The above video is Part 2 of the DarkSide at the D casino.

Let me know what you think of our Darksider’s play. He’s not the sensitive type, so he can take it, good or bad.

I’ve been receiving requests for additional darkside videos, so I hope this satiates fans of the darkside, at least for a while. Unfortunately for fans of the darkside, the vast majority of players are lightside players, so most of our games must stay in the light.

But don’t worry, we will have darkside videos now and then.

For now, enjoy this video!


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: High Stakes Darkside at the D Casino, Part 2

  • He seemed a bit more subdued in the 2nd part. I couldn’t figure out if he was always doing max odds or not and also he was seeing lots of 6/8s so always were picking them up but as you noted probably not the best long term solution. Did he end up even or was he down after those 9s at the end for the entire 2 part session? Also how many DC bets does he play? 2 always working or 3? Thx for the vids…

    • RoadGambler says:

      You’re welcome, Al.

      Yea, he’s a little subdued. That’s true.

      He had two bets working at any time, if I recall correctly. He was trying the Roadgambler method on the darkside.

      His result…he was…ah, I’m not going to say because it might spoil it for those who haven’t seen it…

      But what is seen in the video is his end result, if that’s a clue.

  • I love shooting against the donts. I get a great satisfaction of sniping their bets one by one. I make it personal and get a nice rush. I treat it as a game within a game.

    • Lawrence Roth says:

      I was the shooter when the guy next to me lays the 10 for $300….and I throw a 10. I did it two more times over the course of my next two turns. It gets uncomfortable when it’s the guy next to you. I gave him a half-hearted apology.

  • i think maybe he stuck with it too long. dice were going “do” bigtime—3 passes of 10+

    personally i usually play don’t only on myself and random rollers once in a while

  • You should have told him about the risk of ruin calculator. Lol.

    1. First observation that you can share with him. He should have lowered his flat bet to $15. The D has 10x odds correct? He wasn’t maxing odds at $25.

    2. Bankroll management needs work. Seems like he was playing with scared money. I think he needed a bankroll of $2500. It appears his bankroll was around $1000. Am I close?

  • Just my thoughts… I didn’t like this one because I couldn’t see what he was doing. When you are in the game I know what is happening with your bets. It was a little confusing not know what he was up or down.

  • Darth Vader says:

    Thanks, RG, for the Darkside video. As Darth Vader, I highly approve. Your strategy notes are correct, of course. Makes me cringe when I see anyone take no action on a bet on which they have the advantage.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thank you, Dark Lord of the Sith.

      Please accept my appreciation of your kind words. I know there is still good in you.

  • I never knew a bookie that didn’t play against the shooter. Seeing the darkside bettors go down in flames is such sweetness. Makes up for some of those half-point football losses.

    • RoadGambler says:

      You do have a good point, DO.

      For some reason, bookies and hard core poker players love the darkside. It could be selective memory on my part, though.

  • I’ve tried every system known to man (they all fail…)

    Sometimes I like to straddle the P/DP. So I would put up a $25 pass and a simultaneous $25 don’t pass bet. Then I would lay $375 against a 9 like he did. I would have only that odds bet – technically it’s only an odds bet since the flats cancel each other out – on the table for one next box number only, hoping that the 7 comes as a point-7 out (the most frequent sequence), giving the 7 one and only one chance to win $250 for me – but also giving the 9 one and only one chance to repeat and beat me.

    I put up a come/don’t come combination as well. Because if another outside number other than the 9 comes up I want to move the lay to that number, and then bet the same money as the lay winner ($250 ) 3 or 4 ways on the other inside numbers depending on whether the 2nd number is 4/10 or 5 (9 loses). I never lay against 6’s and 8’s.

    Then it’s cross the fingers and hope for a winner (much smaller than $250 but let’s not be greedy). So any inside box number other than the number laying will win and 7 is neutralized. When I win I get that monster lay OFF THE TABLE.

    And go small after that. Of course you can get bold and lay big hedging bets lots of times. Though eventually the house grabs that big lay. So like I said – it doesn’t work any better. But its fun.

    Also, you can just keep moving that lay till the 7 comes. Get’s expensive putting up all those pass/don’t pass, come/don’t comes though. But still cheaper than buying the lays since you’re only paying for the flats, not the full lay.

    If the next number is 6 or 8 I regress the lay on the 9. Equal to however many units are on the 6 or 8.

    For what it’s worth – I don’t hang in there like this guy did on the don’ts. I give the 7 one chance then try for an inside winner. Then bail out.


  • Focusing on the Dark Side made for another interesting video. Did I see/hear right that you mentioned to your friend that he had hit his Win Goal and it was time to leave? If so, he must have kicked himself a bit for ignoring the advice

    I’ve never been to The D, and the noise factor will keep me away. All casinos have music going and are noisy a degree, but I had to turn down the volume on the video three times

    For your next downtown shoot may I suggest Main Street Station with 20x Odds

    Thanks again for the video posts and contests

    • RoadGambler says:

      Luigi, yes, it’s loud at the D, but I’ve been in worse casinos. They go for a party vibe.

      Thanks for the suggestion and kind words. I will definitely keep that in mind.

      • If you find yourself downtown during the day time, head towards the golden nugget. They have a pool side crap table the size of a bj table. It’s run by a single dealer & up to 6 can play. There’s no prop bets (fire, repeater, ats) & I believe it was a 3-4-5x. The table size & pool scenery make it worth the trip. I played it when I was out that way week of Memorial Day.

  • I don’t mind the darkside videos even though I don’t play that way. I just like seeing the table progression
    I do hate seeing hedge betting. It defeats the purpose of playing to me
    Im there to have fun and if i make a little money that’s great
    Thanks again for the videos and your analysis

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