Ladies and gentlemen, cruise week was fun but all good things must come to an end. The above video is the final video of my play abroad the Royal Carribean Navigator of the Seas.

You will find out the final result of all my craps play on the cruise.

I hope you are able to learn something and discover your own lesson by watching my complete play. Every minute in the four parts was my entire play.

Ah, it was a great time.

The wife and I are looking forward to next spring, when we will be cruising again.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Next week, we are back on dry land!

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Final Night of the Cruise, Part 2

  • Another great call on when to lay back
    Any updates on possible merchandise.
    I was also curious if your plans for a meet-up ever happened and how it worked out.

  • Towards the end of the video the dice were sent out showing an 11….BAM , 7 out ! If RG would have stepped up his betting he would have made more !

  • great video . was the boat rolling a little or was it you swaying back and forth . or was it my imagination? I really enjoy your videos. I was hoping you would speak more about superstation or beliefs at the crap table . Like the Virgin shooters.?

    • rich,

      It’s not your imagination.

      On the way out of Miami and to the Bahamas, the ship was going at a leisurely speed and quite slow. You couldn’t tell that you were on a ship, if you didn’t know.

      On the way back to port, the ship was speeding and there was lots of rocking.

  • I just came back from a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line out of Venice, Italy.

    The craps table was only open during the evening. The first three days were $10 min with 3X, 4X and 5X odds. I guess Europeans don’t shoot much craps so they lowered the min to $5 for the rest of the 7 day cruise. The table was never full and usually only half open with a stick and one dealer. There were no side bets on the table. I played 3 point molly and made a few hundred for the whole cruise. Most of the players played min line bet and double or single odds – and a lot of field bettors. I think I was the only one who made money at the table since I had a bankroll large enough to handle the fluctuations. Many players bought in less than $100 and lost all their chips.

    The Filipino dealers knew what they were doing. The European dealers — not so much.

    Watching RG’s videos made me a believer on pass line and come bets and it worked on my cruise.

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