free to talk with him about that as that will usually “lighten him up”.

    I too was curious why you stopped making come bets after you cleared the three you had up. Is that just the way you play? Clear everything then start overdo you don’t give wins back?

    Is anyone in group going to be in Vegas December 1-6? Sure would like to meet up and play or chat about the game.

  • Since I like to troll at night looking for a good table I love to stay downtown in Las Vegas. I have stayed a few times and played many times at the El Cortez. They do have a good game and the staff has always been very friendly. I have not been to Vegas in a few years because of health problems but the felt on the table looks to be the same one I played on.(haha)

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