The above video is the conclusion of my craps game at El Cortez.

In this part of the El Cortez game, I switch my betting strategy to betting the inside numbers. Many viewers and veteran craps players hate come betting and prefer place bets. So mid-game, I switched in order to accommodate both types of players.



It turned out to be a fortuitous switch because the table ran ice cold after I switched.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: El Cortez, Las Vegas, ‘Inside’ Betting, Part 2 of 2

  • I did see the mistake and I saw the guy buy in twice in the middle of a point towards the end that held up the game then came the seven go figure.
    I do have a question about playing on short stack. If I make a unplanned stop at at a casino with only 300-400 cash in my pocket and the only dice table is $25 min. What if I were to bet 25 on the pass and 25 on the don’t with a $1-12, a point comes out an 8 I loose my $1-12 then take 25 odds on my pass line. Do you think that will work and will the casino rate my play at $50 per hour. Thanks for the video and all you do.

  • I did see that $6 dealer error. Your strategy switch was unlucky but is a great reminder (especially for noobies) of how a good basic betting strategy can nickel and dime your bankroll away. Thanks for all your videos!

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